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With the internet taking over traditional methods of communication, like actually talking to someone on the phone, VoIP and data services are becoming the way that we consumers choose to communicate.
People love to text, and apps like Facebook Messenger simulate that style of communication via the web.
In Finland every SMS messages(If you pay per SMS 6,9c or have different plans like 5000 SMS + 50h talk + 5000 MMS=39,90€, If I remember right) go to ANY country with no extra fee. Facebook need to sort out their own damn app first before wasting time on other projects, besides nothing in this world is free, they’ll demand your soul in return for a text to your mom! Sounds good but can’t help but feel that it will become a spam fest for marketing activity.
There are numerous services on the internet that allows you to send and receive text messages from your computer or laptop.
The free text messaging websites that send messages to a mobile phone allows you to enter a destination mobile number, will ask you to select the provider and type your message.
You will have an anonymous freedom when you send a text message without the need of having a cell phone.
Whenever you opt to send mass SMS, just click the preferred group, type message and click send button. Text messaging on a PC is great, especially when you sit in front of your PC and intends to communicate with your loved one. If you know your friend’s mobile and the cell phone provider you can deliver your text message with perfect ease. When you text through a free SMS website, you need to register so that you can receive replies. There are ways to send and receive messages with the help of Google Voice without being familiar with the recipient’s carrier. Pocket PC to Mobile Text Messaging Software is an instant message broadcasting application to send bulk or group sms directly from Windows compatible Pocket PC to single or group of people mobile phones in an easy and convenient way.
Free text message delivering tool enhances business marketing strategies by making easy contact with clients and sending official sms related to Business meetings, Reminders and Events, Sales promotions, Product launches, Market research campaigns, Confirmations of orders, Appointments and Delivery times etc. Directly delivers mass SMS or text messages from pocket PC to user`s mobile phone devices at any domestic or international mobile network in a few seconds.

Profitable tool for Business enterprises, Marketers, Advertising agencies, Telecom sectors, Professional services and various Government bodies. Smoothly works with all Windows compatible pocket PC mobile phones series of all major brands like Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC Touch Pro, Palm Treo, O2, Motorola, Velocity, Spice, Toshiba, LG, Nokia, Asus, Gigabyte, HP, Verizon, T-Mobile, E-Ten, MWG Zinc and many more. Save time as well as money on making unnecessary and costly phone calls and helps in building healthy customer relationship. Like Netflix is doing now with future proofing their business, Facebook is jumping the curb and trying to get ahead of the game.
Make it free to all like email and all pf a sudden your inbox will become full of unsolicited crap. Texting throughout most of Europe is much cheaper, which is why texting has been more popular there for some time. After entry of the same, you will be asked to select the service provider and type a brief message.
When your friend replies your text the message will straightly go to your emails in the box, but a longer email will be broken into multiple messages. While searching the web you may notice numerous free unlimited websites that allows free texting internationally. This software has the option to choose a brand new number without any charge or uses your existing number.
Nowadays everybody loves to send and receive messages in their laptop as it is quite easy to send messages especially when you are at work. Sending and receiving messages through websites have become free especially while sending bulk messages. Bulk sms sending program provides straightforward way to deliver multiple sms from pocket PC to all GSM, CDMA mobile phones in the easiest way. Group sms sending software helps user to keep in touch with family members, friends, relatives and other residing at different parts of the world using any mobile service network.Easiest bulk sms sending software smoothly works with all Windows compatible pocket PC and PDA mobile devices like Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, Samsung i200, HTC Touch Pro, Palm Treo 500, O2 Hda Orbit II, Samsung SCH-740 etc. I know, since I subscribe to the very same plan and pay for EVERY SMS and EVERY MMS sent internationally.
4 of us w smart phone pay a total of $55 a month each w 2gbs of data the fourth just 30 because regular phone no data. Some websites will not allow you to send more than a preset number of text messages without registrations. Most teens master the keyboards fast by adapting rapid texting and now SMS has become popular among the teens.

It helps you to keep your phone in your pocket and text the contents of your heart at perfectly no charge. In some cases, you may not be able to receive replies on the website, and then you will have to provide your email address to receive the response. You need not pull out your mobile from your pocket and type messages using its humble keypad.
Mass sms delivering utility is capable to broadcast text messages in any Unicode language with no need of any internet connection, thus user does not have to rely on internet sms gateway.
Windows mobile message synchronization facilitates users to enter recipient contact number manually, loads from any contact file or import from phone book entries. When you text a message, every time you have to pull out your mobile phone and use force on its tiny keyboard. Some others will ask you to join and receive free credits towards their initial texting account. Besides; your laptop has a large screen and a physical keyboard to type your message with ease. Instant text messaging software has user friendly graphical interface and delivers sms globally to any national or international mobile networks. I think people are more and more texting (in some manner) more than actually talking on their phone these days for more reasons than price, so I suspect it to become a more even playing field for both fairly soon. Besides text messaging from your mobile requires more time and is not that much convenient while thinking about sending and receiving messages from your laptop or computer.
So you have to select the best website that allows you to send text messages from PC to mobile for free.
The Text messaging application has billions of users and most of the mobile phone subscribers are sending and receiving messages. But, for now, yes, your texts are cheaper, but our voice time is much, much, much, much cheaper.

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