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MANILA — The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has started its audit of the campaign funds received by candidates, and has ordered media outfits to submit detailed reports of these candidates’ advertising expenses. According to the BIR, media companies must submit reports covering advertising expenditures of national candidates running for president, vice president and senator as well as party-list groups incurred between Nov.
For candidates running for the House of Representatives as well as provincial, city and municipal posts, media reports on their paid promotions must cover the period between Dec. In their report, media companies must specify each date of telecast, broadcast, posting, as well as the frequency of airing or posting, and their duration. Media companies have until May 22 to submit to their respective revenue district offices their reports, which must contain a declaration under oath certifying to the veracity and completeness of the information, the BIR chief said. The reports should have both hard and soft copies stored on DVD-R forma, Henares said, adding that non-compliance would mean a fine of P1,000 and being included in the revenue office’s  priority audit program. Last March, the BIR reminded all candidates, political parties and party-list groups that received taxable contributions or donations to file their income tax returns and to declare the campaign funds they received. Candidates registered as self-employed individuals must declare their fund contributions for the quarter ending June 30 not later than Aug. For candidates who are neither self-employed nor compensation income earners as of May 9, they must declare their taxable income by filing a short-period return for the period Jan. All candidates, political parties and party-list groups must also register with the BIR, issue official receipts and withhold taxes.  They must also preserve their records of contributions and expenditures for at least five years after the elections, and must produce the documents for inspection when asked by the BIR commissioner. The camp of poll frontrunner Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte  welcomed on Thursday the endorsement of the influential Iglesia Ni Cristo of his presidential bid. Lavina issued the statement after the INC, known for its bloc voting, backed Duterte for president. In the latest surveys, Duterte maintained a wide lead over his rivals about a week before election day.
He was referring to the final Laylo pre-elections survey conducted from April 27 to May 1 where Poe received 25 percent preference votes, which is said to be in a virtual tie with former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, who received 22 percent votes. Vice President Jejomar Binay was fourth in the survey with 15 percent while Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago was fifth with two percent.
SYDNEY, Australia — Australia’s most wanted ISIS terror suspect, who was linked to several attacks on home soil, has been killed in a US air strike in Iraq, Canberra said on Thursday. The death of Neil Prakash is considered significant by Australian and American authorities because of his highly prominent and influential role as a senior recruiter for the jihadist group.
Attorney General George Brandis said Washington had told Canberra that Prakash was killed in Mosul, Iraq, on April 29.
American authorities also told the government that Australian woman Shadi Jabar Khalil Mohammad died in a similar air strike near the Syrian city of Al Bab on April 22, along with her Sudanese husband. She was the sister of Farhad Jabar, a 15-year-old who shot dead police employee Curtis Cheng in Sydney last October. Prakash, who left Australia in 2013 and was known as Abu Khaled al-Cambodi, was linked to an alleged terror plot on Anzac Day last year, when Australia honors its war dead. He has also appeared in ISIS propaganda videos, including one last year calling for attacks on Australia. Australia has long been concerned about home-grown extremism and raised the terror threat alert level to high in September 2014. At least six attacks have been foiled on Australian soil over the past 18 months, according to the government. In this May 7, 2013, file photo, Russian S-400 air defense missile systems make their way through Red Square during a rehearsal for the Victory Day military parade in Moscow, Russia.
MOSCOW, Russia — Russia’s defense minister said Wednesday that Moscow will set up three new divisions in the west and south of the country by the end of the year to counter NATO forces close to its border. Relations between NATO and Russia have deteriorated since Moscow annexed the Crimea region of Ukraine and eastern European countries are worried that they too might be targets of Russian aggression. Relations further worsened over Moscow’s air campaign in Syria and tensions have flared in the past month after incidents involving the US military and Russian planes in the Baltic Sea. BATANGAS CITY, Philippines – An ally of presidential frontrunner Rodrigo ‘Rody’ Duterte said on May 4 that she will try to change the latter’s pro-coal position if he does win the presidency. Balmes, who is seeking the mayoralty post, said she will do this both as a member of PDP-Laban and of the Green Thumb Coalition, which was formed by 40 local organizations in February to promote environmental protection as an election issue.  Balmes said she believes Duterte is open to establishing a timeline for a transition from coal-fired power plants to renewable energy as he did support environmental protection in other aspects. Duterte got an overall rating of 56.77 percent in the Green thumb scorecard, clinching commendable scores on the issues of mining (61 percent) and people-centered sustainable development (74 percent). Duterte, who has been topping the polls for the highest position in the land, has declared the call from the international community to stop sourcing energy from coal as “hypocrisy.”  Various countries including major carbon emitters such as China and the United States have pushed for a global transition to renewable energy following the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015. The agreement, which has been signed by 175 countries including the Philippines on April 22, 2016 mandates developed and developing nations to drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit the global temperature to well below 2 degrees Celsius to as far as 1.5 degrees Celsius relative to pre-industrial levels. Failure to do so could trigger extreme and slow-onset weather events such as typhoons and sea level rise, some of the effects of climate change.
