I have seen women try everything there is to try (one woman actually did a love spell.) I have seen women do everything right and fail. Knowing when to let go is a tough thing to decipher because often times you are so close to your own situation that you are blind to the truth.
Lately I have gotten a lot of women requesting a guide on how you should know when it is time to stop trying to get your ex boyfriend back. The funny part about this is that this is the first guide in the history of this site that I have put together without research. Heck, I believe this so much I wrote a book trying to teach people the correct way to win an ex back. Then I see no reason for why you shouldn’t give it your all in trying to get him back. Sure, you may have tried to get your ex back but can you honestly say that you did the best you could? Look, I realize that it is weird to dedicate so much time on getting your ex back on a page about knowing when to give up BUT sometimes in order to know when to give up you have to try to get your ex boyfriend back.
I am basically telling you that in order to know for sure if you have a shot at making this work again you have to try to get your ex boyfriend back.
One thing that you are going to realize really fast is that things are never as simple as black and white when it comes to determining if you should give up on getting an ex back.
Most people believe that you should either try to get your ex back or you should just simply move on.
A lot of what I talk about in this section of the guide is going to tie directly into the methods of getting an ex back. Well, I am going to list (one by one) the signs that an ex boyfriend might exhibit that will give you an indication on if you should give up or not. Obviously the text message should be really good and I give plenty examples on how to compose one throughout this website and even in my E-Book. Sure, it can sometimes be normal for an ex boyfriend to miss a text or two from you but if he literally cuts you out of his life by not responding to anything you send..
Of course, the thing that you are probably wondering is what can you do to get him to contact you again? Again, I want to reiterate it is not a good sign if he ignores you every time when you are reaching out.. This is another one of those situations where we are going to be focusing on what happens AFTER the no contact rule is successfully completed. However, what if an ex boyfriend of yours responded but only responded to you in a negative manner? Perhaps it could be that he is just taking his frustrations out on you because of his own inability to hold together your relationship. However, if I were a betting men I would say that it all comes down to the feeling he gets when he thinks back to your relationship.
It shouldn’t exactly be a shock that a lot of the time the better your relationship with your ex was the better the shot you have of getting him back. However, I know that it is a normal part of the relationship process so you should come to expect them. In the last section we briefly discussed how men can sometimes have negative responses based on the bad feelings they had in their previous relationships. One thing that I see happen far too often is that when a no contact rule is completed a couple can sometimes pick up right where they left off with the fighting. As I said at the beginning of this section, fighting is a natural thing for relationships but what we are talking about here is an excess of fighting. There is no doubt in my mind that YOU are capable of trying to create a better relationship but you are only one side of the equation. The thing you really have to keep in mind when you deal with a man who says something like this is that you have to figure out if he means it or not. The thing that you have to remember is that if these words are muttered to you by an ex you need to determine if he means them or not. I can’t tell you how many times I have muttered this phrase throughout my life and throughout this site. If you ever want to see what a person TRULY wants (their words aside) you need to look at their actions. However, when it came down to crunch time and advancing the relationship forward she would always cancel on me. Now, when you read the two (obviously fake) simulations of the relationships what did you notice? Well, for starters the first example seemed a lot healthier and pleasant whereas the second example seemed really stressful and unhealthy. The worse your relationship was with your ex boyfriend the more fallout you are going to have following you around after the breakup.
For example, if your previous relationship was pretty good then you can expect a positive fallout to follow you around after the breakup.
Another thing that a lot of people tend to forget is the fact that your breakup can be a huge fallout indicator. For a while at least the negative connotation of a bad breakup will always be in the back of an ex boyfriends mind. Again, this is another one of those sections that isn’t really resistance you are getting from your ex boyfriend. What does this any of this have to do with knowing if you should give up on your ex boyfriend? When you take a step back and look at your relationship with your ex boyfriend do you think any of the effort is worth it?
