I’m a little hesitant to answer this question for several reasons, one of the main ones being my last break up was almost 10 years ago, and my displacement from what that feels like makes me worry that I won’t be sensitive enough to what you’re going through. Another reason is that I believe in God, so I’m always in good company, and furthermore, know that “alone” is a frame of mind you allow yourself to be put in. But as detached as I assume to be, there’s one thing that I want you to visualize and embrace. While you’re in the process of finding that peaceful happy place, anchor yourself to things that pour value into you. What I learned from the break-up, and  other setbacks in life, is it’s important to keep moving forward. The new life can start off as simple as this: creating a new schedule, wherein you prioritize everything you want to learn, work on, and achieve. Romantic relationships are just one aspect of life, and there are a lot of other things in life you can find happiness in. As this road unfolds, you will look around and see new places, new faces, and the moment you finally do look into that rearview mirror, you’ll only be staring back at your sparkling set of eyes.
It hugely depends how much mentally strong you are and if you have the guts to forgive and forget. Here are a few tips that might help you in coming out of a past relation and be more positive towards life. Sometime the frustration and anger that is deeply thriving in you is the reason why you are struck in broken emotions. If you and your lover shared a common friend circle, it is better that you avoid those friends for a while. In case you feel that depression is taking its toll on your mental state and you are too stressed out, taking up professional help is a good idea. Finally, do not lose hope on love and keep a faith that future has lot of better things in store.  Every relation can’t end into marriage and it is matter of time that you realize it. Fashion is known to set eras that are characterized by realized and popularized fashion trends and fashion statements. A break up is not the end of the world, and instead of wallowing in self pity or burning with rage, you really should be working on moving on with your life after a break up. Click here to read the introduction: Life after a Break Up – Whose Fault is the Breakup? When we need to learn a hard lesson, and have taken things for granted, or have not been able to read a situation well enough, then life itself becomes the teacher. But, remember… A break up is not the end of the world and you can always move on after a break up! Look at all the things in your life that you had not focused on while you were in a relationship. You can lock yourself up and wait for the inevitable breakdown in your life, or you can move on after a break up into a better life.
Were they reasons caused by your ill will or did the other person in the relationship not really hold up their end of the deal.
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It’s something I’ve held onto for a while, and shared with people when given the opportunity. Allow the pendulum to swing, allow yourself to feel your feelings, but more importantly, allow yourself to let them go. You just need to take a moment and appreciate all the other great successes that’s happening. We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards. If you had loved someone truly and invested huge emotions in the relation, coming out of the breakup is not a very easy route. Somewhere down the line, you will see that you have reduced the amount of time that you spent on thinking about the breakup.
With a rebound relationship, you are just mixing two people in your life hoping to replace one for the other, which often becomes a huge mess. In case you and your ex have a common circle in social life, it is essential that you remain at least on talking terms. In the former case, stop taking interest in his personal life and avoid discussions surrounding your past relation, discourage your friends to put you in the bad situations where you have to give an answer.
Many ex couples have often been later seen as best friends but that can only happen when you and lover get rid of your mutual emotions completely. Well, strangely, when the student is ready, the master appeareth… thus goes an old Chinese proverb. Trust that there is a force much higher than yourself that is in control of it all, and that in time––at a pace that is unique to you––things will calmly, naturally find their middle ground. Gather all your strength to refuse to look in the rearview mirror, and keep your focus on getting to the next destination.
Break-ups aren’t bad, although the process seems like  forever; but they have this ironic way of moving you to a better phase of your life. You know what they say: happy and fulfilled people will radiate and attract the right persons for them. Arguments, anger, frustration, boredom accumulate and start showing up as cracks in the relation. Moving on doesn’t mean finding a new partner or letting your lover go, it simply means that you, as an individual, are out of the emotions that once meant everything to you. If you think you have done something wrong and your partner has just punished you for that, try to get over the guilt feeling at the earliest. Talking to people will give you a fresh idea about how you can rethink your life and decisions all over again. Sometimes in our lives we are confronted with a huge problem, after giving a considerable length of time after breaking up, just when we think we are over someone we find ourselves feeling as though we can't make it without our ex lover. You will see that you will respect yourself more and can handle all rumors and speculations from every corner, very bravely.
But one thing that you must avoid is going for a rebound relation as maximum relations in post breakup stages are very delicate and end very abruptly. When you return, just try to be as normal as possible and start things like they were before the breakup.

Ensure that you have accepted the break up in a positive way and accumulate the positive energies all over again. This is nature’s way of saying learn from the experience and see that it does not recur. Look at the other significant relationships in your personal life (siblings, parents, friends, colleagues). Start looking ahead, and planning for the other aspects of your life like your career, your health, etc.
And how would it be if you could understand to read people’s minds and help them back, instead of taking them for granted or getting annoyed with them? Yes it is true that at times people who we thought might never let us down, end up doing so, and sometimes those who we thought will love us and be there for us forever suddenly leave our lives. Sometimes you’ll be convinced you can do it on your own, and other times, you’re going to drop to your knees and scream silently for any type of contact––a text, a call––something, anything, to hold you down.
Try to enhance these, because some of these may have been neglected when you were high on love. Would you then be a better person, or would you instead continue being your old self and try another roll of the dice in the game of love?
Almost three months ago I found myself writing about moving on after a break up when the love of my life walked out on me without any warning. Reflect a little, and maybe you’ll realize that the reason you’ve been given permission to be “alone” is because it’s time to invest in yourself, and not somebody else. Renew yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Sometimes you just need to pour more love back into yourself to heal.
Focus not only on what was great about your relationship but remember that it is not what your relationship is anymore. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, but praying and connecting with your spirituality really does help. The thought of getting out into daylight is horrid and all you want is to crawl up again and die. Sleep feels like it makes everything easier because when you are asleep, you can forget for five minutes the reality of the situation. Do something for yourself that you’ve always wanted to do and get that blood pumping!
Remember that comfort foods (sugar, chocolate, ice-cream…Mmmmmm) will cause your blood sugar levels to peak, spike and drop which will make your moods roller coaster. Alcohol and other substances will only numb the pain briefly and again will make your moods swing like a yo yo!

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