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In the last few years men have moved from big burly muscly brutes to the metrosexual strictly styled men and now finally settling in a new kind of masculine edge.
It seems that the era of boy band straightening and bedhead gelling is over, and rather, those with the curls and waves will settle from something a little more natural, and a little more stylish. Being natural, curls are defined by their bounce and severity- some very loose and free, while others small and neat.
Therefore the style of 2012 has almost embraced this need for naturality- reminiscent of the quiff style it is designed to be top heavy, but without the need to heavily control or constrain the curls. The cut: shorter on the sides and longer on top, depending on you and your curly fro this will differ from person to person. Your hairdresser will know what will suit you best depending on your face shape as well as your wave length.

If you are looking for something that is relatively easy to manage then opt for shorter around the sides of your head (about clipper one length) and also a little tighter on top, this is ideal for someone with tighter or neater curls.
Like with anything that has a specific look to it styling is always important, you don’t want your curls to frizz out of control, or to begin to overwhelm your face. The idea behind this style is that you carry something natural in a neat and refined sort of way.
It is an easy thing to control however- after you have washed your hair, lightly towel dry and then run some curl-controller cream through your damp hair with your fingers.

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