TweetMahindra & Mahindra is a business part of Mahindra Group as an India based multinational Automotive Company. The new revised & more power equipped Mahindra Scorpio EX has a very powerful 2523 cc M2 DiCR Diesel engine with turbo charged fuel injection technology.
Mahindra Scorpio EX Price in India – The Mahindra Scorpio EX is now available with a price tag of Rs 721000 (Approx) in India.
View My Garage Mahindra Scorpio EX - TD & First impressions Despite news reports on the lauch of the Mahindra Scorpio EX variant with a reduced price tag, one could hardly find much information on the same on the net.
I made my way to the local Mahindra dealer, here in Bangalore to check out the vehicle which was proclaimed to return high FE figures, and was also priced much lower than the LX, which was till now the lowest BS !V complaint variant.
At first glance, the EX greatly resembles the LX variant, owing to the lack of body cladding, and the lack of wheelcaps and foglamps as standard.
Look again, and you also notice Mahindra has done away with the roof rails and also the rear spolier!
What has been added are new badging announcing that this vehicle is powered by the M2DiCR (?!) engine. If you were yet to tide over this, you soon notice the presence of window winders and empty space on the center console where the power window switches were usually present.
Look further, and those familar with Scorpios would notice the omission of the 12V socket for the rear seat passengers. With the ignition cranked, the noise intrusion into the cabin is not much, and neither are the vibrations.
Slot the vehicle and get it on the road, and you are hard pressed to notice the difference in the lnitial gears, as compared to the 2.2 MHawk. With the speedo disconnected, i was unable to make out the speed i was cruising along, but beyond a certain stage, there didnt seem to be any increase in acceleration despite going full throttle. With the EX variant, Mahindra has managed to undercut the Safari's base version by close to INR 80k (ex-showroom, Bangalore). Owing to the points mentioned above, the Scorpio EX presents a case for itself for the SUV experience, despite being stripped of features, some of which are considered as rather basic in today's world. With a 40,000 INR price difference (ex-showroom) over the EX, the LX seems to be a better option for those with the budget looking to buy a Scorpio base variant.
View My Garage Re: Mahindra Scorpio EX - TD & First impressions Thanks for the pics and an excellent review, benbsb29!
Originally Posted by benbsb29 With the EX variant, Mahindra has managed to undercut the Safari's base version by close to INR 80k (ex-showroom, Bangalore). Originally Posted by benbsb29 With a 40,000 INR price difference (ex-showroom) over the EX, the LX seems to be a better option for those with the budget looking to buy a Scorpio base variant. Originally Posted by musicmanaman I think the price should be another 40-50k less, however if Mahindra do that, it'll kill the Bolera for sure.
View My Garage Re: Mahindra Scorpio EX - TD & First impressions Damn, and I thought my Jeep was slow! Re: Mahindra Scorpio EX - TD & First impressions How's the long term reliability of M2Dicr engine?
Also Body colored bumpers are a must, otherwise the ones using for personal use risk being flagged at almost every check point, due to taxi image.
Guess the sales of Thar have taught Mahindra that there's a market for bare-bone vehicles too. The rear AC could not face the M&M eco-butcher's knife as the taxi driver will get all the air from the air-con, leaving the passenger who's paying for his or her trip fuming. And at the M&M authorised service stations, more than 70% of those at the customer's waiting lounge are drivers and now the figure may surpass that. Originally Posted by getsurya as stated earlier surely for the cab segment or for tight purse strings yet need to lay hands upon an 'SUV'.

