You can make your husband love you more than you ever thought possible by watching this video. You, as the woman, in the partnership may have to take the lead when it comes to emotionally reconnecting. Your marriage can be what you want it to be and you can have a husband who loves you more than you ever imagined possible.
Make Your Husband Love YouYou don't have to live in a marriage in which you feel your emotional needs are being neglected.
Have you been asking yourself, consciously or subconsciously, this question over and over again- ‘How to make my husband want me’?
If the answer to this is a ‘yes’, then your marriage is in trouble and you need to do something about it right now.
A strong woman is always more desirable – Men, in general, want their woman to be strong enough to stand up for themselves. Stop being a tantrum queen - Endless nagging, pestering  and self-pity is unhealthy for any kind of relationship, especially a marriage. Don’t just concentrate on kids- Most women make the mistake of only taking care of their kids and in the process ignoring their marriage and husband.
Plan a romantic getaway – This might not be a long-term solution but at least it will surely make both the partners realize if they really want to be with each other. Don’t put extra effort - If the women tries too hard for anything, especially for making him want you more; it is going to push him away more.
Appreciate his presence - A man requires attention and appreciation, if not as much as a woman but he surely desires for it. At the end of it all only the two partners know their relationship the best and hence, to sit and talk about it might just be the solution to the question – how to make my husband want me.
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All trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.This page contains advertisements from third parties and may include affiliate links where a product may be of interest to the audience. The more Julie’s husband stepped away, the more Julie started to notice all the ways that he wasn’t meeting her needs. Julie’s story ended up in my upcoming book, 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage.
The problem women make is that we expect our husbands to slog through all our problems alongside us; the problem many men make is that they try to handle their problems alone.
One day, when her children were still preschoolers, Julie looked in the mirror and felt as if she didn’t recognize herself anymore.
Happiness is having what you want, which is only possible when God helps you to want what you have.
What we really need, then, is for God to change our hearts so that we want what He has given us.
Ladies, we’re all going to go through periods, like Julie, when we are exhausted and stretched beyond our limits. My happiness is a gift I can give my husband--because then he doesn't have to fix anything!
Tomorrow I want to share with you my Top 10 ways for creating happiness–and thus giving your husband the gift of a happy wife! Nine Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage will start shipping August 18–but you can pre-order it now! Join over 23,000 people who receive my monthly marriage newsletter--and get a FREE COPY of my eBook, 36 Tips to Bring Sexy Back to Your Marriage. I can see your point, but the thing is that even if our husbands are doing something wrong, or not fixing something that we wish they did, our own happiness should not depend on it. I think us wives are good add expecting stuff from our hudbands and play an dmotional game around it that is not worth it.
If your husband isn’t good at taking care of things and money, then maybe you can help him with it?
So along with working 40+ hours a week, bringing in 80% of the salary, commuting 10 hours a week, dong all the house cleaning, cooking, bill paying and investing, now I’m supposed to handle all the home maintenance? Trish, that is a really serious problem, and I don’t think you can continue this way.
There continues to be wives taking to the internet to search for ideas on things they can do to make their husbands love them more. For many women the concern over how to make their husband love them more is a very real concern. There are plenty of resources around the internet for women who are looking for solid advice as to how to make their husband love them more. On Yahoo Answers someone asked this question and received an answer you might find helpful. A number of other people answered by saying the simple way to make your husband love you more is to love him more. A couple of answers echo my thoughts that you really cannot make someone love you more than they are going to love you and sometimes when you try it just makes them respect you less and their diminished respect will feel even worse as it will look the same as diminished love.

