You may sometimes to to send the same SMS message to your friends or group with your iPhone. We have found some great alternatives that allows users to send Free text messages to phone numbers over Wi-Fi or 3G without racking up texting charges.
These apps also take advantage of the large screen of the iPad making sending and receiving text messages easier than ever. All of them have been updated for iOS 5, so you can configure how you want to receive notifications in the notification center.
After downloading the TextFree app, it only takes a few minutes to get your account set up and get your free phone number that can be used for sending and receiving text messages. The TextFree interface on the iPad is clean and simple with only one ad at bottom of the screen.
TextPlus is a popular iOS app that allows users to send free text, picture messages and voice notes with a few additional features.
The app has a Communities section where users can start a community on any topic with friends or make it public and anyone can join it. TextMe has a nice interface that makes sending and receiving texts, pictures, videos and voice messages simple on the iPad. With TextMe, users can create Groups to send text messages to multiple people at the same time. Since your iPhone is relaying the messages, it needs to be on and connected to a cellular network.
Just because you’re on your iPad doesn’t mean you have to miss out on text-based conversations.

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Whenever you need some time to kill, and want to cheer yourself our your friends up - this App is just perfect for you! This tutorial shows you how to Send bulk or mass sms to more than one person from your iPhone.
Enter the name or number of first recipient in the "To" field, after that tap the "+" sign to continue adding more recipients either by their number of by the contacts list on your iPhone contact list. Though there are other apps which can help you to send bulk SMS or group SMS from your iPhone, its recommended to use the inbuilt feature of your iPhone. Pinger’s website also offers a Web interface for the TextFree service where you can not only send text and pictures but view any messages from the past 72 hours. The store also gives you the option to choose a different phone number and purchase sound packs.
Download the app, enter the required information, you will get a free phone number and you’re ready to start sending and receiving text messages. The messages can be sent to any mobile phone number in United States, Canada, Mexico, China and more than 40 countries in the World for Free. If you are looking for more social features integrated in a text messaging app, TextPlus would be the best choice. Even though you’re on your iPad, people will see those messages as if they were on your iPhone. If you want to send text messages from your computer and your other iOS devices, you will want to go with TextFree.

In iOS 5.0 and later versions, the group messaging feature feature is automatically activated.
My personal favorite is TextMe just because of the nice user interface on the iPad and how well the service works. You might have a data connection, but unless your phone has a cellular collection, you won’t have the relaying. If you use your data connection and have a data cap, messaging will count in your data plan not your texting plan. When you get a text message to your Google Voice number, you can respond from the app or from an email. I don’t like this option with yet another phone number; that’s why I prefer keeping it within Google Voice. Augment it with an iPad Pro Wish-list Fixing Apple News: Make it a system-level service in iOS 10 Enter this contest! Live transcript: Apple Q2 2016 Financials AirPlay everything What if Apple made an Apple TV Express streaming stick?

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