Qui, se non ci si vuole registrare, e possibile scegliere, nella sezione Models, la modella che piu ci somiglia per forma del viso, incarnato, colore dei capelli, etc. Altrimenti, per fare prove piu aderenti alla realta, bisogna registrarsi compilando l’apposito form raggiungibile cliccando su Login e caricare (in inglese, upload) una nostra foto frontale (va bene anche il formato tessera, purche la risoluzione sia buona). A questo punto, seguite le istruzioni a video per aggiustare l’allineamento della foto (si tratta pur sempre di un computer, non dimenticatelo!), in modo che il programma riconosca correttamente i vostri lineamenti. Aiutandovi coi puntini colorati, correggete l’allineamento di occhi, sopracciglia e bocca, cliccando sempre su Next alla fine di ogni passaggio. Adesso, potete scegliere se provare il taglio di capelli di una delle celebrita disponibili sul sito o, in alternativa, definire il vostro taglio attuale per provare, per esempio, un nuovo colore di capelli: in questo caso, scegliete Color your hair, ridefinite il profilo del vostro taglio aiutandovi coi soliti puntini e cliccate su Done una volta fatto. MindMaze Software Engineer Nicolas Bourdaud demonstrates a virtual reality system at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.
In passato abbiamo proposto una lista di siti che permettono di provare tagli di capelli, oggi segnaliamo invece i migliori siti per il make up virtuale. Daily MakeOver consente di provare piu di un look differente su noi stessi, semplicemente caricando una foto. Per coloro, invece, che hanno problemi con le lingue straniere, ecco Donna Moderna Virtual Make Up, uno strumento in italiano che ci permettera di provare differenti tipi di trucchi e di tagli di capelli. Il sito permette di caricare una propria foto e di modificarla utilizzando i vari strumenti messi a disposizione. Troviamo inoltre la possibilita di cambiare pettinatura e di aggiungere diversi accessori per completare lo stile. Il servizio permette di caricare una propria foto e di modificarla scegliendo un taglio di capelli e truccando gli occhi, le labbra e il volto. Il funzionamento e piuttosto simile agli strumenti che abbiamo segnalato in precedenza e risulta essere possibile creare stili di vario tipo in modo veloce. Gli strumenti che abbiamo segnalato in questo articolo sono gratis e si caratterizzano per la semplicita. Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito.
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Google has always been known for trying to push the envelope when it comes to new technology, just like its bid to put driverless cars on the streets and its plan to bring the Internet to even the most remote places in the world via balloons.
But Google doesn’t want virtual reality to be complex or costly, as not everyone can, or is willing, to shell out hundreds of dollars for that. Google’s virtual reality kits are essentially folded cardboard with a pair of lenses, and assembling it depends on the model one chooses. Right now the hype about virtual reality revolves around the gaming systems, but the technology can do so much more, and companies are still in the process of figuring out how they can take advantage of it. Is the NYTimes About to Take Virtual Reality Mainstream with these Cardboard Google Goggles? The New York Times is set to take a big step in virtual reality with the help of Google’s Cardboard viewer.
Just what you wanted: to be hunted by the #Insidious evil spirits in real life with this virtual reality city tour! Despite its simplicity, the Google Cardboard can also be used for games like InMind, a short sci-fi game where one travels through a person’s brain to take out bad neurons. I did all this without leaving San Francisco, at the 2015 Game Developers Conference, where the people who make the video games we love to play come to the city by the thousands to check out the latest hardware and software for making games.

