One day I found my daughter Taryn with one end of a length of fishing line tied around a tooth and the other end tied around a door knob.  She was swinging the door shut only to have it violently jerk her head without affecting the tooth. Whether we are a leader trying to address the needs of our team members a parent dealing with adolescent trauma, or a follower of Christ trying to share our faith with others, it is essential that we know the question before we try to give the answers.   Listen, ask, and understand!  Only then can you respond. Too often we design programs and products and communication around what we think the question is before we investigate to find out what the real question is.
About Ken DavisKen Davis is one of the country's most sought after motivational and inspirational speakers. SpeakingKen speaks to audiences around the world including corporate events, local church events, community comedy concerts and more.
Hasten the arrival of the tooth fairy by giving a loose tooth some help when it just won't fall out on its own.

Serve corn on the cob with at least one meal a day to give loose front teeth a good work out. Some children may be scared it's going to be painful to have the tooth fall out, especially when it's hanging from their gums.
Pulling a tooth out, or getting it too fall out too quickly by loosening it can cause dental problems with the new tooth replacing it. Children generally lose their baby teeth, or primary teeth, in the order in which they come in. Sounds like your daughter was hard up for cash and was willing to go through pain to get it. His mixture of side-splitting humor and inspiration delights and enriches audiences of all ages.

Give the tooth a good work out through constant chewing, which helps the tooth to fall out on its own.
While it should pass without a problem, you could have a very unhappy child without a tooth for the toot fairy. Unfortunately it came too late for me.'I desperately needed a dentist because, although I'm no longer in pain, I need to have false teeth as I'm finding it difficult to eat.

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