I believe in the power of prayer, and I think that praying for the people we love is so important, in our spiritual walk as well as those that we pray for.
I pray for Ronnie often, and though the specifics I pray for him about differ depending on what is going on in His and our life, I have found that I mostly pray for his walk with the Lord, I pray for his leadership, I pray for his obedience, and I pray for him to stand against temptations of the world. The way I pray for Ronnie has changed throughout our time we've been dating, as has the way we pray together as a couple.
You can tell your boyfriend you're praying for him if you want, and if you're comfortable, you can ask him how you can be praying for him. This is so true my boyfriend has the strong arms he has a sexy face and his hair curls a little bit and his eyes do shine like stars and they are so pretty and im so inlove with him.
Bless her lord because she’s my girl!my life my soul my breath my heartbeat my wife my everything!!! I Love this because im going to give this to my boyfriend and then he will know where his mind should be and his hands if he want to keep them. I wanted to get this post written before my boyfriend turned into my fiance, but it seems that I didn't get it posted quick enough! Back in March I wrote THIS post where I prayed for my boyfriend before his first big job interview.
Even though we're past the dating stage of our life I still pray for these things for Tyler. I feel so loved when someone prays for me, prays over me, or just shoots me a text or e-mail letting me know they are praying for me.
I also pray that I would demonstrate Christ's love to Him, that I would offer him grace, and that I would display the fruits of the spirit to Him.

Pray that he can be a man who doesn't fall for what the world says is okay, but for what God's word says. I wrote a very similar post to this last Summer (our #2s are almost exactly the same!!) and I think it's so important for those gals in a dating relationship to be praying for their man!!
Pray that the Lord is pursuing His heart, that your boyfriend is staying close to His loving voice, pray that He is desiring growth in his relationship and pursues closeness with the Lord.
Although you may not be married yet, pray that the Lord is growing your boyfriend in this area. You don't have to pray for him out loud in his presence, in fact, 9 times of out 10, I don't pray for Ronnie when I am actually with him.
Lol and I’m thinkin bout tellin him this weekened oR somethin I’m not suRe yet!
Also I need whoever wrote this to write another one cause my boyfriend loved the first one you made. Remember the the Bible tells us to not be unequally yoked, which means to not be on the same level spiritually as the person you are dating. I encourage you to pray for your boyfriend to have an obedient heart, to listen when God speaks, to move when God calls him to move.
I typically pray for him at night before I go to bed, or in the mornings when I do my devotionals and quiet time. The thing that I've seen that has changed the most is that I pray much more personal things.
You girls who are dating a man seriously, can see yourself marrying him someday, but just aren't to that season yet.

He should be your spiritual leader one day when you two are married, one who you trust and respect. No matter what God asks of us, whether its big or small, pray that your boyfriend is willing to follow Christ first and foremost.
As humans, we aren't perfect, and we need to be praying for protection and a sound mind and heart against sin. I am with him day in and day out and our relationship is much more intimate and so I know more specific things to pray for.
If so please share in the comments field below and we’ll see what our readers like most. Pray that he learns what it means to be a Godly leader before you two are married so he can lead you in the way Christ would desire when you are married. Although I am still very much single someday (ideally soon!) when I do have a boyfriend this is exactly the types of things I want to be able to pray for him.
Recently I had a lightbulb moment about some things I need to be praying for and focusing on, and I've seen a chance just in a short time.

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