Chi vuole scoprire come starebbe con un trucco originale, puo provare gli strumenti che segnaliamo in questa guida.
Si tratta di un sito internet gratuito che non solo fornisce la possibilita di provare varie opzioni di trucco, ma anche consigli e informazioni utili sempre relative al mondo del make up.
Rispetto alla precedente soluzione, questo sito offre soluzioni piu classiche, ma non per questo meno interessanti. Now Google’s virtual reality kit, the Google Cardboard, is aiming to make virtual reality commonplace.
Like a simple DIY project, the user has to fold and assemble the cardboard according to the corresponding instructions. For instance, in models like the I Am Cardboard viewer, one simply slides out the box, pulls down a side to unfold the viewer and secures it by pressing on a hook and looping the fasteners down.
The Mountain View-based company is already spearheading this movement by sending Google virtual reality kits to schools along with an app that lets students go on a 3D tour of Machu Picchu or a coral reef. Users can see what swimming with sharks looks like with the Discovery VR app, while thrill seekers can enjoy flying at 425kph with the Air Racer VR. On the flipside, its simple design and material means that the kit will degrade eventually. Many others were also trying the latest in virtual reality, a technology that's been talked about since the 1980s, but may finally be on its way to becoming a reality in the real world.
Si tratta di servizi online che permettono di caricare una propria foto e applicare il trucco preferito in modo da valutare quale potrebbe essere il risultato. Per utilizzare il sito non e richiesta la registrazione, ma se decideremo di registrarci potremo anche salvare le nostre opere sia in caso non avessimo tempo per terminare quanto stiamo facendo.
Il fatto poi che sia incluso all’interno del sito della rivista Donna Moderna, offre molta visibilita  a questa interessante applicazione online gratuita.
After that, one can just slide in an Android or iOS smartphone so the screen is against the hole, secure it and use by looking into the eyeholes. Another documentary is set to come out in December 2016 and will revolve around the process that goes into a New York Times cover photo. Film companies might soon be coming out with content that can be viewed thru VR kits like the Google Cardboard. Among my experiences was standing in the lair of the dragon Smaug from the Hobbit films, surrounded by gold coins.
Tra le tante opzioni che il programma include, troviamo la possibilita di giocare con vari tagli di capelli, applicare make up differenti, tra cui rossetti e accessori, e creare stili molto originali.
Approved viewers are stamped with a Google Cardboard Badge and can be bought online for about $10. And while it might not give one the experience that high-end VR rigs can give, it does allow ordinary consumers the chance to experience and get used to a technology that will soon be ubiquitous in our daily lives. It was actually frightening because no matter which way I turned my head it looked as if I was standing in the lair. Kim Libreri, the CTO of Epic Games who helped create the Hobbit VR experience, says the short visit to the Smaug's lair was an experiment.
Libreri says they realized they had to change the dialog a bit if it was to work as an immersive experience. I'm not Bilbo.'" This particular experiment used the virtual reality headset Oculus Rift — the company that was purchased last year by Facebook for $2 billion. A Swiss company called MindMaze has a headset that can drop a layer of virtual reality on top of the real thing.

I was able to put them on, and when I looked at my real hands it seemed as if there were flames coming out of my finger tips.
In a game, this could be used to give me the power to shoot flames at a city with my fingers. Tadi says his headset is making an important technological leap — seeing your actual hands — which some of his competitors haven't done yet.
Tim Sweeney, who founded Epic Games, thinks virtual reality is kind of where smartphones were over a decade ago. Last year, in addition to the $2 billion Facebook paid for Oculus, investors put another half a billion dollars into virtual reality, and analysts think there is a real world future for the technology. Unfortunately, it's likely to be at least a year before most consumers get to try it.Copyright 2015 NPR. Transcript RACHEL MARTIN, HOST: NPR's Laura Sydell covers Silicon Valley and technology from San Francisco which means that when the annual Game Developer's Conference comes to town, Laura gets to go play all the latest video games for her job. I flew on top of a drone over the arctic, sat in a dungeon across from a really scary guy, looked into the jaws of a dragon. After I put on virtual reality goggles, it was me, not Bilbo, who was staring into his massive jaws, even though I was standing an empty room.
KIM LIBRERI: One of the interesting things about virtual reality is that it's sort of this hybrid medium between a game and a movie. SYDELL: Kim Libreri, CTO of Epic Games helped create this experience which was largely an experiment. LIBRERI: If we'd said you were Bilbo, you would've felt a little bit weird because you would have heard this sort of voice talking back to Smaug. SYDELL: This particular experience used the most well-known virtual reality head set, Oculus Rift, the company that was purchased by Facebook last year for $2 billion. Among its features is that it can drop a layer of virtual reality on top of the real thing.
It's an important technological leap, says Tadi, because with this headset, you can see your hands and in many VR experiences, you can't.
TADI: Just by getting your body into the picture, into these virtual worlds where your body is your controller versus just joysticks which is artificial, you can just use you hands as you would in the real world. SYDELL: And this is the conference where those new ideas are shared with the people making the games of the future.
Tim Sweeney, who founded Epic Games, which created the Hobbit experience, thinks virtual reality is kind of where smart phones were over a decade ago. TIM SWEENEY: I think we're on track now where there are going to be such enormous improvements every few months - in the hardware and in the software, in the media itself - that we're on track.
It required wearing silly glasses in front of your TV, but analysts think VR is much more compelling. Last year in addition to the $2 billion Facebook paid for Oculus, investors put another half a billion into virtual reality.

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