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There’s little worse than an amazing set of in-ear monitors that constantly fall out, and without that seal they’re not doing their job right. If you’re buying a really high-end set of in-ear monitors, like Shures or Westones, then odds are you can afford the $200 custom silicone molds. There’s a lot of information on the web about this, some of it conflicting and some of it unanimous. These Skullcandys look different from my Shures, and the little valley will ensure that the plugs don’t come off of the headphones. Once you knead the two together, it will set whether you use it or not, so approximate as best you can and whatever you don’t use, keep as separate and store away.
After about 10 minutes, the silicone will have set enough so that you can remove the molds. I was initially worried that putty would stick too tightly to the plastic on the earphones, which is why I didn’t try this with my Shures. If this isn’t the type of project for you, take a look at How To Make Disposable Sleeves for Your In-Ear Monitors. Since you removed the earphones from the mold to make the hole so that the sound would go into the ear, how well do the earphones stay in the mold when you put them back in? The only suggestion I’d give is to make sure the driver cover is protected with tape or something. I only call attention to it in case someone (including the author) has Shures or other similar-style IEM’s and would like to compare procedures.
For anyone considering this, I made mine last night with the Radians material and it seems much more compliant than the Sugru after fully setting. I have read up on other projects like this over the last few months, but haven’t tried it yet. I’ve been a firearms instructor for over 25 years and started using the molded earplugs over 10 years ago, I love them and have saved my hearing as a result. I am still going to try it as I am not remotely happy with the sound of these stupidly over priced IEM’s and while they sound alright its the custom fit and seal of them that is the main reason they sound better than other cheaper products.
Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. For three years, Apple has been testing the EarPods with users to try and find the most secure fitting, best sounding headphones for that price range. Instructables user juniortan had problem with his EarPods being loose, so he decided to place a little Sugru around each earpiece. These headphones are custom-fitted and provide great noise reduction and superior bass, but require some skill to make.
You can either glue cotton wool all over them for a fluffy bunny look, use pieces of coloured felt to make them look fancy or just colour them in with pencils or crayons.

This was more of a trial run for me; I wanted to do this on a cheap pair of headphones instead of my expensive Shures just in case something went wrong. Even though you’re following this guide, it’s important to read what they gave you as well, especially if your kit is a different brand. It’ll also warm up to body temperature, which will make it more comfortable when you insert it. The two projections in the above picture will actually lock into the outside ear folds so that they don’t slip out.
When he's not overdosing on meditation and geek news of all kinds, he's hacking and tweaking something, often while mumbling in 4 or 5 other languages. I play drums at my church and I’ve been looking for a solution like this for a while. I had tried different types of ear phones all of them fall out very easily as they do not fit firmly to my ears.
I think this would be something to try to see if I could isolate the sound a little better, and get a better ear fit.
It could also be ideal to insert a cotton ball of appropriate size, before pushing in the silocon. The Vibes have a grill on the front that picked up some of the molding material and was quite difficult to remove. I had my first pair made sitting beside Steven Tyler as he got his concert earphones made, I immediately got a pair made for my CD player (10 Years ago). When that is dry, fold each ear around the headband so that the mirror images meet up again.
Now, I’m sure that if you’re dropping that kind of money on a custom fit, they’ll be great, but what about the rest of us?
After some searching, I decided on the Radian brand, because it was cheaply found on eBay ($14) and got good reviews from a ton of places. When you knead the two parts together, that’ll cause the reaction which will allow it to set. The silicone mold doesn’t actually stick to the plastic, but there’s definitely a tight fit. I like the Skullcandy earphones and use them as is, but I think making a mold like this will help even more.
We tend to try new things constantly as a profession and I can guarantee that there are impression materials in the office that are not being used or are close to an expiration date that your dentist would give you in a couple of ziploc bags just for asking.
I have never had any trouble with this and it is useful for molding all kinds of silicone shapes.
They stay in way better when I exercise with them and offer a much better seal for noise blocking when I use them under a helmet on a motorcycle.
I think the 2-part Radians material may prove to be more durable than Sugru in the long run, but I was actually quite happy with the Sugru aside from cosmetics and having one of my cords at a funny angle! I put some of the putty on the “head side) of the in-ear piece and then put it in my ear with the cable pointed up , securing it in place with my glasses earpiece.

It kost you a couple of bucks (€25,-), but when you try to make a mold of your own ears there are a lot of things that can go wrong. In the Results section, I’ll point out what I did differently so you get an idea of what (not) to do. Because I wasn’t sure how the process would go, I also bought a cheap pair of Skullcandy headphones so in case there were problems I wouldn’t ruin my Shures.
All the same, there are hazards to be wary of so you’re assuming responsibility if anything goes wrong down the line.
If your ears are small enough, you might be able to use half for both ears, so you can create a backup set.
The professional custom mold packages tell your audiologist to keep your mouth open while they let the foam they use set. When I do my Shures, I’ll be sure to carefully plug the tubes before I put them in the putty. After reading this article I have two options either to visit an audiologist or create a mold by myself. Take the mold an create with a dremel tool a little hole in it, so you can put your in ear phone inside of de mold. If you’re familiar with the process and want to see those points, feel free to skip to that section.
Again, it’s highly unlikely, but there are risks, so read all of the instructions several times before you do it yourself. This is not only damaging and painful, but you can run the risk of an infection, so please, do take your time and do this carefully. Can you estimate it by comparing how good is the insulation in comparison with the original noise insulation factor on your Shure and you Skull candy?
Also you can make the hole just at the right place, so the sound can go directly in your ears at the right place.
If you’re considering doing this yourself, though, be sure to read everything more than once. It makes sense, as your ear canal changes shape depending on your jaw’s position, and to me, there was a much better seal on my right ear than my left. This gave a great seal, protected the speaker hole, and was very comfortable and easy to remove.
I have at least 6 pair of the Apple buds that are the worst at staying in your ear – so, I had plenty to experiment with.

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