Some of you may remember a post a did last year at this time about back to school clothes for girls.I am using the same set of outfits for inspiration this year, because they were adorable and frankly, the best thing I could find. Here are a few cute pieces I think can mix and match to make a great back to school wardrobe for your little girl. Do you have any tips you all want to share about getting a more sophisticated look for your daughter without breaking the bank?

When you browse through the pictures below, you will find that all these vintage hairstyles have voluminous curls which can add life to the whole look. If you are interested in styling the vintage hairstyles, you can make a curly hair with side part or just let all the curls flow on the shoulder.
Though the looks bring you back to the old time with a retro vibe, they are adored by girls.

Additionally, the deep side part of the vintage waves can reveal the girl’s forehead and brighten up the girl’s face.

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