Eventually when you do meet that someone who is twice as amazing as your ex was your world gets rocked all over again and you start to gain perspective. How are you supposed to take a step back and determine if a relationship is worth fighting for with your ex boyfriend? If you just want him back to make the pain go away then you are being a coward and taking the easy way out.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of. Me and my boyfriend has been in a relationship for 2 years 2 months (First 1 year under same roof, 1 year 2 months LDR) until we broke up yesterday. I think it was unfair of him because whenever he told me not to go out with other men, I obliged. I didn’t see my comment published but I saw comments from others get published, even when they were after me.
As you can read in the guide to get your ex back, I recommend that you stay at least 30 days without contacting your ex. Did you know that breakup pain is associated with the same part of your brain as drug addiction? I know that you want your ex back and you see no point in staying away from them when all you want is to end up in their arms. You have to be sure whether or not you love your ex or you are just addicted to them before you get back together. Do you think about your ex all the time, completely ignoring your life goals, your career, your health, and your sleep? As we established before, you are not very capable of making huge life decisions after a breakup.
The person who just got dumped by the love of their life, usually becomes needy and desperate.
As I explained in the guide on how to get your ex back, this neediness is extremely unattractive. Now, I can tell you to just not act needy and desperate, but the truth is, if you feel insecure and miserable inside, you will show it on the outside. If you take 30 days off to work on yourself and become a happy person, you will actually become a lot more confident and secure about yourself. If you wanted to get over the breakup and move on, I would have told you to not care about the post breakup relationship and just move on with your life. If you tried to call your ex, text them, beg, plead, or anything that shows how desperate and needy you are without them, then your ex controls this post breakup relationship.
However, when you do get back together, I recommend you have a relationship based on honesty and understanding, instead of trying to control the relationship.
A week be for valentine’s day my girlfriend said she did feel the same way about us 2years things were grate till now i said we needed some space apart its valentines day next week followed by her birthday you suggest no contact 30 days. My boyfriend broke up with me because i got pregnant and I didn’t keep the baby so now he completely ignores me.
I appreciate your fast responses and that ypu actually take time to answer love problems here in the comments section! Hi dyne, I found your situation pretty similar to mine, so I wanted to ask you what happened next, did you and your ex get back together? It has been day 32 of NC with my ex, I left him 4 weeks ago after I discovered he cheated on me 11 months into our relationship and kept it from me for over a year (we were together for 2 years). My girlfriend and me had a huge fight last sunday because I got jealous and she says I don’t trust her. Also two weeks before we broke up he brought me to meet his mom, and he said it went very well.
I can’t say why he brought you to meet him Mom, but I think he just lost attraction which is why he stopped trying. Anyway when i hear that she dosent like me no more and want me to stop going near her,that hit me like a truck, i broke down in tears. The guy she wants to date now isnt even from our city, is just a friend of friend that came to visite for 1 month. I guess if you just showed her that you are not needy anymore, that will in itself be a huge change in you.
He thinks that if we quarrel then he’s not good enough for me, because the previous girl never did. We have long distance relationship, so this great and active communication in last weeks is something new and it was hard to establish it because of the distance. If you still think, that I should apply NC, – when he writes me, should I tell him that I want no contact?
I have to add info, that he is very feminine and he doesn’t like to take initiative and he is very proud. My boyfriend of four years broke up with me three weeks ago saying that he hasn’t loved me in over a year. Hey Kevin, after reading your article, i have read many and i can see that you know your stuff. I have been in a 6 year long relationship with my girlfriend, she lived with me at my parents during that time.
I dont know what else i can do in the meantime, because im still in school, and i need my license to get a job because they need my license number for the applications. First of all, I am proud of you for realizing your mistake and making the changes in your life. I did the whole break up with him then wanted to get back together in a day after almost 4 years of dating…denied obviously. My ex broke up with me 2 months ago because I had to move away for a new job, and he was not willing to do long distance. I guess he is really against Long Distance and I think it will be really hard to convince him to give it a try. I know once we’re both in a better place in our lives and the timing is better I would like to be with him again. On Tuesday night, a decade after the formation of Black Veil Brides, Biersack made his live debut as Andy Black. Fans who preordered The Shadow Side, the debut Andy Black album out this Friday, as well as a number of friends and associates saw the singer lead his new solo project through a short but electrifying set. Andy Black will play another intimate show in New York City on Thursday, May 5, at the Knitting Factory.