One person asked why you would want to stay with someone who doesn’t love you as much as you would like to be loved.
Here are some of the concerns that are expressed by women who take to the internet trying to get help in their quest to make their husbands love or want them more.
I am sitting here in my bedroom crying because my husband just does not show any attention to me.
You know the old saying “you can’t give away what you don’t have?” Well, that saying is very relevant when you are trying to restore your husband’s love. You must portray quiet confidence that you are the right woman for him and that he will eventually come to know this, even if that means taking a break or backing off for a while. You Can Sometimes Make Your Husband Love You Again By Changing The Way That He Feels About Himself: I know that that phrase may sound a bit strange but please hear me out.
But, after you have been married for a while, sometimes some part of life gets in the way of this cycle. I believe that the real key in making him love you again is making your actions and your behaviors once again influence how he feels about himself.
You need to portray the best, most confident and alluring version of yourself while you are focusing on the other part of the plan.
It’s very easy to feel insecure, to worry, and to make finding a way to get him to love you again your sole purpose. As women, we often go into our marriage with this romantic fairytale encompassing our every thought.
You don’t have to continue living in a relationship in which you feel the spark has forever disappeared. He’s developed a program that I believe has helped transform my own marriage and changed the way my husband treated me. That’s exactly why we are here to the rescue of every woman who is facing this problem of not feeling loved enough in a marriage.
How will the husband treat his wife with respect if the wife herself treats herself poorly just so that he stays? It started with a lot of health problems, and ended with a personal struggle I’ve been praying through and agonizing about. She used to be a confident woman with drive and dreams who could take on the world; now she was a mess who was always angry.
It was tough for Julie–she had to learn how to bring God into her daily life and how to set up systems so that she could cope with two difficult preschoolers. I have struggled with many of these issues, too, and this one in particular has been a journey for me.  I hope you can take this journey with me. And everyone who preorders, or who orders it on August 18, will be able to get a whole bunch of free downloadable goodies during all my parties I’m planning for August 18!
Show your husband appreciation, take time for the two of you and don’t just be in mom mode all the time, do special things for him etc. Sometimes people regard their marriage as a trap or a hell hole they regret jumping into and wish they could get out of. In the beginning I was always doing things to show my husband that I loved him and that he was the greatest most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me and I thought the world of him.
I know that it can be so tempting to repeatedly ask for reassurance or to ask what you might need to do get him to love you again, but all of these things can diminish your worth in his eyes and might only make the problem worse.
And, as a result, the way that your husband feels about himself, his life, and the world around him might also change. Yes, I know that your circumstances have changed and that you don’t have the kind of free time that you used to have.
The Ma'at's didn't really know anything about Sickle Cell until their first child was born with the disease. We imagine that our marriage will be different and our husband will be the one who loves us unlike any man has ever loved a woman. You should instead view it as taking the reins on a very important journey that you and your husband are about to embark on.
For others, the dream spouse is a man who isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves, do the dishes and read the kids their good night stories. You married the man because you truly loved and adored him and you saw the promise of a wonderfully, enriching and satisfying future with him. If you’re not completely satisfied with your relationship, please take a peek at what he has to offer, starting with a great free and very informative video. There is a very high possibility that most women would link this cold behavior of their husband to unsatisfying sex life, but this is not true in most cases.
This site does not constitute and is not intended to provide or substitute marital therapy or counseling, nor medical, health, legal, investment, financial or other professional advice. Happiness, I believe, can only come after joy and contentment, because they’re not the same thing. He can just love me, and have fun with me, and dote on me without feeling like he’s somehow doing something wrong.
Just keep watching this blog, or stay in touch through my newsletter so you don’t miss your chance to get your goodies, and come to a bunch of fun parties on the day!

But when a man shirks his responsibilities, leaving them all to his wife to handle, we become exhausted, overwhelmed and unhappy. And then the issue can be discussed in more appropiate fashion, because we shift away from blaming and focusing on His shortcomings to a more rational discussion of the issue at hand like fixing the plumbing because it will ruin the house.
He spends his days sleeping until it is time to go to work, come home from work to play a video game or watch TV, then goes back to sleep. Telling the person you’re married to that you are not happy being married to them is not something many people can easily do so they suffer in silence but often unavoidably act out their misery. Basically she is saying that things have changed for your husband from what they were in the beginning. As women we say these things, very often we don’t really mean them but we fail to realize that it affects our husbands the same way as it would affect us if they were saying these things to us.
If you even allude to the fact that you don’t think you’re lovable or good enough for him, then he is most certainly going to pick up on this.
Right now, you really need to take care of yourself and set it up so that you can in good faith put a smile on your face. However, there are very often common themes that come up time and time again in these situations. But a big part of what came out of this was the fact that the feelings between you made each person feel that much better about themselves. As a result of all these things, he might perceive that his feelings about you have changed as well.
If you get to a a point where you fear that you’re coming off as fake, back up just a little bit. Both partners become so engrossed in being the best parent they can that they start to lose sight of their spouse. You can have that if you’re willing to open yourself up to new and innovative ideas to change your marriage. Statistics display that in most cases men loose interest in their wives for many reasons not related to their sex life at all. I think us men think that If we can just fix women’s problem everything will be fine.
I don’t need him to fix anything that is mine, I just need him to start doing what is his.
It will probably be better for you in the long run to focus on how to learn to love yourself enough not to stay in a situation where you are not valued except for the sexual usefulness of your body. The author writes about communications with wives who are seeking help trying to save their marriages after their husband has told them that he no longer loves them and is considering divorce. Getting your husband to love you more could be as simple as you loving him more, making him feel good about life and making him feel good about himself as a man without compromising your own comfort and trading your self respect. And many of these things can be worked out as long as one spouse is willing and able to make some very concentrated efforts to change and improve things. As a result, every one was on their best behavior because no one wanted to put a dent in what was happening. Many of these things are related to chores and obligations, which doesn’t invoke nearly as much laughter. This needs to be a gradual process anyway because you want for it to contribute to real and meaningful changes. We can allow our own insecurities to impair our ability to remain rational and reasonable so that we get jealous of everything and everyone that our spouse pays attention to, whether it’s an object such as  a television or cell phone, or a person such as a friend, their own child, their sibling, their parent. In the following article, I will discuss various ways that I’ve seen wives successfully make their husbands fall back in love with them. So, the good behavior, enhanced self esteem, and feeling special were all things that fed on themselves to continue the cycle. You return to that light hearted, flirty, funny, happy go lucky girl who always had time to listen to him, laugh with him, and to show him how much he meant to you. I was eventually able to restore my husband’s love and to not only save the marriage, but make it stronger.
In summary, when we first fall in love we make each other feel very good about ourselves and about life. Wives often tell me that this is going to feel awkward and they think that it might be too late for this.
If you can incorporate these basic needs into your actions, I strongly suspect you will see some drastic improvements.
I’m not being full of myself to say that my love transformed my husband and did indeed change the way he felt about himself, for the better.

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