Settling back into school life after a long summer may be difficult, especially if you’ve spent your entire summer getting used to hanging out with your boyfriend or girlfriend. To help your relationship thrive while being apart, make sure he or she is a significant part of your daily life, and not only when you guys are back home for spring break. Of course, simply talking to each other on the phone or over Skype can get repetitive and dare I say, even dull. You’re living in different parts of the world but that doesn’t mean you can’t share it with each other. It sucks not to have your special someone around on a special occasion like New Year’s Eve.
Create a time capsule together by writing yourself and your girlfriend or boyfriend an email through a website like, which will send the email you’ve written in any amount of years that you select, up to 2064!
You all probably know about eating romantic dinners at fancy restaurants together over Skype, but what about cooking together? This is great for you if you and your partner are sports junkies or if you’re just trying to get fit.
Thanks to modern technology, dates no longer need to be physical, and may even be more convenient through Skype or FaceTime (less cost and traveling time incurred).
Long distance relationships have a reputation for being difficult, but the loneliness can definitely be minimized if you put in the time and effort to add some pizzazz into your relationship. Being separated from your significant other can be a very difficult thing to deal with but by no means is it impossible. Patience, trust and understanding are key investments that you should put in if you want to maintain a long distance relationship. This comes early on in the process even before the distance becomes a reality between you and your significant other.
Everyone who wants to know how to save a long distance relationship should know that a huge amount of patience is necessary. This is the most important yet most difficult investment that is imperative in marinating long distance relationships. Learning how to save a long distance relationship can be hassle free as long as the key elements discussed are kept in high supply. If your answer is yes, then I strongly recommend that you check out Manage Your Way To A Perfect Distance Guide. This guide is mainly for those who are going into a long distance relationship (LDR) and want to learn how to maintain it. For things to work out and to deal with the frustration of being apart, it is important to understand how to deal with it and pay heed to some long distance relationship advice.
Within this article I decided to write a few words on what will cause problems later on things are not dealt with early. There are naturally many questions to ask but what is important here is that you discuss where you both want this to go. You will more often than not find that if two people have committed to each other, then the likelihood of something going wrong later is minimized. Failure to have this mutual understanding will result in serious problems later on so be sure to take action on this.
Communication is important in normal every day relationships, but in the case of long distance relationships it becomes the focal point of your contact. What it boils down to here is you need to know how to communicate effectively to keep your relationship alive and fruitful. With this in mind, you can really get to know somebody without all the other distractions in place.
Trust is something that needs to be in place for a relationship to work, be it long distance or not. If you are a person who finds it difficult to trust people and you always have in the back of your mind that things are not as they should be, then maybe a long distance relationship is not for you. There is also no place for jealousy as this can lead to discomfort in the relationship and cause fighting later on. Bearing the mentioned points in mind, you can see that a long distance relationship can be testing. I’m a big believer in communication but sometimes, depending on the situation it can be confronting and daunting in any kind of relationship. Talking things over and avoiding fighting is essential here, as if you are far apart of can make the distance even further. Being calm and having the ability to discuss things will leave you in good stead to a nice relationship together, and if nothing else close friends like you say!
I think you must have experienced a long pain with your relationship which has helped you to become a master in it. I totally agree with all the points that you have mentioned here about human relationships and the mistakes that we usually make when we are in a relationship.
Though I have not experienced any such thing until now, I saw lot of my friends face difficulties and pain because of their inability to handle things when in a relationship.

