There are certain things that you need to tell your partner if you believe that your relationship is going to last.
It has been claimed that a large percentage of the married population has cheated on their partners. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (also known as STIs) are escalating in recent years and once you have them they can be very difficult to get rid of them. A large number of people have children from a previous relationship, and many new relationships become what is known as ‘blended families’. If you are adamant that you don’t want children in the future, then this should also be made upfront to your partner. Relationships can take a lot of hard work to remain strong, but if you want it to survive then there are certain things you need to tell your partner. We cover everything from technology product reviews, to international travel advice, to health and fitness tips. Leading a healthy, happy lifestyle is important if you want to be around for your loved ones for many years.
A new Spanish designed hi-tech mattress can report to your smartphone the activity of those in your bed, giving suspicious partners the ultimate spy tool. Do you think your partner might be taking advantage of your trips away in order to play the field?
Spanish manufacturers Durmet have created a mattress that keeps a 24-hour watch on activity on your bed and feeds the data back to an app on your phone.
The company promises complete confidentiality, which is crucial for this kind of detective work, and a five-year guarantee that the mattress will update you on all the goings on in your bedroom. The smart mattress will retail at £1,200, which is a little on the pricey side for a mattress, but for anyone keen to turn their place into the Big Brother house that may well seem like a bargain.

It may of course prompt a somewhat awkward confrontation when you present your cheating partner with evidence that they have been fooling around, based on your MI5-like efforts. Ask The Big Question: Would you buy a Smartress if you thought your partner was cheating on you? Drop This Fact: Married dating website Illicit Encounters are buying a private island where their adulterous members can cheat.
Although some would say there are certain things that you should keep to yourself, no relationship is going to stand the test of time if you lie about particular things. So many people have lied to their partners, only for their significant others to find these secrets out and leave them hanging out to dry. OK, it is not a nice thing to listen to your beloved going on and on about their ex, and certain details do not have to be aired out, but you do need to tell your partner about the significant relationships in your past. Although it is not a very nice thing to discuss with a new partner, if you have cheated in your previous relationship and this was what caused the relationship to end, then be upfront with them. If you know, or think you may have a sexually transmitted disease, then you need to tell your partner this before you have any kind of sexual contact. OK, you should never ever be in a relationship just to profit from it financially, but it is important that you are honest about your money situation.
If so, don’t worry about confronting them or anything ridiculous like that, because a smart mattress will go undercover (quite literally) to find out if they are cheating. You need to come clean about your infidelity now because sooner or later it will be discovered and there could be heated arguments.
There are certain STDs that are easily treated with medicine from your doctors, but there are a number which have no cures. For those finding out that their partner has children from a previous relationship months after meeting, it can be hurtful, discontenting and alarming.

If one person wants children and the other one doesn’t, then it could cause a lot of issues.
Many marriages have ended in divorce simply because one partner wasn’t honest about their situation. Our health and fitness tips are designed to be easily incorporated into your everyday routine. For those who have just got out of a marriage and met someone special, you should be honest about your situation.
It could lead to couples getting in heated fights about why they were not told the truth and could also lead to trust issues in the relationship. Our international travel advice will make preparing for your next vacation abroad a breeze. OK, you don’t have to discuss all the gory details as to why the relationship ended, but you should tell your new partner the basics at least. If there is even the slightest possibility that you may end up working things out with your ex, you should be very clear in this.
This will allow your new partner to really think if they want to invest time in a relationship with you.
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