With the holiday season coming up soon, it’s time for everyone to start making lists of what they want this holiday season.
Voice dictation can be a real life saver when your hands are busy (such as wearing gloves, or dirty hands).
With the Yosemite update for Mac OS, Apple gave their users the ability to reply and sent SMS messages from their computer, a feature that Mac users could already complete via iMessage.
For users who live in regions outside the US, SMS is usually too expensive to use as a primary source of communication, therefore they end up using other 3rd part messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, BBM etc. When Cortana replaced the default Bing search page, it replaced most of its features; but never gave users an alternative option to scan QR codes through her. Haptic feedback on a keyboard is one of those things you never think about until you realize it’s missing. Ali is a dental school graduate currently living in Amman, Jordan; born and raised in the US, a tech lover with a serious addiction to all things sweet.
One thing that I would like to see would be an Intel based phone that could run full Windows 10 with a dock that would enable the desktop version. For the first one, the voice recognition exist in Windows from Windows Vista (might have been present already within XP). What i’d like *if* Messaging Apps integrated into the People Hub, is for it to pull the Custom Sounds we can use for Contacts into the Messaging App. This is one of the most wanted requests on their own Uservoice Site (currently ignored for three years). How much better would it be if you set a custom colour to an App, or Person, and the LED lit up with that colour, and you could set options for it to briefly blink now and then for the next 30 minutes or so. Here’s how to enable the Text Message forwarding feature, so you can send and receive SMS and MMS messages on your Mac or iPad. The Text Message forwarding feature only works on a Mac running OS X Yosemite, using an iPhone running iOS 8.1 or later. Tap on Send & Receive and add an email address where you can be reached by iMessage in addition to the phone number.
You can now turn on the toggle for Text Message forwarding for devices such as your Mac, so they can send and receive text messages from these devices using your iPhone.
It will prompt you to enter the code shown on your Mac to allow iPhone text messages to also be sent and received on your Mac.
Enter the 6-digit code that is displayed on your Mac, in the popup message on your iPhone, and tap on Allow to complete the setup process. Let me know how it goes, and feel free to drop in a line in the comments if you’ve any questions or run into any issues. I think it should be worth noting that this only works when you have a cell connection on your phone. I can’t get the text message forwarding icon to come up on phone, did the send and receive email address thing and signed in and out of iCloud, any suggestions?
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Apple announced a slew of new features for the iPhone and iPad on September 9th, 2014, as well as new devices to take advantage of these new features, but that leads to the question of what is still missing? In the more than 7 years since the original iPhone launched, items and apps are still arranged on a grid home screen starting from the top left, going to the right, and then down to the next row. Android, on the other hand, offers complete customization of the way that you interact with your device. Instead of your apps just being placed hap-hazardly on your screen in the order that they are installed, Android has a menu button that keeps all your apps in alphabetical order (or depending on your launcher will let you arrange in the order installed, add folders, or show your apps in the order of the most-used). Along with the change in how my app icons are displayed on screen, I also would like Apple to allow me to duplicate app icons.
I am not suggesting that Apple copy the default structure of Google’s Android, but I am suggesting that a company known for design, do something so that we can get rid of all the clutter on the desktop, and have more control of the contents of the device.
I like that iOS 8 allows widgets in the notification center now, but why limit the widgets to just the pull-down menu? Even though with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we now have much more screen space, we cannot do anything new with that space. Anyone that has a child, knows that it is nearly impossible to not have your child use your iPhone or iPad.
With Android, Google has provided user profiles for certain tablets, but not in Android smartphones (some manufacturers have modified Android to include user profiles on phones, but the implementation is still not ideal).
My suggestion is that Apple allow password access to be set for each folder you create and each app that you install. Separate user profiles is one step that would make the device more secure, but it is also an idea that goes back to the desktop computer. I am happy that Apple is allowing more customization of keyboards, but allow third-party text messaging apps. If you have an Android phone, you have the option of installing any of dozens of different text-messaging apps that allow you to customize text messages to a way that makes the most sense for you. By opening up text-messaging to third-party developers, Apple could allow others to truly innovate in this area. While on the subject of text messaging, Apple, please allow me to send and receive text messages through my Windows desktop!
When Apple introduced iMessage, it allowed users with Macintosh computers to send and receive text messages through their desktop computer as well as their iPad.