I usually spend a day or two looking online for other ideas to incorporate into my writing but I wasn’t able to find a guide covering this topic because it is one that very few people want to talk about. Stop what you are doing for a few moments and search through some of the other guides on this site and look at the comments.
Then you should try everything you can (in the smartest way possible) to try to get them back if something happens that causes you to break up.
Throughout the course of your attempt things aren’t going exactly as you planned so you give up. You have to keep trying until you are absolutely sure that your attempt isn’t worth it anymore.
You will notice that I talk about a lot of the signs that an ex boyfriend is no longer worth pursuing. What I would like to talk about is what happens after the no contact period and it is probably one of the most negative outcomes that can occure. After the initial 30 day period was up you decided to compose a text message to send to your ex boyfriend.
Imagine for a moment that your relationship with your ex boyfriend was filled with nothing but negativity. The most successful couples are the ones that can navigate through the fights and take something positive from them.
While their relationship was good in almost all the other areas they have one major problem, they fight a lot.
Well, I don’t know about you but fighting can create some pretty bad feelings so not only can it lead to more negative responses (like we discussed above) but it can cause more fighting AFTER the breakup occurs.
Sometimes no matter how calm one party remains the chemisty and history between the couple will trump all logic and you will find yourself in an emotional fight.
It really doesn’t matter who broke up with who all that matters is the fact that we did indeed break up. Usually, if the words are muttered during a super emotional time you can disregard them because deep down he may not mean it.
While those words may mean something what you really need to be looking at are his actions.
One thing I have been noticing more and more is that I can almost predict which women have the best chances of getting an ex boyfriend back and it all has to do with the relationship they had with their ex. Just by knowing what you know about relationships which “fake couple” do you think has a better chance of getting back together? When I talk to women who get their exes back one common thread I see between the many successes is the fact that a lot of them had very good relationships with their ex boyfriend. In this case every time your ex boyfriend thinks back to your relationship instead of being filled with a bunch of bad feelings he is going to be filled with good feelings. Meaning that all we are interested in is finding out the latest information, the newest stuff if you will.
I actually have some experience with this phenomenon as I have been through a very bad breakup in my life.
In fact, out of everything that I have ever talked about on this website this concept in this section is the thing that many people fail to really see through.
Determining how to figure out if your relationship with your ex boyfriend is worth it is not a particularly easy process. We got back together 4 days later and he broke up with me another 3 years later, this time with reasons even he was unsure about until recently, after some soul searching I guess you could say. In this article, I am going to go on to explain some of the reasons why it’s highly recommended for you to for so long.
There is no point in going back to an unhealthy addiction when it’s no longer in your life. Your ex probably already have a lot of reasons to not be with you (perhaps neediness and insecurity was one of them), and if you show them the needy, insecure, desperate side of you, they will be even more repulsed. You can control your actions with great effort, but your face and your voice will give you away. And just as before, you will show confidence and happiness from your face that your ex will immediately notice.
Even if you broke up with your ex, you wanted to get back together but your ex rejected you.
But since you want to get your ex back, you have to not only care about it, but also control it. It’s just that your needy actions make them feel like they are in control of this relationship. In fact, you gain the upper hand because if you stop contacting your ex, chances are they will contact you soon. Because only a relationship that is based on honesty and understanding can stand the test of time. In fact, it’s better if he feels like that the controlling person with whom life was like hell, is in his past. He told me he wanted to talk about getting bk together and I messaged his gf and he text me saying plan failed love then instead of blocking me on kik he deleted his account what should I do this guy is the love of my life and I will in a way do what it takes to get him back.
