Generally speaking, the guests at most weddings are going to consist of family members and close friends. Whilst it’s probably wise to steer clear of the dirty jokes and racy anecdotes, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun when making your speech. Follow our simple tips and this checklist and you’ll deliver a best man’s speech that both you and the bride and groom will be proud of. Pure Matte– From the nail chewer to the guy looking for a natural manicure, this nail varnish is formulated as a matte-finish nail protector for men. Pure Bling– From the nail chewer to the guy looking for a buffed manicure, this is a quick-drying satin-finish base or top coat that helps strengthen weak, bitten, or brittle nails. I normally do not care for matte finish polishes but Stand Out looks so amazing, I have to try it! You can find my designs, pictures, and videos here on my site & on my Polishpedia Youtube Channel. This design was particularly fun for me because I was able to use a bunch of new China Glaze Polishes that I had just purchased. So, remember that the groom’s mum probably doesn’t want to hear smutty stories about her son. No matter how tempting, you must resist the urge to tell that hilarious, but slightly risque story of when the groom first lost his virginity.

You’ve been chosen to be the best man because you know the groom better than anyone else in the world. The key to nailing the best man’s speech is to keep things ‘short and sweet’, and always leave them wanting more.
For the adventurous man, Pure Matte can be used to instantly transform your favorite nail paint from a glossy to matte finish when applied on top. Feedback is great & there’s nothing better compliments on your than getting hard work! I know this isn’t realistic for everyone, but even a regular mani on the weekend with some nail art is a chance to hone your skills!
Subscribe to SoNailicious Newsletter here to get our weekly email updates with the latest nail news, tutorials and nail care tips. You have to arrange a bachelor party, keep the groom calm, look after the wedding rings and write a speech. If a formal speech isn’t something you feel comfortable doing, then mix things up a bit and do it in your unique style. And it’s all those little anecdotes you have that are going to help transform your speech from ‘okay’ to ‘awesome’.
This varnish is formulated to add longevity and satin shine to any nail paint when used as a top coat.

Brie is located in Perth, Australia which is where she’s been running her business and painting her nails obsessively for the past year or so. You can be funny and tell personal stories without embarrassing anyone or making people feel uncomfortable.
But trust us, the groom’s parents and the bride herself aren’t going to see the funny side. And if they’re still laughing and clapping in the end, that just means that you’ve done your job properly. Maybe you could show both a female hand and a male hand and show how there is no difference as your product is the best.
But what we can do is help make your life just a little bit easier, by sharing some top tips on how to write and deliver the perfect best man’s speech. And travelled all the way to Texas to pick out luxury wedding rings in Houston from Whiteflash, so you don’t want to ruin things with a badly-timed dirty anecdote.

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