You say something that makes her pull a funny face or stop talking and look away because it just killed any attraction she had for you stone dead.
If this has happened to you, then you may have wondered if it’s possible to win the interaction back and get the girl attracted to you again. Well it depends on the girl, the interaction, time, place and whole bunch of other variables, but in most cases yes you can win her back and you should try to also. There’s nothing worse than screwing an interaction up and then beating yourself up hours… days… even weeks later.
Let’s say you’re talking to a girl in a busy bar and you’re standing in a small group (a few of her friends, some of yours). Most guys will panic, because of the pressure and buckle as soon as they get the dodgy look or silence hits. Immediately assuming that she doesn’t like you any more and walking away will only make it harder for you to re-open.
PLUS I'll give you a free subscription to my "Stealth Seducer" newsletter, packed full of powerful seduction techniques. If it weren't for you I would still be a virgin (at 20), severely depressed, constantly contemplating why I'm alive and thinking things will never change and that life will always be lonely, empty, and average at best.
My life has totally changed right from the way I act to the way I think to the way I dress..

I may have gotten a touch carried away, but at one point my friend Beth made the observation that it's the rereads that ease all the cracks in your heart.
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You’re in an interaction with a beautiful girl, trying your hardest not to keep thinking about how hot she is and how you can’t screw this one up… but eventually you just do, big time. The conversation is going well, but then it takes a turn for the worst, maybe you offend her in some way and the sexual attraction has dried up. So if you can and she doesn’t walk away first, keep eye contact locked and remain in the same spot. This will help her to understand that you are not there talking to her for the sake of your own health. If she hasn’t made her excuses and left, you’re still in the game and you need to do whatever you can to close the deal.
I've now got hot women begging me to take them out…They even go as far as running their fingers through my hair in the first few minutes we meet can you believe that so thanks a lot you guys are awesome!!! And because I couldn't quite contain the pleasure within my own skin, I started tapping out my favorite quotes and texting them to . I don't think I ever thought of it exactly that way, but I know that I am a consummate rereader.

But her doctor told her they "were not fit to be implanted." At her age, the chances of creating a chromosomally normal embryo with her eggs are less than 50 percent.
Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. Either by getting her number, kissing her or just leading her out of the bar and back to yours.
Don’t pander to her and definitely don’t apologise, because you’re only going to dig yourself a deeper whole. Women want to know this and touching her, whilst seductively talking to her is the best way to send all the right signals. So you need to play to her emotions, but starting with rapport building again and slowly dialling up.
But before I lost track of time completely, I had the good sense to see the writing on the wall. There are certain books that are just so dear to me I can't imagine not visiting the characters and world again and again.

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