She told me my mother is mean, im immature and if i am 30 years old by now, maybe she will be deadly in love with me.
And the best way to show her that is by applying no contact and sending her the letter mentioned in this article. Or are you under the belief that he secretly wants commitment and he is not telling you because of his pride? IF he contacts you, tell him that you need some time and space and you’ll contact him after some time.
I met her when she was 2 months into her pregnancy, and i chose to be with her despite that fact and we fell in love, we had a blissful 2 first years together, and then my parents being religious made us separate rooms, so her and my son had to share a room and i was alone, soon after that her and my intimacy dropped drastically because she felt guilty doing it under my parents roof, she didnt want to dis respect them.
I think you still have a chance and if you follow through with your goals, your chances will increase dramatically.
We dated for a year and prior to that we were both in other relationships that had ended a couple months before we met each other and started ours.
He’s finally found his passion and is inspired to really pursue it but works 60 hours a week and also wants to work on bettering himself.
I’ve never really been alone and the two of us (me and my ex) became co-dependent on one another and I think that aspect was unhealthy. The different designs are differentiated by being a different "model" or "series." Confusing the issue even more, some manufacturers "private label" their machines for large department stores. The show went down at LA’s intimate Lyric Theatre, a venue less than a tenth the size of The Wiltern, where Black Veil Brides filmed the Alive And Burning concert DVD on the Black Mass Tour just 18 months ago. Now, the one wrinkle in this philosophy is that sometimes what you want isn’t always the best thing for you in the long run. For example, sometimes the only way to tell if a situation is helpless is for you to actually try to get your boyfriend back.
However, just because I do my best to lay things out for you doesn’t mean that its going to be easy.
In other words, these are signs of resistance that an ex boyfriend will give you when things aren’t going well.
Now, most ex boyfriends are going to respond after the no contact period BUT lets say that your ex boyfriend doesn’t.
This is why I usually recommend to the women reading this site to never get in a fight with your ex boyfriend no matter what. Do you honestly think that you would be able to create that “new and better” relationship that I am always going on about? So, when you really take a step back and look at the situation objectively do you see him being able to put in the amount of effort you are when it comes to bettering the relationship? It all ties into the bad feelings that your ex may associate with you when he thinks back to your relationship. Then he will think back to the time that you got jealous over something that wasn’t that big of a deal and associate that with a bad feeling. All I can tell you is that still even to this day I think about how bad it was and it is one of the reasons that I would not consider getting back with that particular ex.
I go into this mini depression thinking that the world had ended and that I will be alone for the rest of my life.
He was truthful about it, even telling me that he was going out for a lunch with the other girl before they went out. That means they have a previous comment than the comment that you were named Summer so, when filtered tbe newest comments also appeared too, that’s why their latest got answered. Whenever you were together, did you feel great about yourself or did you feel insecure about yourself? However, even if your relationship with your ex was great and getting back with them is in fact a great idea, you still need to take some time off to get back together. Every action they take and every word that comes out of their mouth reeks of neediness and insecurity from a mile away. This is an important step as it will make him feel like you are no longer needy and it’ll show him your ability to change. He is 25 years old and has been battling depression since he was a teenager and he deals with his depression by abusing drugs and alcohol. She also said we might get together but she’s not sure, but if not she wants to stay friends.
I just asked if there is a way to get her back, and she said if i become director in some software company and be successful then maybe! There was silence for two weeks, then I called him and he came to see me (he lives 200 km far away) because I admitted that I feel bad. But it seems he just lost attraction and if you make some positive changes in your life, you can reignite the spark in his heart. So, it would be about every 3 months we would do it, it gradually got there, but that was the average for 4 years, up until the day she told me she wasnt in love with me anymore, but was willing to stay and see what happens.