It is the ability to handle things and understand what is going on around you to try and solve the issues causing harm in a calm manner and most importantly, doing this together. There is no right or wrong sometimes but being able to communicate your differences is essential and this is what brings out the best in us.
I am happy you found the information here helpful, and if you need anything with regards to your friends just let me know! My fiance and I have been together for 6 years, and when we were at university we did a year of long distance when she was studying in Germany. I’m glad you were and still are both committed and it proves to all of us that long distance does not have to be a hardship.
No, I am not in a long distance relationship as I am happily married, but there were two occasions when I was. In the first one, I was very young and we did not have the benefits they have today, so it was basically reduced to letter writing.
I do think a relationship should be able to do fine providing they put into action the things you’ve mentioned. In the days past, like I mention in the post, people did not have the luxury of modern technology. Of course with all the available tools we have today communication is a lot easier and immediate. I totally agree that communication is the biggest factor that glues the two of you together during such a difficult relationship. Things indeed can be testing, whether you are in a long distance relationship or not for that matter, so it is important to have or learn some communication skills in order to have any chance of moving forward. You also need to give the other person space and time to be with their friends in their new home.
Thanks for your thoughts on this and you mention a few things here for people to think about. For sure the communication is essential here and constant phone calls every hour and messages can seem a little too much and may cause the other to think you do not trust them.
Time and space is important and calls should be arranged so you are not becoming a nuisance all the time with unwanted texts and so forth. Also you mention that the relationship should be ideally further along before becoming a long distance affair for what ever reason, but what about people who declare themselves as a couple that have never met? Hi Chris, you are doing a great service as the sanctity of marriage is important to the fabric of society.
It is good that you were both independent as the long distance issue can then be dealt with naturally and without pressure of being asked why you are not home etc.
Of course with the technology of today it has made things a lot easier to stay in touch, but sometimes it can be too much! There is a fine line between keeping in touch and having the excitement of hearing from each other, and being bombarded with texts and calls every five minutes.
Personally I find the modern communication technology irritating, although I appreciate it when it is needed I think it can be over used. Thanks for letting us know your experience here, it is always nice to have people let me know about how they have dealt with issues that I talk about on this site.
It is great that you have the support of your family as this can help a lot, and if you trust each other then yes, this is a key ingredient.
Adjusting to life without seeing them everyday is tough but there are definitely ways to close the emotional distance between you two, even if the physical distance may be miles apart.
College is a chaotic whirlwind and you’re bound to have very different experiences that you may not be able to physically share, but you can always take a little bit of time out of your busy schedule to connect with your sweetheart and tell them about your day.
To avoid the dreaded fizzling out of your relationship, spice up your Skype sessions and have a little more fun. Maybe they’ve seen photos of the Empire State Building but they’d probably prefer you walking around the observation deck and showing them the New York City skyline via Skype or FaceTime over Googling it. Write about your relationship, some recent experiences and fond memories that you may not remember in a few years. There are steps that you can take on how to save a long distance relationship that does not really require too much out of both parties.
It is of course easier said than done but it is greatly required for the relationship to persist. You have to fully understand why you have to be apart and you have to fully accept that it is necessary. This is where you weigh the pros and cons of maintaining a long distance relationship and where both parties should agree on certain things.
The distance can cause paranoia because you really have to trust that what your partner is doing is what he or she says because there is no way for you to check if otherwise. By keeping these things in mind, mistrust and arguments will be kept at bay and the relationship will work despite distance or time apart. It is also for those who are having problems with their long distance relationship and is trying to revive it.

I mean being in a relationship when you live around the corner from each other can have testing times, so what chance does a long distance relationship have?
Being apart from each other of course does not come easy and there are traps that can be easily fallen into if parameters are not set.
The last thing you want is to be apart only to later find out one of you has cheated (or did not understand you were exclusive).
It does so as it is one of the most important aspects of any relationship (or friendship for that matter). So the use of Skype and Facebook along with video messaging services and online dating websites make things a lot easier.
For me, if you can make a long distance relationship work then you can make it work when you are together in person too.
Sometimes people who have never met in person from different parts of the world can have a better friendship than two people who live next door to each other.
1 year is a long time and things can go wrong and you can become distant with each other if your communication skills are not there. Thoroughly enjoyed the article and definitely recommend it to those going through a long term relationship. It can also lead them to think you have jealous streak which can be harmful when you are far apart.
I called by phone every day and at first my wife did not understand that although I was on the road I had to be grounded. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Go on a famous landmarks date without actually flying out to sightsee, and show each other the beautiful places you live in.
Exchange recipes, select a new recipe to learn together, or teach each other your favorite recipes. Do your homework and make sure you’re set up in a well-lit, relatively quiet and private venue for your date. Both parties should lay down a relatively stable and realistic relationship terms, such as the frequency and the manner of communication, the possibility of visits, and the projected time apart. It is important for both parties to realize that the distance constraint means that both cannot count on the other to always be available.
This is why it is crucial for both parties to have at least an agreement on breaking up in case the relationship doesn’t work out. Long distance in them days meant just that, and the only means of communication was in letter form or a telegram.
With the correct attitude and communication in place though, it can be very exciting and rewarding. List twenty things you don’t know about your boyfriend or girlfriend (first pet, most embarrassing experience, worst nightmare) and take turns asking each other. You can write about your life, your friends, your family, your hopes and dreams, your fears.
Set the date in advance and account for the time difference if you guys live in different time zones. You have to both agree that distance is necessary and then decide whether you want to maintain a long distance relationship. Even if it seems a bit negative, both parties should also agree on how both can cut ties with each other in case the relationship does not work.
Although there are several ways to keep communications in this modern age, both parties should be patient in waiting for replies to correspondence.
Having a properly discussed breakup agreement prevents either party from being dishonest and keeping things from the other. It’s another way of incorporating each other into daily life, and also practicing an essential life skill together. If you’re a beginner just starting out, play workout videos from the likes of Blogilates to get into the stride.
It is important to keep in mind that trust is a perfect or zero type of investment, its either you give 100% or nothing at all. If you’ve got a roof on your building and it’s a clear night, you could incorporate stargazing into your date too.
Exercising together turns an ordinary chore into a daily ritual that’s fun and brings you closer to your boyfriend or girlfriend, making them part of your real life.

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