Girl friends, ancient ore spawn, uranium and titanium, ultimate swords, ultimate armor, ultimate bow, eye of ender blocks, popcorn, critter cages, lava eel armor, enderpearl blocks, the ultimate fishing rod, magic apples, strawberry plants, fire fish, apple cows, miner’s dream. There is also a huge amount of new items, armor, and weapons, often made of materials from the new mobs and blocks found around the world. The new zoos added in the OreSpawn Mod, use these to have a steady supply of ants and termites, or other animals. Yep, 5 new dimensions, all easily accessible, provided you can find the right insects to transport you to them. The mining dimension, where lavafalls meet waterfalls above ground, also, there is dinosaurs. Important: this is a Forge mod, and as such, requires Minecraft Forge in order to function.
The Mining Dimension, accessible by finding and right-clicking a red ant, this dimension is slightly deadly, but full of good and precious blocks found in the ground. The Village Dimension, accessible by finding and right-clicking a rainbow ant, calm and serene by day, this dimension allows you to find and loot several villages easily, but take care when nightfall hits, because then the villages will get attacked… by robots!
This is also where Mobzilla spawns, and if you can’t guess it from his name, Mobzilla is big, deadly, and nasty, so take care!

The Danger Dimension, accessible by finding and right-clicking a unstable ant, living up to its name, the Danger Dimension is pretty dangerous, full of deadly creatures and mobs. That was a quick rundown of the new dimensions, but for more info about everything in this mod, as well as guides, gallery, help and everything else, check out the mods official website. That should be all, you should now be ready for a completely new Minecraft experience, enjoy the OreSpawn Mod and take care! By the way, it looks amazing, the glass panes and the doors make it really seem realistic, making it more so beautiful. No longer do you have to mine for long periods of time just to get obsidian, all these new dimensions are all accesible by finding and right-clicking insects found around the world. Be especially careful around termites if you are fond of building wooden structures, as they will destroy them in small period of time.
This world is what is says, a utopia, where no hostile mobs are found… At least, above ground. NOTE: No overworld items are allowed in this dimension, so empty your inventory before travelling here. Hello Minecrafters, This mod allows you to capture creatures, have boos battles, make new and exciting armour and all round have the best time ever on minecraft.

Did you use Chunky or something else because I noticed there is some sampling noise still there. It is full of beautiful trees, cows, gazelles and chipmunks, all running around peacefully. Be sure to have plenty of healing items, good armor, and deadly weapons before trying your luck in this dimension. The most visually distinct dimension, the Crystal Dimension is unique and pretty, and deadly and night and underground.
Here you will find the world mostly flat, populated by beautiful, and extremely large, trees in various shapes and forms, some even reaching the clouds. The mod also adds mobs like the Kraken, uranium and Titanium, Ultimate Swords, Ultimate Armor, Ultimate Bow, Eye of Ender Blocks, Magic Apples, strawberry Plants, Fire Fish, Emperor Scorpions, Butterflies, Girlfriend, Dragons and much more.

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