I want to buy a house for my family i want to work everyday to support my family, i want to be happy and attractive and confident, i want to go to the gym as a new hobby, i want to change my attitude, and i know i need this for me, but i also want this, so i can have my family back. I ask you, what would you suggest i do as a plan of action to start repairing this relationship? Even though right now she feels like she doesn’t want to be with you, I think secretly she is hoping you will change and woo her back in your life. I’m afraid to be friends with him and then we get used to that and then the possibility of getting back together will become more and more distant. If you have fun with him and play your cards right, you can create a lot of attraction that will make him want to get back together. Such as Sears' Kenmore and Montgomery Ward's Signature machines. Check the following list to determine if you have one of these "cross-branded" machines.
So, being the smart woman that you are, you decide to wait a week and then text your ex again.
The chances are very high that the two of you will talk again but it needs to be on his terms and not yours. I am talking about the type of fighting where they are both yelling at the top of their lungs and saying the most hurtful things they can think of to each other. She was saying all the right things and making me feel like I was the only one she cared about.
Eventually the stress of the relationship gets to be too much for both of us and we break up. The process will go on and on and it all ties into how bad your relationship with your ex was before the breakup. For instance, if you and I had amazing conversations for two weeks straight but had one fight the next week for some reason all that we would focus on is the pain that, that fight causes us and not the amazing conversations that we had prior to the fight. The trick is to find a perfect balance between living in the now while thinking towards the future. When we first met, he tried to convince me that the age gap was not a big deal, and now this happened. You feel like you are in chaos and the only thing that will bring you back to your normal life is your ex.

I have to say this has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life, when all along I thought this person was my best friend and I could trust them with my heart when really he just screwed me over. And if he didn’t see our relationship going anywhere then why would he bring me to meet his mom? The reason she fell out of love with me she said, which is all true, i dont deny any of it, was because i became addicted to the computer, at that two year mark i lost my job and fell into depression and used video games to cope with reality, and ended up neglecting the love of my life and my son. She loved me once, for two years and stuck by me during the bad, for 4 years, now shes had enough. I also don’t want us to be friends and either of us get jealous of the other dating because that negativity will just remind us of what we want to avoid from our initial relationship. Do you think you could fight in a way where something gets accomplished rather than in a way meant to hurt the other person? Would you use this as an opportunity to quit your addiction or would you travel to a different country just so you could satisfy your addiction? Even though they are hurt from the breakup, the fact that a person so desperately wants to be with them gives them a huge ego boost.
See, even if you convince him to get back right now, he’ll regret it and will grow resentful over time. 2 days before he was telling me he was really in love and happy and now he is acting like a stranger.
We agreed to stay friends and still hang out sometimes but he hasn’t tried to contact me or hang out at all.
I found out that he asked a girl out on a date a week after he ended things with me and I lost it.
Over the 4 years, she started to fall out of love with me because i became un attractive in her eyes, weak and selfconcious. Im in school at NETTTs getting my cdl class b so i can get a job within the town or a waste management company who knows maybe a bus driver. But he says to me that his love for me runs so deep and that I mean the world to him so this is really hard for him as well as me.