Environmental and partylist groups, however, have raised that it is the Philippines, particularly under the administration of President Benigno Aquino III, which displayed hypocrisy after the government approved 27 more coal-fired power plants amidst the pronouncements it made for stronger and more urgent actions to mitigate climate change during the 21st Conference of Parties in Paris, France. Ian Rivera, national coordinator of the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice, said the new set of local and national leaders to be elected on May 9must thumb down the 27 other proposed coal-fired power plants, one of which is the 600-megawatt coal plant of JG Summit Holdings in Brgy.
Balmes said rejecting the proposed coal plant project in Pinamucan will be her priority if ever she wins as mayor of Batangas city. The proposed coal-fired power plant in Pinamucan will not be the first one to operate in Batangas if ever it is given the green light, however.  AC Energy Holdings Inc. The Lipa Archdiocesan Ministry on Environment has led the call for the junking of the proposed coal-fired power plant. Archbishop Ramon Arguelles said that those who will lead the country must stop the use of coal-fired power plants because they emit greenhouse gases, which cause climate change. The Archdiocese of Lipa was joined by 10,000 people in its “Piglas Batangas!Piglas Pilipinas” campaign against coal held on May 4. In a crowded field of presidential candidates, the pre-election survey front runner has firmed up his lead, in the final Standard Poll conducted from April 27 to May 1. Vice President Jejomar Binay’s standing in the poll continued to deteriorate, with a voter preference rating of 15 percent, down from 18 percent in the March 26-April 1 survey and from 23 percent in the Feb 24-Mar 1 poll. A VIDEO showing what happens when millennials meet martial law victims is going viral, logging more than a million views within 18 hours of being uploaded. Posted on Facebook, the four-minute video by the group Campaign Against the Return of the Marcoses to Malacanang (Carmma), shows voters aged 19 to 22 being asked by an older interviewer what they know about martial law. One young woman replied that she heard “people were disciplined and followed the law,” and there was a curfew.
All of them said they were in favor of martial law imposed by the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos.
The video has received more than a million views, 45,000 shares and more than 3,000 comments within 18 hours of being uploaded. Ilagan said that even if the younger Marcos had nothing to do with martial law, the fact that his electoral campaign featured “whitewashing of the sins of his father” was one reason to campaign against him. 11 PASSBOOKS Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte shows 11 passbooks but only allows media to take a peek.
At a press conference in Manila, the trash-talking mayor did not show all and merely presented selected contents of his bank accounts.
He presented bank statements for the questionable dollar and peso accounts at the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) branch on Julia Vargas Avenue in Pasig City. One bank certificate issued by BPI on March 3, 2016, said the joint account of Duterte and daughter Sara Z. Duterte’s aide, Bong Go, showed the passbook, which showed that the balance increased to P128,829.64 because several supporters made deposits in the account after it was made public. According to another bank certificate, the account had only P17,816.98 as of March 31, 2014, three days after Duterte, as alleged by Trillanes, accepted P197 million.
Duterte showed the bank statements for his dollar account that rival Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas earlier tried depositing $10 in the account to prove it existence. The Davao City mayor showed a transaction history of his dollar account, which as of April 30, 2016, contained a balance of $5,065.33, including the $10 deposit that a staffer of Roxas had made.
Trillanes accused Duterte of accepting several cash deposits totaling P193.7 million in the mayor’s bank account at the BPI Julia Vargas branch on his 69th birthday on March 28, 2014.
Duterte dodged the question why he would not present the transaction history earlier than March 31, 2014, saying BPI refused to issue a certification.
The mayor said Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and the Anti-Money Laundering Council would be guilty of criminal negligence should Trillanes’ allegation that his bank accounts had P2.4 billion worth of transactions in 2006-205 was proven true.
At the press conference, Duterte defended  his decision to accept from Pastor Apollo Quiboloy gifts, which included properties and a car, saying he had never meddled with Davao City’s business transactions.
The mayor claimed the pastor had been his longtime friend ever since he was a state prosecutor.
Duterte told reporters he would never accept gifts from other people except Quiboloy, who owns a media outfit, a school and other properties in Davao.
