One of the most common mistakes people make when they try to get back with your ex is acting desperate and needy.
Today, we will focus on how to help you get back with your ex without you looking desperate and needy. Common Desperate And Needy Behaviors Crying, Begging And Pleading Are you guilty of crying, begging and pleading with your ex not to break up with you? In fact, it is a natural reaction for most people when their ex tell them that the relationship is over and they are leaving.
I would say that it rarely works, especially your ex is the type of person who is stubborn and firm once he has made up his mind. Even if it works in the occasional cases, it is most likely that your ex takes you back out of pity and guilt. Texting And Calling Incessantly Another common desperate behavior after breakup is that you can't help but call and text your ex nonstop.
If you put yourself in your ex's shoes for a while, how do you think you would feel if you keep receiving text messages or calls from someone whom you don't want to be together with?
Writing Your Ex A Love Letter Sometimes you feel that you have so much to say to your ex that you think writing him or her a love letter would be a good idea. Your ex will have his or her guard up whenever you try to reach out because your ex knows you are trying to get him or her back. Buying Your Ex Expensive Gifts Some of my readers go as far as buying expensive gifts to please your ex, hoping that their ex would change their mind and take them back. In your mind, you might be thinking like this: if I send my ex nice gifts, my ex will be happy and touched when he or she receives it.
You can picture this scenario in your head over and over again, but in reality it never happens.
Your ex would probably think that you were still affected by the breakup very much and you are an emotional wreck. Sleep with your ex Women tend to make the fatal mistake of sleeping with their ex boyfriends because they naively think that having sex with their ex will make their ex want to get back together. So, don't put yourself in a position where your ex boyfriend can easily take advantage of your emotional vunerability and use you for sex.
A Sense of Loss of Security, Love And Happiness If you depend on your relationship (or your ex) to feel a sense of security, love and happiness, you will inevitably feel devastated when the relationship comes to an end.
Did you ever think to yourself that you will never be able to find anyone like your ex again? Addicted To Your Ex (And Your Relationship) When you were in a relationship with your ex, your ex became an integral part of your life.
How To Avoid Looking Desperate And Needy Put Yourself Before Your Ex And Your Relationship You need to learn to put yourself at the center of your life instead of your ex. Another problem that comes with centering your life around your ex is that you will find yourself become more and more needy.
My advice is that you need to build a life filled with fun and meaningful activities and surrounded by closed friends and family, not just your ex and your relationship. And when you feel like you don't need your ex, naturally you will be more assured of yourself and more confident about yourself. Make Your Ex Think It Is His Or Her Idea To Get Back Together If you have already done a few desperate things to get your ex back, there is no need to panic.
You need to make your ex think that it is his or her decision to want to get back with you.

You have seen how much emotional influence your ex has on you and how that made you do stupid and crazy things to get your ex back. Remember, we all want what we cannot have and we all fear losing things that make us feel good and happy. Now, inside your head, you must be wondering how to make your ex associate good feelings with talking to you? It is better not sending your ex any text messages than sending him or her those boring text messages. To make your ex re-associate good feelings with talking to you, you need to make the conversation enjoyable and engaging. Before you text your ex, think about what your ex will think when he or she sees your text. Know Your Self-Worth And Make Your Ex Realize How Lucky It Will Be To Have You When you feel rejected by your ex, the inner voice inside your head is probably telling you that you are not good enough and you are not worthy. If you listen to these destructive inner voice and believe what it is telling you, you will actually act on it instead of challenging it. So, you need to be conscious of what your inner voice is telling you and stop the negative thoughts from taking control of your life.
So, what do you do if your ex blocks you and you have absolutely no way of contacting your ex? One of the most, if not the most favorite three words we love to hear from the people we love is “I love you”. To get your ex-boyfriend to chase after you again after breakup is possible, if you know exactly what you should do and exactly what you should never do. One of the most frequently asked question by my readers is how to get their ex to love them again. And we all know how looking desperate and needy can hurt your chances of getting your ex back. It is their way of trying to stop the pain they are feeling when someone whom they love reject or abandon them. And it is only a matter of time that your ex would break up with you again because your begging and pleading only delays the inevitable breakup and it never deals with all your relationship problems. When you just started dating your ex, it is true that your ex couldn't wait to hear from you. You need to understand that laying your heart on the line is not going to magically re-ignite your ex's feelings towards you.
But, if you have not been in contact with your ex, then sending him or her a gift out of blue can be very suspicious or even creepy. When you two were together, you might successfully use sex as a weapon to make your ex boyfriend do what you want him to do. First, you have given your ex control over you when you became the girl throwing yourself at him. Before we go on to talk about how to avoid looking desperate and needy, I feel that it is important that we understand the reason why people become desperate and needy after breakup. It is the overwhelming sense of loss of security, love and happiness caused by the breakup that propels you to do anything to get it back. This reader's ex boyfriend used to call her every day without fail around lunch time to remind her to take medication for her gastric problem. And she kept on repeating all her stories to her friends almost every day and told them that she was never going to find another guy like him.

When something you are addicted to is taken away from you, you will feel pain and your mind will tell you to do anything to get it back and stop the pain. The fact that your whole life revolves around your ex and your relationship is the very reason why you are experiencing so much pain and often taking desperate measures to get your ex back.
You might not notice it, but your ex might be feeling smothered by your constant need for attention and affection.
What is important is that you realize that it is not going to help you and that you should refrain yourself from exhibiting all the desperate behaviors I talked about above. Because if your ex thinks it is his or her decision to give the relationship another try, your ex will genuinely want to put in effort to make it work this time around. Then, we need to make your ex re-associate good feelings with talking to you and make him or her addicted to talking to you. And the only way they know at that moment is to beg and plead with their ex, hoping that it might soften their ex's stance and change their mind about the breakup. Now, they know they can take you back any time if they want to and it simply takes away the urgency of getting back with you. When you feel annoyed by someone, it just makes you want to stay further away from that person. Even if you would text or call your ex for hours straight, your ex would be comfortable with it.
Texting or calling your ex incessantly might push your ex away to the extent that they will simply ignore you or even block you.
Instead, it only shows that you are still devastated by the breakup and desperately want to get back with your ex. If you have been in contact with your ex, then buying a gift for your ex will probably be interpreted as you desperately trying to win him or her back.
Secondly, you let your ex boyfriend have a taste of what it is like to have sex without strings attached.
That is why we see people exhibit all kinds of desperate behaviors such as begging and stalking. It is obvious that your ex will be drawn to the former and will be turned off by the latter. That is why your ex is resisting to get back with you because they need to be consistent with their decision to break up.
Maybe you just want to hear a response from them, so it makes you feel like that they are still in your life.
And your ex won't come back to you simply because you shower them with expensive gifts that they have wanted for a long time. It will only make your ex boyfriend want to be friends with benefits with you and nothing more. These are just two out of many other sweet things her ex boyfriend did for her throughout the relationship.
Failing to know your true value is the very reason why many of you become so desperate after breakup.

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