Capricorn prides itself on taking lie seriously, and making the most of every moment.Gemini is a trickster, ruled by Mercury, and is mercurial -- witty, changeable, jokey. Their badly matched mindsets leads to more than just awkward conversations -- both feel that the other is on a different wavelength.If the dating goes on beyond this point, there are likely other compatible planets at play. And to Gemini, a cool, unresponsive Cappy can make them feel judged.When love chemistry is there, Capricorn is drawn out by the Gemini social ease.

Both are witty social observers, and could find common ground on what's absurd, preposterous. Capricorn can be a wordly adviser to Gemini, helping them channel their gifts in tangible ways.Different WorldsSometimes the personality clash in this pairing goes deeper, with Capricorn a traditionalist at heart, and Gemini the free spirit.
Capricorn sees nothing to build on in the changeable outlook and lifestyle of Gemini.If a relationship takes hold, Capricorn can fall into the authority figure role, with Gemini the unruly child.

A Gemini who has sampled the buffet of life enough to know what they want, is loyal and devoted.

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