However, every time I would try to take the next step and ask her on a date she would either say she couldn’t or she would accept the date and cancel it at the last minute. If you want to try again before moving on, you have to take it slow and instead of asking him, make him feel he would want you back by building rapport and attraction by being the ungettable girl But the tricky part is, ungettable girls always show their valuable and that they can walk away if the guy doesn’t present equal value. He even said that he didnt loved me anymore as a girlfriend but rather as a friend or sister. What if he is too selfish to contact me or if he moves on completely after those 30 days and i get disappointed all over again? I know I have the power as I haven’t contacted him and I am the one that left him considering he cheated on me but I want him to contact me so I can say f**k you, I want him to cry and feel the pain that I have felt for the last 4 weeks, but will he ever feel what I have felt? These days we have got a really fun time via phone, should I really apply no contact rule if we have gotten so far? We were talking a little bit after the breakup, but I noticed that I was always the one initiating contact. They are known in the parts houses as "Whirlpool belt-drive" models. In the early 80's, Whirlpool began manufacturing their "Design 2000" washers. These actions would suggest that he feels an attraction for you and may still want you back. This is the first time he dumped me and what scares me the most is that he is very happy right now with his friends and school activities.. Let him think that the old you is in the past and meet him after no contact as the new you. Then last weekend, which is 2 days ago, she meet this guy and she told me she couldnt lie to me, she like this guy and it is over between us. She told me the reasons why she started to fall out of love, what she thought was the culprit, and it was because i wasnt taking care of myself i neglected myself, let alone my family. I love him very much still but its been a day of no contact ( i had to speak with him because we needed to move his stuff out). She saw me as strong and her knight in shining armor when we first met, and i tried to be that, but once i lost my job, i ended up becoming the opposite in her eyes. These machines were sold as GE, Hotpoint, and "private-labelled" as JC Penney and Penncrest brands. In 1995, GE started making a new "front access" washing machine. He is very angry (understandably), and i really do love him, and i want to be there for him. Im sometime stupid but i’ve been trying to make her happy in all ways, I’ve been picking her up at her work 2 years in a row through rain or snow!
She became (independent mode) and decided she didnt need me, and wanted to prove that to herself because i haddent supported her for 4 years. Unlike the old model, there is no rear access panel on these machines; all the machine internals are accessed through the front.
She had two jobs and was in school, then got a new job and works from 6-5:30 while i sit at home wishing i had a job. I had social anxiety because of being selfconcious, im a skinny guy, but at a time i was still fit, now because of the computer ive lost that. WCI's machines were sold under these original brand names, as well as Westinghouse and White-Westinghouse brands. I can’t do NC for very long because i need to speak to him about the rest of his stuff.
Frankly, these washers were pretty poorly designed, displaying major oil and water leakage within five years. In the '90's, WCI was bought by Swedish giant Electrolux, who changed the company name back to the Frigidaire Home Products Company. Just straight forward “please give me a time and day you can come by and grab your stuff. The orbital machine, manufactured since the late '80's, is a "Newton" machine with a redesigned "orbital" transmission with only six moving parts.
The "orbital" transmissions are interchangeable with the pre-1980's so-called "counterweight" transmissions.
Unlike the counterweight machine, the gearing in the orbital transmission can be serviced without removing the transmission from the machine.1-2 BEFORE YOU STARTFind yourself a good appliance parts dealer. You can find them in the Yellow Pages under the following headings:APPLIANCES, HOUSEHOLD, MAJORAPPLIANCES, PARTS AND SUPPLIESREFRIGERATORS, DOMESTICAPPLIANCES, HOUSEHOLD, REPAIR AND SERVICECall a few of them and ask if they are a repair service, or if they sell parts, or both. They'll tell you it's too complicated, then in the same breath, "guide" you to their service department.
They should contain the model number SOMEWHERE. If you have absolutely NO information about the washer anywhere, make sure you bring your old part to the parts store with you. Sometimes they can match an old part by looks or by part number.1-3 TOOLS (Figure 1-2)The tools that you may need (depending on the diagnosis) are listed below. It can save you lots of time and hassle.1-4 BASIC REPAIR AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS1) Always de-energize (pull the plug or trip the breaker on) any washer that you're disassembling. If you need to re-energize the washer to perform a test, make sure any bare wires or terminals are taped or insulated. Energize the unit only long enough to perform whatever test you're performing, then disconnect the power again. 2) To work underneath the washer sometimes requires leaning the washer back against the wall at a 30- to 45-degree angle. Always have someone standing by to help you while you work beneath the washer, in case it comes down on you.Figure 1-7: Leaning the Washer Against the Wall 3) If the manual advocates replacing the part, REPLACE IT!! There is a reason that it stopped--you can bet on it--and if you get it going and re-install it, you are running a very high risk that it will stop again. Replace the part. 4) If you must lay the washer over on its side, front or back, first make sure that you are not going to break anything off, such as a drain hose or fill valve. And for goodness' sake, make sure you drain the thing completely first! 5) Always replace the green (ground) leads when you remove an electrical component. And NEVER EVER remove the third (ground) prong in the main power plug! 6) When opening the washer cabinet or console, remember that the sheet metal parts are have very sharp edges.
