PhotosJulio CortezFormer MLB baseball player Mike Lowell, center sits in the dugout during the eight inning of an exhibition spring training baseball game between the St. JUPITER — Mike Lowell grew up in Miami, helped the Marlins win a World Series and knows all too well about the franchise’s tradition of humble payrolls and modest crowds. Back in uniform this week as a special instructor, Lowell says the team can win again and win back fans, but it will take time. The return to a tight budget comes after a brief spending binge and only one year in the long-sought new ballpark that was supposed to transform the franchise.
While the Marlins’ latest payroll purge will keep disenchanted fans away, Lowell said it might also deter future free agents from considering Miami. All-Stars Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle and Heath Bell signed free-agent deals before the 2012 season, and all have already been traded. Owner Jeffrey Loria ordered a roster shake-up after the Marlins finished last in NL East with a $90 million payroll, so Reyes, Buehrle and Josh Johnson were traded to Toronto. Even so, Lowell’s rooting for the Marlins, in part because his close friend Mike Redmond is the new manager. Lowell was a rookie in 1999, the roster was the youngest in the majors and the Marlins lost 98 games.
Redmond envisions the same sort of development in the next few years, and he invited Lowell to spend a few days with the team.
While it seems fan ire has never been higher in South Florida, Lowell predicted attendance will rise again if and when the team is successful. Today's Conservative tantrums present a great opportunity for Democrats to reach out to white middle-class male voters, a demographic they continue to struggle with. There was a time when Republicans stood up for workers rights and fought for living wages and the end of exploitation of cheap labor.
You of organized labor and those who have gone before you in the union movement have helped make a unique contribution to the general welfare of the Republic–the development of the American philosophy of labor. The second principle of this American labor philosophy is this: the economic interest of employer and employee is a mutual prosperity. The Class Struggle Doctrine of Marx was the invention of a lonely refugee scribbling in a dark recess of the British Museum. The splendid record of labor peace and unparalleled prosperity during the last 3 years demonstrates our industrial maturity. So in your new national organization, as well as in your many constituent organizations, you have a great opportunity of making your meetings the world's most effective exhibit of democratic processes. In the world struggle, some of the finest weapons for all Americans are these simple tenets of free labor.

Joe was born and raised in Beaumont, Tx, but live music and politics brought him to Austin. He has worked in and around government and elections for over a decade including for a member of US Congress, the Texas Legislature, the Mayor of Austin.
Yes, they may be angry but because they care about freedom the so called rise of women has not threatened men. Burnt Orange Report is the leading source for progressive coverage of political news and issues that matter in Texas. And he sympathizes with South Floridians angry the Marlins this season will be near baseball’s basement in payrolls — again. They were Marlins teammates for six seasons after the ‘97 World Series champions were dismantled. Four years later many of the same players — including Lowell and Redmond — celebrated a World Series championship.
He was the World Series most valuable player in 2007 when he led Boston’s memorable title run. Lowell attended about a half dozen games in their new ballpark last season, and he’ll be back for more this year — unlike many others. A successful effort could put the final nail in the national Republican Party's coffin. These are policies that lead to a rising standard of living and the strengthening of the middle class, but now those days are gone. This philosophy, if adopted globally, could bring about a world, prosperous, at peace, sharing the fruits of the earth with justice to all men.
In those meetings the rights of minorities holding differing social, economic, and political views must be scrupulously protected and their views accurately reflected. This time you can win tickets to The Queers, Angry Samoans, Reno Divorce and Stabbed In Back in Denver at the Bluebird Theater on Friday, April 25. Fox News and friends completely botched the election results but will likely be forgiven by those who just like having their stereotypes of Democratic constituencies validated.
It has also undermined their ability to become self-sufficient in the hopes of someday supporting a family. Together they must advance in mutual respect, in mutual understanding, toward mutual prosperity. This third principle, relying as it does on collective bargaining, assumes that labor organizations and management will both observe the highest standards of integrity, responsibility, and concern for the national welfare. In this way, as American citizens you will help the Republic correct the faulty, fortify the good, build stoutly for the future, and reinforce the most cherished freedoms of each individual citizen.

As we preach and practice that message without cease, we will wage a triumphant crusade for prosperity, freedom, and peace among men. Here, Democrats may be winning the future demographic race but right now their inability to win moderate rural voters is crippling.
Fiscal conservatives need to ask themselves – who picks up the tab when full-time employees can not afford basics like housing, food or insurance? Good wages, respectable working conditions, reasonable hours, protection of status and security; these constitute the necessary foundations on which you build to reach your higher aims. Of course, there will be contest over the sharing of the benefits of production; and so we have the right to strike and to argue all night, when necessary, in collective bargaining sessions. But in a deeper sense, this surface struggle is subordinate to the overwhelming common interest in greater production and a better life for all to share. We strengthen other peoples and ourselves when we help them to understand the workings of a free economy, to improve their own standards of living, and to join with us in world trade that serves to unite us all. And the American employer can never forget that, since mass production assumes a mass market, good wages and progressive employment practices for his employee are good business. The party that had once drawn success from a lock-step approach to legislative victory is now in the throes of an inner party struggle between those who feel the party is purifying itself into nonexistence and those who believe a broader appeal sacrifices their conservative values. That sentiment explains why Texas is so great for business but not so for children and it demonstrates that the loyalty is not to family, community or country but to upward redistribution. If Republicans want to build a coalition of voters big enough to win a national election maybe they should consider bringing some of their own gifts to the Party.
Conservatives claim that Hispanics have a natural propensity to be conservative but their voting trends show something much different.
Not only did Hispanics vote overwhelmingly for Obama, they are majority supporters of his more controversial policies including the Affordable Care Act and marriage equality. Entering comments on our Facebook wall or in the comments section on this page does not constitute an entry.
This suggests that even if Republicans managed to cool-down their anti-immigration rhetoric it won't be enough to sway most Latino voters.
Once the winner is chosen by our automated system we will contact you via email immediately at closing of contest on Thursday, April 24th at 5pm (CDT) to give you details about collecting your tickets. So please make sure you give a REAL email address and the name you use on your ID because you cannot collect your tickets without your name matching your ID.

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