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How to write an amazing love letter to your girlfriend or a girl you like that isnt your girlfriend? How to i have a girlfriend the girl that i like she knows that i have girlfriend now i want the new girl that i love you not the first one? How to the top information technology engineering college can help you find a suitable job?
For especially those who have girlfriendis with overpowering, dominating behavior patterns, its time to take the situation under control. Once you both are out of the long drawn dilemma, reflect on what you both have learnt from it.
That’s why I decide to write up this blogpost, to share some tips on how to keep your girlfriend attracted to you so you don’t end up as one of those unfortunate dudes who gets blindsided when his girlfriend kicks him to the curb! If you love your girlfriend then you probably want to keep her around for a long time, right? If you are like most guys you probably got really excited when you first started dating your girlfriend, and you probably used to tell her how much you liked her, and how hot she looked all the time… The mistake guys often have is that they get so used to having their girlfriend around that they start taking her for granted. It is very depressing for a woman to think that her man is losing interest in her and it can serious effect her self esteem and make her very unhappy.
Both men and women have a tendency to let themselves go a bit when they are in a happy relationship.
Even though your girlfriend may accept the fact that you have gotten fat and dress like a slob, doesn’t mean that she likes it. If you are like most people you probably work in a job that keeps you away from your girlfriend for 8 to 12 hours or more every day.
So it’s important to check in with your woman periodically to let her know you care and to remind her of what an awesome dude you are. Look at it this way, if she’s worth keeping as a girlfriend then she is worth keeping happy.
I have tried a number of ways and techniques to keep my girlfriend attracted to me but some of those ways did not work.  Many times I have taken her out to wine and dine her, but for some reason to me, I feel like she may be losing some kind of interest in me. Well, ordering both pheromone colognes was easy enough so on one night I figured that I would use just one and see what the results would be like. 3 nights later, I decided to use the Chikara bottle that just came in and I was blown away on how well this worked for me.
Okay, so your girlfriend probably won’t walk out on you because you left your socks on the floor, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a few critical factors that, if ignored, could have her heading for the door.

Even if you think you know what makes your girlfriend tick, you may be surprised at some of the things you’ve been overlooking. Unfortunately, material gifts and even the amount of time and energy you spend helping her do things go right over some women’s heads. No, your girlfriend hasn’t forgotten all the nice things you’ve done; she just thinks maybe your feelings have changed since then. Imagine starting an important conversation with your girlfriend only to notice her staring into space as you talk. As much as we may want to believe honesty is the best policy, anyone with a little life experience will tell you it isn’t. What that means is the correct answer to “Do I look fat in this?” is not “No, you look 10 pounds lighter,” but something like “Can’t say. When both partners are willing to have a little patience and keep an open mind, love relationships don’t have to be filled with frustration and drama. Most experts say that becoming the number one team in the world of cricket isn't as challenging as retaining the numero uno slot.
This doesn’t mean that you start interfering with her circle of friends but you should be comfortable going out with them. If you really want to keep your girlfriend happy, ensure that you are never caught gazing or even complimenting other women. So you are doing the basics for keeping your girlfriend happy by remembering all the important dates like birthdays and anniversaries.
Whether you like to gulp down too many vodka shots or are one of those nicotine addicts, the fact is that these habits tend to repulse most women. Here's how you can take control of the situation while still being calm and proving to be a hero to your loved one. Stay in the know about the best in men's health, relationships, fashion, power, money and more with India's largest men's lifestyle platform.
But the truth is that even the most devoted girlfriend cannot be neglected for too long before she starts getting fed up and considering her options. Just like you want your girl to keep looking good, she also wishes that you would keep up on yourself so that she feels proud to be seen with you. That is long time to go without checking in, and if you go too long without having any face time it’s easy to drift apart. The smell was fantastic and it really does what it says.  The bottle comes i a sophisticated look and easy enough to carry wherever you need it to.
If your girlfriend is something special and you don’t want to lose her you might want to pay attention to these tips about how to keep a girlfriend.
Whether you’re trying to finish a report for work the next day or just want to watch the game, if you gently explain that you’d rather have the chat at a later time, a real lady will give you your space. While outright lies are a no-no, a little tact and diplomacy can go a long way towards keeping peace in the house.

It’s better to bring problems to light in than let your resentment simmer and risk blowing up at her one day.
Don’t hesitate to take out two or three of her friends the next time you plan a shopping trip. Doing so is a sure recipe for disaster no matter how accommodating your girlfriend might be. Most girls are bound to talk a lot and present a whole lot of opinions about everything that surrounds us. Yes, this is true but you need to be smart to the extent that you don’t get caught repeatedly.
Think about how strong you are, tougher situations that you have dealt with and share them with your partner.
So get back in the gym, take a shower, and get yourself new clothes every once in a while like you did when you were going out on the prowl. You may want to take notes or book mark this article so you can come back often to review and learn. If you have a hard time saying it, write a little note and slip it in her wallet or stick it on the bathroom mirror.  If that’s still a little to awkward for you because you are an insensitive wuss, at least make a point of thanking her for something routine like making dinner or acknowledging something she’s done well.
This is the same situation a lot of women face with their boyfriends, who often don’t even notice they’re spacing out. Ensure that your mailbox and mobile or any other digital device is free of photos of your ex-girlfriends or even female acquaintances. There is nothing worse than a jealous girlfriend and you don’t want that kind of heat on yourself. However, you need to develop immunity to the blabber and remember the crux of the conversations at least. This will underline that you are proud of your girlfriend, don’t feel let down by her and are ready to accept every aspect of her social or personal life. Compliment her for the not-so-obvious things like new nail-paint or a neutral-shade gloss that makes her lips more sumptuous. Further, if you are the one shouting more and she has some sort of an emotional breakdown, you can kiss your relationship goodbye. Give her confidence and cheer her to fight these situations and weave dreams and hopes for a brighter future. Your praises should be brief-yet-detailed and ideally, told to her in-person and not via SMS or emails.
Having interactive conversations is also the litmus test of whether your relationship is still going strong.

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