Does that mean in order to have a successful, viral video, you have to join a university course? If you want to learn more about viral content in general for people who have generated it several times, I would check out this excellent slideshow by Upworthy. I put this website into my youtube about page and i said that i got the them from this website. You have to download the zip file (press the blue button) which contains a PSD document and a JPG without the text. Everyone wants something that will go viral, whether they are just posting on the web for personal reasons, trying to bring attention to something important like a cause or event, or a business hoping to boost sales using the power of the internet. If YouTube has taught us anything, it is that everyone has something to show us, but most of it isn’t worth watching. That’s right folks, in the end the only thing you can do is up your chances of being seen and enjoyed. It isn’t specifically about videos, but it is still very helpful for anyone who wants a thorough explanation of the viral phenomenon.

You can add text, images or whatever you’d like the in the box to create your own unique channel art.
I want the username to say Kane Forestier and the slogan saying Believe and You Will Receive. There are even university lectures dedicated to the topic, teaching a new generation of students how to capitalize on the value of viral content in any industry. You have to be certain that what you are creating is good enough to gain popularity on a massive, global scale.
While this does increase your likelihood of being featured on the front page, or as a featured video, it doesn’t mean your video is viral. The download contains as usual the Photoshop file, and a JPG image with no text in the box. First of all, it is against YouTube’s terms and conditions to do this, so you run the risk of penalty. Your video has to be the optimal quality in everything from equipment (a good camera, mic and editing program are musts), to the content itself.

But not being aware enough to the needs of your target audience, and instead thinking you know best, is not such a good thing.
Second, a viral video is something that has been launched into the mainstream through force of people’s reaction.
You should follow trends, try to be timely, and focus on what is going to be entertaining to a specific group of people. There is an emotional element that drives it forward, whether it sparks someone’s humor, their sentimentality, their pain or their interest. It means more than clicks, and just having a lot of views won’t make it any more shareable. Sometimes there will be one thing that just hits them right with the perfect gut shot, and they will respond with enough passion to drive your video into infamy.

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