PRESIDENT Aquino on Tuesday said he would not allow his father’s death and those of other martial law victims to be in vain with the possible return of an iron-hand rule as Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, styling himself as a strongman in the election campaign, continues to be the popular choice among the electorate. The President gave almost the same speech in Digos City, Davao del Sur, yesterday afternoon, urging voters not to take lightly Duterte’s statements and scrutinize them. Among these, the President said, were statements wherein Duterte said he could not be impeached because he would first abolish Congress, as well as his dismissive attitude towards the laws of the land and his declaration that he would order the killing of criminals as part of his antidrug, anticrime and anticorruption platform. With four days to go before May 9, President Aquino has become more specific in describing Election Day as a choice between democracy and the return of martial law. President Aquino said he had been receiving text messages, non-stop, from people worried about the possible return of martial law—from members of the media, the religious, ordinary citizens. Thanks to social media, the May 9 elections may turn out to be one of most polarizing in the country’s recent history, with followers of rival candidates virtually getting into the bruising fray and sliding into mob rule. Emboldened by the relative anonymity of the Net and the various guises they can assume, so-called trolls have taken to cyberbashing, verbally abusing and even threatening with grave bodily harm those with contrary political views. Some months back, for daring to ask “rude and disrespectful” questions of presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in a student forum, UP student Stephen Villena was mercilessly flogged on social media, the abusive posts spiked with threats to Villena and his family. Another student, John Paulo delas Nieves, was similarly pelted with threats on social media for filing a petition of disqualification against the same candidate, with his girlfriend included as a rape target. The rape threat is particularly odious, being the favorite menace directed at women and even the toddler of television star Melai Cantiveros. How have we descended into such barbaric behavior, when threats of death, rape and all manner of physical harm are freely traded on the Net and inflicted on those who do not share our politics? As Delas Nieves noted: “The issuance of threats from Duterte’s supporters may not have the mayor’s go signal, but what he did was to inspire them. How do we then step away from the brink of self-destruction that all that back-and-forth on social media breeds?
Environmentalist Renee Juliene Karunungan filed this week charges of cyberbullying against 20 Duterte supporters who had called her names and threatened her with death, rape and other abuses. Netizens who had probably keep their counsel to keep the peace might have asked: Couldn’t she have just ignored the candidate’s provocative remarks instead of taking them personally? Free speech, whether online or offline, is enshrined in our Constitution, and is particularly valuable when an informed choice is needed—such as in the coming elections. The emergence of Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the late dictator’s only son and namesake, as a front-runner in the vice presidential race has caught many by surprise. Recognition of the victims’ bravery in the struggle against dictatorial rule through the soon-to-be-built Freedom Memorial (museum, library and archives) and the forthcoming compensation for survivors and the families of those who perished, both mandated by Republic Act No.
Alas, during these past three decades after the Marcos dictatorship came crashing down, many of those who made this happen, the militant sector in particular, became preoccupied with demonizing the succeeding governments. I am referring to the militant, ideological Left that continues to espouse a protracted class war and a bloody insurgency in the countryside while having one foot in the electoral process. The militants who had broken away from their hard-core comrades sought alternative ways to serve, but in the din of clashing political views and strategies, were often outshouted by their former comrades. The Marcoses slowly and stealthily found inroads and, in no time, were back in the country, claiming back their lost territories that would again be their stepping stones to power.
In fairness, there were groups and individuals that kept the candle of memory trimmed and lit for heroism and sacrifice to be kept alive, among them, the Bantayog ng mga Bayani Foundation, the human rights groups, the writers who wrote books, the walking, living survivors who shared their experiences with the young.
And if I may tap ourselves on the back, the journalists and other media workers (documentarists, filmmakers, theater denizens) who did their part to impart. But there had been little institutional or governmental assist to perpetuate the memory through education, not only of the heroes and martyrs, but also of a dark chapter that should never happen again. I dug up my files (digital and hard copy) of almost 30 years and, yes, sometime in 1987, the year after the Marcoses fled and Cory Aquino became president, there were efforts in the academe to incorporate human rights awareness in the curriculum. I am trying to put together a list of books (now in the hundreds) on the dreadful martial law years. The alternative title for this piece is “A vocabulary for cultural politics.” Certain italicized words provide a description of social phenomena that we experience but have no word to call them. A few days after Rodrigo Duterte called Mar Roxas bayot,  I witnessed a row between two bus passengers. When people hear the word “culture,” they often imagine highbrow art, ballet and Shakespeare. However, real transformation can only happen in the level of culture, not in electoral politics. Instead of compartmentalizing the political and the cultural, we better acknowledge how they influence each other. Cyril Belvis is a doctoral candidate of the Philippine Studies program at the University of the Philippines Diliman.
That education is indispensable for personal advancement and national progress is widely acknowledged. Knowledge capital—also referred to as “suprastructure”—derives from science and technology and the arts and underpins a country’s capacity for innovation and creation.
This, in essence, describes the theme of the University of the Philippines’ “Knowledge Festival—Utak at Puso,” held last April 17-19.
