If your life path, you will meet a man-Pisces, then you are lucky enough to get acquainted with the person of the mysterious and unpredictable. Related Poststhe nature of women Pisceswomen piscesPisces zodiac woman 2015Horoscope February 2013. When Leo man and Pisces woman decides to be together they will show lot of patience and trust in their partner. Leo man and Pisces woman relationship will build on the strong base of patience and understanding. She is ultra feminine, often curvy and tends to wear veil-like clothing, layers, scarves and billowing blouses. Pisces is a sign of sacrifice, and she can easily fall in with a dark character, just knowing he or she is good deep down.
If you encounter an instance of the so-called male rod, so this gentleman will certainly never forget.
Rather, it is caused by the weakness of the attraction of the male Pisces, but he never himself will not admit it. They both have different characteristics and love requirements thus sincere efforts from both the sides are needed to be in this relationship. Leo man needs his freedom to work and succeed while Pisces woman seeks her space to hide her insecurities.
Leo man often has fears of losing his domination and lover but when he finds calm and adaptive nature of Pisces woman he calms down.
Pisces women are said to be quintessential examples of femininity, possessing entrancing and beguiling natures. According to astrologists, a Pisces woman is an emotional dreamer who can sometimes feel lost in the fast-paced modern world. I know many Pisces women that wear large hoop earrings, and often change their look with hats and mutable hair style and color.It takes time to win the heart of the Pisces woman.
That is true, of course, but the Pisces woman may learn the hard way that trying to save drowning people, takes her under too.Knowing the SelfHer nature is fluid and changeable, which makes it hard to feel a definite sense of self. It must be different elegance and beauty, decorated with candles and a fan of your favorite dishes.
According to astrologists, they entice men because they are soft, supple, agreeable and quiet.

Be her knight in shining armor, offer her strength and stability so she can feel safe as she indulges in her dreaming.
Yes, she'll likely love poetry and roses, but astrologists say the best way to melt her heart is to show you know and understand her. Show her you know her, with gifts or gestures that are unique to what’s been on her mind and heart.
As the man-Pisces likes to talk on the topic of culture, literature, or anything else, get ready to keep the conversation going. She wants to maintain peace in their relationship thus she will do whatever Leo man would tell her to do. There will always be some mysteries in this relationship which will make both of them remain close to each other. Thoughtful gifts that speak to her need to be loved and understood completely will help you win her heart. Astrologists also say that Pisces women can be easily wounded by even the slightest hint of rejection and need a partner who is accepting and always mindful of his words. If she looks different each time, this hints at a theatrical nature that moves easily into this or that persona.The right lover will be at ease with this chameleon-like quality, and be bewitched by it. This lets her know that you honor her journey, as one of being in two worlds (the natural and the supernatural), each as real as the other.Enchant her with tickets to a whimsical theatrical production, or bands she’s in to. Life with him is like pernicious habit: harmful to health, but almost impossible to refuse. Be able to prove to him his ability to cope with the problems, then your man is not afraid to turn to you for help.
Play the role: posoprotivlyatsya convergence, allow yourself to flirt with other members of the opposite sex.
After a wonderful dinner including soft music, invite your man to dance, poshepchite his ear sweet words and everything goes in skazke.I so understand how to please a man toPisces, rather easily. They both should be sure that they want to be in this relationship because this relationship can’t be established forcefully. Pisces is the most compassionate of the Zodiac signs, and Pisces women are said to be good listeners who are drawn to poets, artists and dreamers. There’s an infinite nature there to discover over time, so meeting her is the beginning of a fantastic voyage.Sensitive SoulShe can seem shy, but that is her protection from opening her sensitive heart too soon.

It touches his male ego, and he will seek your location, falling in love with you more and more.
Her positive and understanding nature can show her road to success but she often becomes moody and everything seems to be blocked right away. He wants to be loved and admired by his lover and can become miserable if not received proper attention.
She let’s her guard down in cloistered, serene places with a touch of etheric ambiance.The ocean-sized eyes of Pisces let you know this is no ordinary woman.
He generally has friendly nature but those people who try to go against him can make him angry.
She will like the affection and care shown by Leo man but his over-protective nature can also disturb her. She should stick to her supportive role and let him handle all the things in their relationship. But if you have what it takes, she is a devoted, forgiving mate that never gives up on anyone. Leo man will have to take care not pressurize Pisces woman otherwise she may remove herself from this relationship. She will have to adjust with such nature of Leo man otherwise it can get difficult for both of them.
A kind, sincere heart is a real draw, because then she can feel safe to consider you part of her refuge from a noisy, harsh world.Oceans of LoveAs a water sign, she’s an emotional creature, and needs more solitude than most, to ride out the waves. If you love her, you’ll stand guard over her need to retreat, daydream, spend hours making art, or listening to music.The Pisces woman is a natural artist, as someone who sees meaning in the most mundane situations. Pay attention to what fascinates her, and nourish that with thoughtful gifts, like a carefully selected mix for her iPod, for different moods.One Pisces I know makes her own jewelry and another takes pictures of nature, with the intent of catching nature spirits. See how you can support whatever they’re doing, to build confidence, to share their exquisite talents with the world.

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