With my Android phone, I have the option of installing one of many different apps that allow me to send and receive my text messages on any desktop, laptop or tablet as long as my phone has a data connection and the device that I want to send the message from has a data connection.

The reason that the ability text from my computer is important to me is that I feel unprofessional when I am pulling my cell phone out of my pocket to check text messages, but I do not feel the same way when accessing text messaging on my desktop computer.
I understand that Apple wants everyone to use an Apple product, but some business users will simply never have an option to switch from Windows. If Apple truly put users first, they would stop developing features for the iPhone and iPad that only work well if you are using a Macintosh. In Android, when you first click on any file or link that must launch a new application, you are provided with a list of applications that can handle the task you are attempting to complete. Apple has come a long way by introducing the option of customized keyboards, app extensions, and widgets in the Notification Center, now it needs to go that extra step and give us a fully-customizable home-screen, third-party text messaging apps, the option to set default apps for launching file types, and more control of text-messaging.
This post was written by Steven Butler. Steven is a full-time Delaware attorney that limits his practice to Social Security Disability. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ask Different is a question and answer site for power users of Apple hardware and software.
In this way you are not specifying if you are sending the text as an usual message or as an Apple iMessage.
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I selected to send SMS instead of iMessage to a contact once, and it won't switch back, Why?
Inside of a class, why `auto b() -> decltype(a()) {}` works, but `decltype(a()) b() {}` does not? Is it possible to have a research career while checking the proof of every theorem that you cite?
The new feature enables sending messages to non-iMessages users (sending to a phone number instead of an email address). Unfortunately Microsoft took a step back by removing the messaging sync from Windows Phone 7, meaning text messages were no longer backed up to your outlook account (for easy viewing), a damn shame. Smart Dialing uses T9 predictive text to input the first few letters of the contacts name, and quickly displays the contact; it circumvents the need to open the contact app first and search for a contacts name.
Instead to scan a QR code users now have to open the camera app, select Bing Vision from the list of available Lenses and scan the image.
As a previous Symbian user the lack of it always bothered me; the ability to type  message while your phone is on silent and still getting a physical response to your input is reassuring, and actually helps improve your typing accuracy. All the use of custom tones goes out the window if you have to use a Messaging App and everyone has the same default msg tone. It’s wanted because currently Windows Phone is very poor when it comes to external notifications. You should now be able to send and receive your iPhone text messages from your phone number on your Mac.
I really don’t expect people to be putting their iPhone in AirPlane mode, and then trying to send text messages from their Mac. All are using the gmail account I use for my Apple ID and I still do not have the text forwarding menu on my phone. The way we launch items on an iOS device has not changed since the first iPhone was launched in June 2007. There is no way to change the size of App Icons, hide App Icons, or even duplicate the App Icons if we want to use them in more than one folder.
There are completely different launchers that you can install that allow you to even make your device work like a Windows Phone, an iPhone, a Desktop computer, or even to filter your entire experience through Facebook.
If you want icons on your desktop, you are provided an option to automatically add them as an app is installed, or you can create them at any time on your own. When giving a presentation, I arrange all my icons on my desktop in the order that I plan to use the Apps for the presentation. This means that whenever you want to access a widget, you need to pull down the notification center and look at a crowded screen of your notifications, calendar and any widgets that you decide are important to you.
When I want to access that information, I simply swipe to the next home screen and my widgets are available in the order I want and customized to a size I am comfortable with. If Apple simply re-thought the user interface, and stopped trying to cram everything in the notification center or the control center (another place that few users even know is there), the iPhone would be so much more enjoyable to use.
Yes Apple has given us Restrictions and Guided Access, but those services both make the device harder to use for the primary user, and are hard to find even if you know they exist. Even with Google’s user profiles, some apps cannot be provided to other users, and the main user still has to login separately to change settings and manage the profiles. If provided granular control of which apps are password-protected, I can feel safe letting a third-person use my iPhone or iPad if I know that any app with confidential materials is behind a separate password. Since a smartphone is used differently than a desktop or laptop computer, it should be thought of differently when thinking about access control. With data security being such a huge concern, users need to feel safe allowing a third-person to touch their device, and this safety must be done in a simple way. In the past, I have Jail-Broke my iPhone simply so I could install a different text-messaging application.