I plan on checking out the EX once again, this time with a GPS device probably to check the speed in case speedo is disconnected. Originally Posted by VeluM 80k is a significant difference, but I think the Safari LX offers much more of the basic features that make buying a 9L (OTR) SUV seem worth it. A 40K difference is not significant, and someone intending to buy a Scorpio would (IMHO) feel that it is worth putting in that little bit more to get a significantly better engine, a better looking vehicle (not tiny looking wheels and a bare basic body), and a few creature comforts more. About the 40k price difference to the LX, lets not forget that this is only on the ex-showroom price. Originally Posted by vid6639 If you pay 40K more you get the mHawk as well as some basic features more. As for the Bolero, i was told it is so much in demand that they do not even have a demo vehicle.
Originally Posted by scorpio_fan Presence of "Micro Hybrid" and absence of basic features like power windows, central locking is interesting! In my opinion EX should have had power windows other than Micro Hybrid - that would have valued by some one at least. The rear spoiler is gone and the brake light is fitted inside the rear windscreen which is less visible as compared to ones on the spoiler. Originally Posted by akshay4587 Just a Clarification,M2DI had microhybrid,so this is why you have it on EX.
Since you'd mentioned seeing M2Dis clicking some good speeds on the highway, do you know what the top speed is like?
Originally Posted by AWD Actually the M2di must have been ~63bhp's, that ways this 75 bhp is a step-up. You should see these DI engines performing in himalayas,even on full load,they effortlessly climb steep inclines. 2) M2di engines can propel Scorpios and Boleros to 120, but you have to juice the engine for it.
Originally Posted by Off Roadie 1) The Micro Hybrid is an option across the entire range and costs a few thousand extra. Re: Mahindra Scorpio EX - TD & First impressions Thanks for the crisp to-the-point review benny! Originally Posted by Off Roadie That is strange, the dealer in Mumbai had told me that it was optional across the variants.
Mahindra & Mahindra launched a number of vehicles in India under a brand tittle Mahindra.
A maximum power of 75 PS can be achieved with a top speed of 150 kmph & 14 kmpl millage. Those familar with Mahindra's naming conventions would decode the M2Di and CR from the same. Despite this being powered by a tweaked Bolero engine, the NVH is pretty much on par with the 2.2's, which is a relief. Being offered a chance to try this on a highway, it was now pretty obvious that you were beginning to miss the forsaken BHPs. It seemed the engine was now quite content with what it had acheived, lumbering along at 2500 RPM on the tacho. Priced well, it enjoys great acceptance even today owing to the demand from the rural areas, and also those looking at a rugged vehicle to tackle city roads (or the lack of it!). This brings value to those looking at a more modern platform over the Bolero, while also attempting to do its bit to keep Mahindra's cash registers ticking over that of its competitors.
The LX comes with the 2.2 MHawk engine, power windows, roof rails, spolier etc, which are not present on the EX.
For me this version of Scorpio without roof rails and rear spoiler looks muscular and better than the current LX.

As you mentioned, there was nothing in the news or internet except for the generic press release, and I wanted to know what exactly Mahindra had done (apart from the engine downgrade) to bring down the price.
Also, unless there is a very significant difference in the FE figures, it will not be a hit with the cabbies as well. I think LX still holds a better position because atleast we get 2.2 MHawk engine with power windows, central locking immobilizer etc. That may help them create a world record, wherein the base version comes at half the price of the highest version. When taking the on-road price into account, there is almost half a lakh of difference in price. These are used by politicians to move around, standing on the foot board and clinging onto the roof rails.The EX hence is unfit for politicians!
The logic is that taxi drivers hardly apply brakes and so why the spoiler and better visible brake lights? Considering the atrocius taxes we pay in Bangalore, it would make sense to go for the higher models than compromise with this. I find the logic really insensible when they have changed the engine and cut out all the features (Including the bare basic ones) the price difference should have been significant a mere 40k is just Mahindra filling their pockets! Mahindra Scorpio is an early introduced SUV in India, Mahindra Scorpio EX is a new low budget segment SUV in India. With capable power performance Mahindra Scorpio is a very good fuel efficient vehicle from Mahindra at a low cost value. This being a new vehicle, i wasnt too sure if the engine was being limited in any way, and so backed off. Mahindra also claims increased FE as compared to the 2.2s, and with the reduced power, it does seem quite possible.
But we don't see that setting the sales chart afire.In fact Xylos are depreciating faster in the second hand car market vis a vis the Scorpio. They will just say "Eeh SUV toh babua hamri publicwa se contact kum karwa degi", meaning this SUV will reduce our public contacts! From the specs and the looks of it, clearly a contender for the taxi segment and nothing beyond that. However, the 75BHP engine pulling the 2 tonner has had its effect on the top speed, and it wont be surprising to find smaller hatches racing past Scorpios on the highway henceforth. Actually, in terms of interiors, the EX is almost the same as the LX, except for the power windows, etc. First and foremost, there is nothing hybrid about that feature, and also how come they justified it over the power windows and central locking?!! The translations are for my fellow members who may not be able to follow these Hindi phrases. Eight Seated capacitive Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) with five doors & a little more big sized vehicle is Mahindra Scorpio EX. Also, the Micro hybrid is there on the EX, but absent on all other variants except the VLX! Low cost & high performance is the prime feature of this new diesel fuel efficient SUV. Even the entry-level Safari with nearly double the horsepower at only 80K more is far more VFM in my opinion.

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