A dynamic education ecosystem entails solid quality education—basic, tertiary and postgraduate—which means sharply increased investment spending from both public and private sectors in all levels of the system. A “UP think paper” that served as a background piece for the Knowledge Festival notes: “Our level of technology remains low in quality and scale, and concentrated in low-productivity sectors. For UP to play its role as the national university and spread the work and its benefits, the UP paper envisions a hubs-and-spokes model of development anchored on regional centers of excellence in specific fields. Millions of Filipinos from the toiling masses still suffer from poverty despite the 22-point labor and employment agenda that the Aquino administration promised to implement almost six years ago. The recent bloody assault on the protesting “Kidapawan farmers,” who were in urgent need of food aid and were facing imminent starvation and death, is prima facie evidence of government’s continued neglect of poor and marginalized peasants and workers, and of its nonchalant regard of their pleas and cries. In the face of the miserable and precarious plight of Filipino workers, we, the convenors of the Church People-Workers Solidarity (CWS), speak with compassionate courage to call on the Aquino administration and the candidates for key political positions in the May 2016 elections to give a new impetus to employment and include in their legislative agenda the promotion of the dignity of work and the protection of workers’ rights.
May the God of our history, who is full of mercy and compassion, accompany our Filipino workers in their struggle for a just and humane society.
Anyone who does not condemn Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s beastly comment about the Australian missionary woman who was raped and murdered in a prison cell in Davao City in 1989 deserves no respect. In a YouTube clip, Duterte is shown relating the ordeal of the victim while she was visiting prisoners in that Davao prison cell as part of her humanitarian mission. This bastard—excuse me for being brutally frank—has no right to occupy any position in government, let alone the office of the Philippine president.
The other glaring aspect of our narrow growth is in how Metro Manila and its surrounding provinces account for a dominant share, and a growing one at that, of our country’s gross domestic product (GDP).
Clearly, we must make a deliberate effort to decentralize and disperse economic activities more broadly and more equitably across the country’s regions. How well are the various regions contributing to our overall economic growth lately?  The good news is that all regions, save for one, have been positively contributing to the domestic economy’s growth, as reflected in the latest gross regional domestic product (GRDP) statistics, for 2014. One of the most visible trends we’ve seen in the past decade is the sprouting of big shopping malls all over the country. Last week I said, if the polls are to be believed, Rodrigo Duterte will be the next president of the Philippines.
His speech at a recent briefing before the Makati Business Club and Management Association of the Philippines was worrying. Open markets will remain, and entry to the Trans-Pacific Partnership will be pursued in line with changes to the Constitution, one of which should remove the foreign investment restrictions, although land ownership will probably not be covered. Computerization of bureaucratic processes will be promoted through a Department of Information and Communications Technology, in government and the private sector.
Taxes will be reviewed and brought to levels competitive with those of other Asian countries. The Public-Private Partnership will be pursued along the same path on which it was started. With a Mindanaoan as president, the first-ever, there’ll inevitably be a focus on Mindanao. One thing sure: He won’t adapt this administration’s practice of violating or changing contracts to suit its mood of the day. On health, he has promised free services for all, as needed, and a greater shift to primary, outpatient health-care services to catch illnesses before they get worse and fully cover the huge costs of serious illnesses; he also vowed that government will promote a healthy lifestyle. On a new international airport, I’d expect a decision this year on where this will be; no more pussyfooting on the matter. THEY SAY that the past is in the past, that we need to move on and focus on what lies ahead.

I’ve always been fascinated by the events that transpired during the 1986 “People Power Revolution.” I’m sure it was one of those moments in which everyone felt proud to be a Filipino. When I was younger, all I knew was that a bunch of people went to the streets to call for the ouster of a certain Ferdinand Marcos from the presidency, and that a woman named Corazon Aquino served as their leader and inspiration. My father also urged me to watch the documentary as he thought it would be good for me to be informed, and so I did. But what intrigued me most was the time Ninoy spent in Fort Magsaysay in Laur, Nueva Ecija. But maybe it is true: The martial law era is the “golden age” of salvaging, the “golden age” of the repression of our freedom to speak, the “golden age” of one family that lived in opulence while the rest of the nation battled poverty each day. Young people have been so dependent on social media; they do not know that not everything they read is entirely true. Bongbong Marcos always says that he is not his father, that he and his family have nothing to apologize for.