If you're not getting full power out of the outlet, you'll know it right away. 2) If you just can't get that agitator unstuck, your appliance parts dealer has a device called an Agi-Tamer for just such an occurrence.
It's basically a heavy-duty rubber balloon that fits under the agitator, and uses water pressure to lift it upwards from underneath. 3) If you need to drain the tub (usually because your pump isn't pumping out) most folks try to bail it out.
And what happens when that nice, week-old dirty wash water reaches your mouth? You guessed it: there's a better way. What's the point in sucking the water through the hose? Well, instead of using lung suction to do that, let's use hose pressure. Leave your garden hose connected to the faucet, and put the other end of it in the washer tub. The air is gone now, right? Kink the garden hose so you don't lose the water charge, and disconnect it from the faucet. When you're sure the faucet end of the hose is lower than the bottom of the washer tub, release the kink in the hose. No muss, no fuss.1-6 HOW TO USE A VOM AND AMMETERMany home handymen are very intimidated by electricity.
It's true that diagnosing and repairing electrical circuits requires a bit more care than most operations, due to the danger of getting shocked. Remember the rule in section 1-4 (1); while you are working on a circuit, energize the circuit only long enough to perform whatever test you're performing, then take the power back off it to perform the repair. You will only need to be able to set the VOM onto the right scale, touch the test leads to the right place and read the meter. In using the VOM (Volt-Ohm Meter) for our purposes, the two test leads are always plugged into the "+" and "-" holes on the VOM. It's derived from the word "continuous." In an electrical circuit, electricity has to flow from a power source back to that power source. For our purposes, it doesn't matter how fast the current is flowingTo use your VOM to test continuity, set the dial on (resistance) R x 1, or whatever the lowest setting is.
It should peg the meter all the way on the right side of the scale, towards "0" on the meter's "resistance" scale.
If the meter does not read zero resistance, adjust the thumbwheel on the front of the VOM until it does read zero.
If the solenoid's leads are still connected to something, you may get a reading through that something. If there is still live power on the item you're testing for continuity, you will burn out your VOM instantly and possibly shock yourself. Touch the two test leads to the two bare wire ends or terminals of the solenoid.
You can touch the ends of the wires and test leads with your hands if necessary to get better contact.
If there is GOOD continuity, the meter will move toward the right side of the scale and steady on a reading.
This is the resistance reading and it doesn't concern us; we only care that we show good continuity. If you own an ammeter, you probably already know how to use it. If you don't, don't get one. The ammeter simply measures the strength of this magnetic field, and thus the amount of current, flowing through the wire. To determine continuity, for our purposes, we can simply isolate the component that we're testing (so we do not accidentally measure the current going through any other components) and see if there's anycurrent flow.To use your ammeter, first make sure that it's on an appropriate scale (0 to 10 or 20 amps will do). WCI's machines were sold under these original brand names, as well as Westinghouse and White-Westinghouse brands. And for goodness' sake, make sure you drain the thing completely first! 5) Always replace the green (ground) leads when you remove an electrical component. The air is gone now, right? Kink the garden hose so you don't lose the water charge, and disconnect it from the faucet. When you're sure the faucet end of the hose is lower than the bottom of the washer tub, release the kink in the hose. It's true that diagnosing and repairing electrical circuits requires a bit more care than most operations, due to the danger of getting shocked.
For our purposes, it doesn't matter how fast the current is flowingTo use your VOM to test continuity, set the dial on (resistance) R x 1, or whatever the lowest setting is. If the solenoid's leads are still connected to something, you may get a reading through that something.

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