Since so many people rely on text messages more than cell phone calls now, the text messaging app and functionality is the most important thing to many people, but this is an area that has changed little for Apple in 7 years of producing phones.
With the introduction of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, Apple now allows Macintosh users to go even further and send and receive any text message from their desktop or laptop computer.
Even though some of the time I am sending or receiving text messages for personal reasons, my cell phone is primarily a business tool, and texting has become an important part of my job.

With PC sales declining each year, Macintosh is not even a huge business for Apple anymore. Even if Apple doesn’t want to spend additional money developing for Windows, at least add this functionality to iCloud through a web interface. However, you are sometimes stuck having Apple’s built-in apps launch instead of your own as you attempt to do certain things. You can click on a box to set your favorite app as the default application, or you can have that list pop-up every time you launch this type of app.
If you are concerned that using third-party apps will degrade the experience, give clear warnings when another app is selected as the default.
If these features are made available in a Winter or Spring release, they would go a long way to making the iPhone a true competitor to Android for power users. Smart dialing can also be used to narrow down a phone number; start dialing the number and the dialer will automatically suggest he nearest number found in your contact list. If you want to keep them active, visit the Widgets page in your WordPress Dashboard to add some of your own widgets to this area. Note that the email address should be the same as the iCloud account (the one you’ve used to sign into iCloud on your Mac). Yes you can limit the number of icons on a page by moving some icons over to the next page, but this is just not enough control. App Icon’s can be placed on any empty space on a home screen, and it is no problem if you want to leave gaps so that you can see your background through your App icons. But to do this now, I must take them out of the arrangement that I previously created and move them back when I am done (anyone that has seen one of my presentations knows that I have over 200 apps installed on my iPad, but I have all of them within folders using only one home screen).
The notification center was supposed to be a simple way to see things quickly, but is becoming crowded with too much stuff in a limited display area. If you use restrictions, it limits how you can use your device, and requires a password for just about everything you do. With Guided Access, you can only give another person access to one app at a time, and if they want to use a different app, it takes your interaction to switch apps and lock the device in guided access mode again.
Google has promised refinements to user profiles in the next version of the Android Operating System, but it is still unknown exactly how that will work.
Most importantly, this would also allow me to put a second layer of protection over the most important asset on my phone, which is my email account. The main difference with my smartphone, is that even when I am letting another person use it, I want to be able to immediately take it out of their hands and have access to all my information.
It has never made sense to me that you have to leave the app that you are in so that you can respond to a text message.
Once this text messaging client is installed, you no longer have to use Apple’s built-in messaging app. Although these features where made available for Mac users, no mention has been made of the huge market of business users that are stuck on Windows machines. Sure I could use something like Google Voice to accomplish what I want, but since Android can do this with third-party apps, and Apple can do this on Macintosh, there is no good reason to not do this for an iPhone user stuck with a Windows machine at work or home. Most annoying for me is that Safari launches whenever I click a link in email, text messages, or most applications.
Include these options within a settings panel, and provide an option to restore to defaults, but don’t limit usability for power users to protect less sophisticated users. Give users who love your hardware a reason to not even consider switching to an Android device. Now go back to the previous Settings screen, and you should see the Text Message Forwarding option.
All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. On my Android tablet, I am able to copy the icons to another screen just for my presentation, and then delete them when I am done, without removing them from any of my previously created folders. There is no reason that Apple (and Google) shouldn’t find a solution to allow me to use a different password to view my email account, even when my device is already unlocked.
With TouchID, Apple could even give us a new settings panel that would allow you to set which apps can be used based on the individual’s finger print using the device at that moment. Luckily, in iOS 8, Apple has fixed that (if you hit reply, you can now respond within the pop-up notification).
BiteSMS lets you customize colors based on different contacts, include an image of a person when you receive a text notification, and use a gesture to launch BiteSMS to create a new text message from any screen.
This simply feels like Apple punishing users that are spending a lot of money on their products simply because they are unable to use only Apple products. Although Safari can usually get the job done, I am a Chrome user on all my desktop computers and mobile devices.
Also ensure that your iPhone’s phone number is ticked and iCloud email address is also selected. I hate how difficult Apple makes it for me to continue to use Chrome as my primary web-browser on my iPhone and iPad. If your iCloud email address is not there in the list, then click on the + button to add it.

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