And as voters flock to the polling stations on May 9, one almost-forgotten lesson needs to be revived. Globe Business recently gathered select customers and golf aficionados at the lush fairways of Wack-Wack Golf and Country Club for the 2016 edition of GTour.  Now on its 15th year, the annual tournament is one of several sporting activities which Globe Business holds exclusively for its clients to show appreciation for their support through the years. This year, participants enjoyed a four-man scramble with sliding tee-box format, designed to foster teamwork between the players and establish a balance of power among various competing teams’ playing abilities. Globe Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT-Enabled services group Mike Frausing extended his appreciation to all the golfers for making the tournament an astounding success. Globe Senior Advisor for Enterprise and IT-Enabled Services Group Mike Frausing (right) leads the ceremonial tee off together with Globe Business Vice President for Enterprise Sales Dion Asencio (left). Casino junket operator Kim Wong yesterday turned over to the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) the fourth and final tranche of funds amounting to P250 million which was part of the $81-million stolen by hackers from the account of the central bank of Bangladesh with the US Federal Reserve.
The businessman told lawmakers that the funds were brought into the country—through an electronic bank transfer made to  Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. Wong stressed, however, that he didn’t know about the funds’ provenance and neither did he inquire about it. Along with several other parties, Wong is now the subject of a money-laundering complaint filed by the AMLC with the Department of Justice. Wong has so far turned over to AMLC for safekeeping—and eventual return to Bangladesh, once the courts clear it—$4.6 million as the first tranche, P38 million as the second tranche, P200 million as the third tranche and yesterday’s P250 million as the final tranche, all in cash. This supposedly represents the entire amount that Wong and his company, Eastern Hawaii Leisure Ltd., received from the $81 million in laundered funds that went through RCBC’s Jupiter branch in Makati City. The Department of Agriculture has asked Malacanang for P769 million in funds to shore up interventions for El Nino even as it prepares for a probable onset of La Nina later this year.
Palad said the amount was on top of a request for the Department of Budget and Management to replenish the DA’s P500-million quick response fund or QRF intended to bankroll  the agency’s disaster response efforts.
These funds, if we get them, will be used for the remainder of the El Nino as well as the subsequent typhoon season or even the onset of La Nina, which is expected to develop after the El Nino,” Palad said. According to the DA’s field operations services, the El Nino has claimed a total of P8.68 billion worth of crops and other farm products based on monitoring from Jan. Of the amount, P1.67 billion was attributed to the infestation of pests like rats, which was encouraged by dry conditions in the fields. Last April, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Ocha) raised the alert on a possible onset of La Nina later this year while warning that the humanitarian impact of the ongoing El Nino would drag on even as the latter continued to wane. Citing forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology of Australia, the UN Ocha said the current El Nino was expected to persist until mid-2016, with a 50-percent chance that La Nina would follow. In areas where El Nino brings below average rainfall and increased temperatures, such as the Philippines, La Nina is often responsible for above-average rainfall and cooler temperatures. The builder currently has 18 estates spanning close to 9,000 hectares of property, all of which have multiple projects underway. For its residential business, the firm posted revenues of P14.47 billion, up 17 percent, driven by bookings and project completions across all residential brands. Revenues from shopping centers reached P3.61 billion in the first quarter of 2016, 15 percent higher year-on-year. ALI also continued to expand its office development and leasing businesses as revenues from the sale of office spaces reached P1.19 billion, which was up 35 percent.
Revenues from Hotels and Resorts reached P1.48 billion,  which was 2 percent lower due to the closure of the iconic InterContinental Manila. This is so far the highest ROE registered by private domestic universal banks that had disclosed their first quarter financial results and whose ROEs ranged from 10 percent to 13 percent. From 2007 to the first quarter of this year, SECB ranked first in terms of ROE among private domestic universal banks in the country, except in 2013 when it made significant investment in branch expansion to grow its retail banking business.
SECB’s first quarter profit was computed before the P36.9-billion capital investment by The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. Our leader Benigno Simeon, aka BS, coming out of his shell in Malacanang recently, just could not stop himself from counting the blessings of the entire Filipino nation coming from him. Maybe he could not wait for others to praise the Aquino (Part II) administration for all its amazing and unsurpassable feats in the past six years.
Thus, he just had to admire his performance by himself, and went on to rate himself as the most outstanding president of the republic in the past and in the future.
Lately, as he journeyed across the land, apparently to campaign for his chosen candidates, he rattled off his miraculous deeds: highest economic growth rates, lowest unemployment rates and highest poverty alleviation rate. The business sector had shown in various studies that those claims were debatable, if not outright spurious. The economic growth rates, for instance, did not consider the smuggling woes in the past years, which according to Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima was so massive it had denied the state some P200 billion a year in revenue. As for poverty alleviation, our dearest leader, BS, did not say that his administration also spent some P400 billion for the CCT program, and studies showed that most of the CCT beneficiaries actually remained poor as ever. By and large, the main beef of the business community against this administration was that it did not seem to bother itself with pretending to try to address even just a bit the concern in business about the poor infrastructure in this country. The telecom industry, for instance, was up in arms recently against the tedious process of securing permits for cell sites, because it practically required more steps than the Eiffel Tower.
