Ascendant, read the Weekly Horoscope for that Sign too - it may be more accurate than this Sun Sign horoscope, although both will apply to the issues and events coming up in your own life. The Sun Sign horoscope applies more to deeper things such as your character, integrity, and beliefs about who and what you are, and how you make important decisions in life, while the Ascendant Sign horoscope applies to more to how things appear on the surface or affect how you "see yourself" and how you appear to others. People often refer to an astrological forecast such as this one - or to the Sun Sign columns in the newspapers and magazines - as a "horoscope". If the instant in time mapped by the horoscope is the time of birth of an individual, then THAT horoscope is called a "natal horoscope" or "natal chart" or "birth chart". You can see how complex a FULL reading of the horoscope can be, compared to the few lines in a newspaper horoscope column, or to the general Sun Sign horoscope forecast on this page. This particular weekly horoscope forecast simply looks at what House of the birth horoscope the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are presently "transiting" (i.e.
Note that it is the issues or themes which the horoscope indicates, and you should always look behind an event to see if it is just one of the possible forms in which a certain issue or theme may manifest. It is still YOUR issue too, even if it appears not to be "happening TO you", and you should take a close look at how this issue could have some particular meaning for YOU.
There are no coincidences - if an issue is coming up "in your face" it is because you need to take a good look at it!
If the transiting Planets in your horoscope indicate that an issue is coming up now, it is because now is the best time for you to face it and make some new choices about it this time. It may help to understand that "pain is feed-back", or: "If it hurts, then you are doing it wrong".
The pain is just a way of telling you that it was a mistake to try to fly without allowing air pressure to lift you the way the birds do.
A person's current strategies for dealing with those issues are indicated by the Sign the transiting Planet is in now.
Depending on your actual time of birth, the date ranges given in the weekly forecast would shift somewhat - they would be earlier if born later. Michael Star's horoscope forecasts, personal readings, and birth charts can be ordered on-line and emailed to you within 24 hours, for a fee ranging from $5 to $30.

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