If you are wondering about how to attract a Capricorn female, than there are some important female Capricorn characteristics you should know about in order to assist you.
One of the biggest don't's on how not to seduce a Capricorn woman is NOT to confess your love for them right away.
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Comments: I would like to meet a kind, understanding, sincere man who values me for the person I am.
Being dressed in a uniform, nice suit or sharp looking clothing is a definite eye pleaser and makes a good first impression.
You can mention that you enjoy her company or that you feel that you know her but, don't push the topic to quickly or you will turn her off.

A sharp dressed, sharp minded individual who can see the value in things will keep their attention. Keeping a close eye on detail, the Capricorn likes her mate to look presentable and respectable.
Light teasing and play can be a good way to collect brownie points, just don't take things too far. Capricorns keep feelings inside and it takes them time before they can open up about it on the outside. Don't waste your time with stories of wealth or conquests, she is attracted to actions rather than words. A type of Father figure or provider of security seems to be the first choice for a suitable mate.

Although they may seem shy to flirting at first, you will surely get her attention if you can show both a playful and serious side. They believe nothing of what they hear and half of what they see, so you better be practice what you preach in order to stay in her good books.
The use of creativity, practicality, humor and intellectual conversation would be a good way to break the ice.

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