In other words, we needed more cell sites for faster–and hopefully clearer–signals for Internet connections, texts and calls. The business community has been throwing tantrums over the poor telecom service, what with the Philippines having the second slowest Internet connection in Asia, beating only Afghanistan.
At the same time, the Aquino (Part II) administration never hesitated to credit itself for the fantastic growth in the so-called BPO sector, the very same business that needed fast and clear Internet connections.
The truth was that the “business process outsourcing” sector did not need any push from the government. The projections would likely happen even with awful economic management under any government that has neglected the infrastructure needs of the business community. Just imagine what the BPO sector would have accomplished with seamless Internet connections, if only we could come out of this crisis over the simplest of the technologies involved in mobile telephony, those freaking cell cites! The very moment when the cab pulled up to the curb, Lucy Fisher knew that she was seeing something exceptional.
Directly in front of her fifties-ranch-style red-brick house, a woman dressed in flowing white was wrestling with nothing short of a cloud in Lucy's yard.
But a second later, Lucy realized it was simply a homeless lady, complete with stolen grocery cart, trying to shove a shimmering white mass into a huge dirty plastic bag, like processed meat into a sausage casing. It took less than a fraction of the next second for Lucy to suddenly--and clearly--realize that the white mass was no cloud at all. Lucy looked up from the white mess in her hands, through the collection of light brown curls that had fallen into her face, and finally saw what the cabdriver saw. And then, because she wasn't sure what else she should do, she rolled her suitcase to the sidewalk in front of her house, with her tattered wedding dress shoved underneath her arm, stood there for a moment, and wondered what the hell was going on. An hour and forty-five minutes earlier, Lucy's plane had touched down on the runway in Phoenix after returning from what was supposed to have been a fantastic weeklong vacation in Hawaii. None of that, however, could hold a candle to the trip's high point, which began when she was simply having some drinks in the motel bar with Marianne, who was on a mad prowl for a vacation fling. After too many rounds of drinks, Marianne finally zeroed in on a target and tried desperately to capture the attention of a man sitting on the opposite side of the motel bar, despite the fact that he was wearing a T-shirt that stated DEFINE GIRLFRIEND. Lucy breathed a sigh of relief when the guy finally sent Marianne a drink and then asked if they wanted to join a poker game upstairs.
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Jacinto-Henares on May 3 ordered all media companies—television, radio, print, as well as online outfits—to report the paid campaign promotions coursed through them by candidates running in the May 9 election.  The report will allow the BIR to exempt from taxes all donations spent during the campaign period, as provided for by Republic Act No.
Aside from the names of candidates who were the subject of the ads, the report must also include the names of sponsors who paid the ads, the amounts paid, and the advertising agencies’ tax identification numbers. In fact, we are very grateful that no less than the Pope himself has written to Duterte and saying his own prayer,” Lavina said. Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu said Moscow would deploy three new military divisions along its borders to counter a buildup of NATO forces. At its previous summit in 2014, the alliance decided to reinforce its presence along the Russian border, angering Moscow. Piglas Pilipinas!” campaign against coal-fired power plants.  The campaign is part of the Break Free global movement of civil society groups against fossil fuels. He however, got the lowest score among the 5 presidential candidates for energy transformation and democracy with 43 percent. The Philippines has experienced some of these already, as it was considered as one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change. They also serve as a source of air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, which can damage the lungs. Now more than ever, we need leaders who are pro-people and pro-environment, not pro-coal and pro-climate change,” the archbishop said. The Philippines held this campaign as part of the Break Free From Fossil Fuels movement, which will be conducted in 14 other countries from May 4-May 15.
Some 32 percent of 3,000 voting-age respondents said they would vote for Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte if the elections were held during the survey period, up from 30 percent in the March 26-April 1 survey. Grace Poe remained in second place, with a voter preference rating of 25 percent, down from 27.
Miriam Defensor Santiago, the same number recorded in each of the three previous Standard Polls (also known as the Laylo Report).
Danilo de la Fuente, one of the plaintiffs in a 1986 class suit filed against the Marcoses, recounted how he was tortured while in jail.
The young voters admitted they weren’t educated about what really happened during the administration of Marcos.
Bongbong Marcos, son of the late dictator, is the leading vice presidential candidate, according to voter preference polls. Antonio Trillanes IV has leveled against him, presidential hopeful Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday came up with his 11 passbooks but allowed the media to only take a peek at some of his bank transaction history.
Quiboloy is the founder and leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name Inc. 3019, or the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, government officers are prohibited from accepting gifts of significant value from a person other than a member of the public officer’s immediate family. Aquino, who is also the commander in chief of the armed forces,  called for unity among those who want to protect the country’s hard-fought democracy.
