6 easy ways to get wavy hair overnight (with pictures), Edit article how to get wavy hair overnight. How to make your hair wavy (with pictures) - wikihow, Wash your hair before you scrunch your hair.
Diffuse hair correctly: straight, wavy curly hair, Most dryers have more power than curly girls need. The use of curling irons, or pins or hot rollers can be helpful in answering the question; how to make your hair wavy. You just have to focus on the demands of these methods and equip yourselves with whatever simple products your hair need to be wavy.
After this, take your blow dryer with the diffuser attachment installed on it, set the air on cool and pour it on your hair. This method is very exciting and also healthy for your hair but it requires a little patience as you have to wait for one night to get the waves. Many methods have tried to answer how to make your hair wavy but this one seems to surpass all owing to its simplicity and the clarity of results. If you ask any friend or search the internet to find out how to make you hair wavy you are most likely to get the answer: The One Bun method. Now start twisting these strands against one another until there is no part of the strand left untwisted. Keep in consideration that you should make twists while moving towards the ends of your hair.
You can also marginalize the adverse effects of heat of the curling iron by using a mildly hot curling iron. As you know excessive heat may make your waves frizzy and hair breakage may also result from it, so you need to use an anti frizz spray to keep the frizzing effect at bay plus you should also consider using a heat protector. But if you just pay heed to what’s discussed above then you will be pretty much clear on how to make your hair wavy.
Makeup artist and beauty blogger Cara Brook of MaskCara is showing you how to get quick and luxurious beach waves!
Advice from a Twenty SomethingAdvice on life, style, relationships, career, and more from a young woman in her twenties. I only have a karmin g3 styling iron but it’s 1 inch wide and it curls too, so I think I can curl with it! Hair curling is not so easy and for good curl you have to use proper method and follow proper instruction. Curly hair provides timeless appeal and thus curling irons are a must have for almost everyone. You can use also hair straightener for curl your hair and curling iron is only one way using its only curl your hair but not straightening…and hair straightener is used for both straight hair and curl hair.

Laura is a 20-something year old media student with a great passion for fashion, pop culture, beauty and travel. Given below is a list of methods which you can follow to make your hair wavy with relative ease and in a less time consuming manner.
Once you have completely understood how to make your hair wavy, you are free to try all the long wavy hairstyles. This is another heat-free and simple method, and when the word heat-free comes you should understand that it requires a little more time than other heating methods. You should start with damp hair and work your fingers through your hair to apply some mousse. Further, you have to tie this strand on the back of your head in the same way as making a single bun out of your hair. When dry, take the bun out and tousle your fingers through your hair to single out the waves.
You will have unbelievably dense, smooth and shiny waves which will augment the beauty of your hair manifold. This will induce beautiful waves at the same time it will also keep the heat damage minimal. But it's so tough to stay away from the curling iron when we want those pretty waves and curls! They are easy to do and you'll even find you have extra time to slather on more sunscreen and brush on more bronzer. I wore it long growing up, and then tried the famous Alexa Chung hairdo just past my shoulders. My hair is always straight, limp, and boring… I wish I would’ve seen this first because I think I tried 1,000 things before I finally found something that worked for me. To be honest I don’t like clipped curling irons, they get tangled and leave dents, or I’m not using them properly! Before purchasing curling iron you should remember that short hair would need small iron and simultaneously longer hair would need larger iron.
I’ve been trying to figure out what size curling iron to get for my hair for AGES now, I just recently cut my hair to shoulder length and I want to get wavy Alexa Chung style hair, so this helped so much!
Go for a side part and apply Amika’s curl defining cream to your damp hair before you start styling. The last thing is to apply any light holding spray and then work your fingers through your hair to make the acquired waves more neat and visible.
All you have to do is to divide your damp and mousse applied hair into sections, each of 2 to 3 inch width. What you need to know is how to make your hair wavy along with saving them from the heat damage.

Creating waves in straight hair can be a bit confusing if you don’t pay the required attention to the methods explained above.
So if you don’t have much time and still want to make your hair wavy then you must go towards the heating methods with great care.
Well, take a break from all the heat and try this heat-free technique that will save you time and save your hair from heat damage all in one swoop. Then I thought I was brave enough to go shorter, but ended up looking like a softball coach. Lucky for me, I usually stick with similar lengths, but I did buy a smaller barrel iron when I chopped a decent amount off over summer. I have a curling wand and I totally recommend a wand over an iron, no matter your hair length. When it comes to barrel, the beauticians generally advice for the metal based ones as metal barrels are suitable with any form of hair & is most economical as well. Take your head upside down, divide your hair into different sections and start scrunching those sections turn by turn. Keep in mind that smaller sections along with tight buns will result in intense waves, while larger sections along with loose buns will give you loose waves.
Some curlers have straight barrels and others have tapered, the best are tapered because you can get different kinds of curls and not just the same old cookie-cutter ones everyone has. Apply any light spray and tousle your fingers through your hair to make the waves accentuated. Tousling your fingers through these waves will help you to increase their look and clarity. I would recommend the karmin clipless curling iron, it comes with the glove, bag and heat mat. You need to have a few styling products and gadgets to aid you in your pursuit of acquiring wavy ombre hair. Some of the techniques may require to sleep with them over the night, but it’s worth it.
So rather than struggling with the wrong tool, follow these guidelines to achieve those perfect waves on any hair length.

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