Benigno Aquino Jr., was the leading opposition figure against the dictator Ferdinand Marcos. The venomous threat was apparently a comeback for Cantiveros’ TV ad endorsing another candidate. How can the prospect of rape and murder be so commonplace that netizens think nothing of hurling them as convenient vehicles to shut down public discourse? After all, fish rots from the head; so if the leader thinks it fine to bash the Pope for traffic woes, or joke about the rape-slaying of a missionary, or deliver vituperative remarks about other countries for reacting to his extreme comments, what can people expect of his followers? These constitute crimes under the Revised Penal Code, Cybercrime Law and the Omnibus Election Code. Indeed, faced with the possibility of leading—and in fact, representing—the country’s 100 million Filipinos in the international community, such candidates should be more circumspect in their public pronouncements. But to give credit where credit is due, the leftist militants were the ones who had a sustained, protracted struggle against the Marcos dictatorship that, alas, was overtaken by the 1986 People Power uprising and military putsch (so-called Edsa I) that brought down the Marcos dictatorship. Those who took the mainstream path of service—via academe, business, civil society, media, politics, church—became preoccupied with their particular concerns. Why is the story about the Marcos dictatorship not in the history books being used in schools?
Year in and year out, during special dates, we at the Inquirer would come out with articles on the heroic struggles during those dark years to remind, remember, honor and be thankful for regained freedoms. Sure, there is the Presidential Commission on Good Government’s (PCGG) recovering some Marcos wealth. Not because of some psychogenic amnesia or selective forgetting of the pain, but simply because of neglect and complacency.
Those who had witnessed and experienced human rights violations during the Marcos military dictatorship, those in the academe especially, wanted human rights to become a byword in early education.
You can help by sending me the image of the cover, author, description of the book, date of publication and publisher. Instead of insisting that Duterte couldn’t argue through facts, Roxas could have earned more admiration had he retorted through cultural politics.
Cultural change is not a top-down job; it starts with ordinary people thinking extraordinarily. In our political discourse, culture is considered auxiliary to more “important” areas like economics, governance and social welfare. For example, the sorry transport system wastes employees’ productive hours, results in tardiness and creates animosity among bus passengers.
Rather than material gifts for our mothers, let’s include the femininity question in our checklist of picking leaders at the local and national levels. Good education that’s widely shared results in higher productivity and entrepreneurial skills and, hence, lower levels of poverty and inequality. The concrete outcome is (or should be) the evolution of innovative and creative industries that require a dynamic and self-sustaining ecosystem comprising, at any one time, lower and higher levels of education and skills. The idea was to celebrate what UP has accomplished thus far and further energize faculty and staff to reach loftier heights, as well as lead, as the national university, the other educational institutions nationwide in making greater strides.
To be fair to President Aquino’s administration, it has actually accorded education high priority. While the other four Asean founding members spend an average of 5-6 percent of their GDP on education, we make do with 3 percent of a smaller GDP and a larger student population! To catch up and move ahead faster, we need to raise our scientific and technological skills, which only better and more focused education can achieve. To the extent that these HEI (higher education institution) centers of excellence are located in leading regional growth centers, this model can well fit into the country’s regional development strategy to decongest the National Capital Region long plagued by diseconomies of agglomeration. Pernia, PhD, is professor emeritus of economics, University of the Philippines, and former lead economist, Asian Development Bank. The government continues to boast of the country’s economic prosperity, pointing to its consistent GDP growth in recent years.
A large segment of the public does not have access to the limited goods and opportunities available.
This insensitive attitude of the government has made the hunger and poverty situation in the country even worse.
Until now, no substantial wage increase has been given our workers to at least lessen the gap between the minimum wage and the living wage.
Unfortunately, our Filipino workers remain at the seams of our society, their voice oft getting drowned out amid the politics of greed.
Duterte said the victim was a very beautiful woman who looked like an American actress, and he lamented that he (Duterte) was not the first one to have sex with the victim. The fastest-growing industries driving our overall economic growth have consistently been finance (banks and insurance), real estate, retail trade (shopping malls) and business process outsourcing.
In 2015, the National Capital Region, along with Central Luzon and Calabarzon, accounted for nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of our total GDP. In the 1990s, the Ramos government consciously moved to provide larger shares of the infrastructure budget to Mindanao and the Visayas, along with designating and investing in regional agroindustrial centers in every region of the country. The lone and understandable exception is the Eastern Visayas region, having been hard-hit by Supertyphoon “Yolanda,” which caused a 2.3-percent decline in the region’s output. This may be taken as a sign of growing purchasing power in the regions, propelled in large part by overseas remittances, to be sure, but also by rising domestic incomes. As a resident of Los Banos, Laguna, I constantly remind myself to buy everything I need within the town whenever I can, rather than shop in Manila where I spend my working day. The most recent, desperate attempts in the past two weeks to discredit him are too late to make any impact. SWS reported he is the choice of 33 percent of likely voters, with only 24 percent going for Grace Poe, 19 percent for Mar Roxas and 14 percent for Jejomar Binay. He said little of what business wanted to know; instead he raised fears of a dictatorial leadership. The changes—likely to include the shift to a federal and, maybe, parliamentary system—will be submitted for approval in a plebiscite probably to be held in the 2019 midterm elections. Expect a 25-percent corporate income tax for a start, and the lowering or even removal of the low-salaried employees’ income tax.
The existing tax impositions will be reviewed, but I hope that whatever changes will be made won’t apply to those investing now or to those already operating—unless the new taxes turn out lower, which is a remote possibility. I’d like to see the premium payment scrapped, and instead go for the bidder who offers the lowest toll or fee. That should bring agriculture (the island’s backbone) back into the national agenda as well. A longer-term solution is needed, he said, and the focus must be on a far better public system. It showed our capability to unite and to conduct a revolution driven, not by tanks, guns and artillery, but by prayers, flowers and peace. But as I grew up, my curiosity increased tenfold and I found myself buried in the pages of my fifth-grade textbook, reading everything related to the martial law era.
All I knew back then was that he was a champion of the people and a very prolific speaker who voiced out his thoughts and opinions without fear.

She told me of how radio and TV were all taken over by the government, and of the mysterious cases of people disappearing without a trace.
I wasn’t watching a horror movie, but I covered my eyes with my hands and took a peek at the TV screen from time to time. I researched on the numerous cases of harassment that were committed during the Marcos regime, and on the activists who simply vanished and are still unheard from to this day. The Internet is full of trolls that can easily fool unsuspecting netizens, especially the youth. And with the surveys showing Bongbong Marcos ahead of his rivals, all I can do is shake my head. It is crucial that our voters be duly reminded of this, so the horrors of our past will no longer haunt our future. Palad Wednesday told reporters the package was being requested from the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), which endorsed the request to the Office of the President.
Of the total capital expenditure, more than half went to the completion of residential projects and commercial leasing projects. It was said that the sector would have grown “regardless of any economic condition” in the country. For a ridiculous moment, Lucy's mind determined that it was a dilapidated angel desperately trying to climb back aboard her ride, almost like a surfer that had toppled off a board. Lucy sat there, nearly smiling at the curiosity that she was witnessing as the cloud flapped against the woman's head, briefly slapping her face as if she was about to be bound with the wrappings of a shiny Gabor sister mummy. When she came within an arm's length of the woman, she grabbed two handfuls of satin and lace and tugged the dress out of the woman's grasp as hard as she could. The satin and lace, once taut between the women, was now slack, although neither had let go.
Spread out all over the lawn, littered in the gutter, spilling out of the bed of her truck that was parked in the driveway. She had left Martin, her fiance, and her job as a dental hygienist to travel to the tropical paradise with her best friend and co-worker, Jilly, and their friend, the office receptionist, Marianne.
The receptionist was less than versed at the art of flirting and might have been more successful in making a match had she invested in a hairbrush and attended to the area of her upper lip, which didn't look so much like a lip as it did a pelt.
She just wanted to relax and have fun, but as the night mercilessly dragged on, she began feeling tired and weary.
Lucy reluctantly agreed after much persistence and arm-tugging from Marianne, under the condition that Lucy was going to stay for five minutes only. If these creep up more times than not you might consider seeing a professional to help you find different ways of expressing anger so you dont come across as a threatening harmful person. First thing first you need to let the relationship cool of for a while forget for now how should I get back with my ex girlfriend?
The thought that you had once stepped out of a zone marked clearly as her sole property would haunt her (and you) forever. Take up a new hobby or dive into a how to get back your girlfriend after a breakup new exercise routine and enjoy living your life by yourself. Should your ex still care and want you back, it will be easier for her to say so if you stay unattached. Candidates who are purely compensation income earners in 2016 must declare their taxable income for 2016, not later than April 15 next year.
In 2015, it ranked first in the Global Climate Risk Index of German Watch after it lost at least 6,000 lives and suffered from P30 billion worth of agricultural damages due to typhoon Yolanda (international codename Haiyan) in 2013. I cannot accept that my father and our thousand other fellowmen would die in vain,” the President said in Filipino. By falling back on the law, Karunungan showed that lawlessness cannot be allowed to thrive even, and especially not, on social media. Never mind that mere words (as when Duterte rudely ordered the United States and Australia to shut up when they commented on his crude rape joke) could unnecessarily damage or complicate our relations with other countries. It shocks and worries those who suffered during Marcos Sr.’s 14-year dictatorial rule and those who continue to suffer the aftermath of those dark martial law years. They laid aside—conveniently or purposefully—the Marcos past while claiming their portion from the ruins and pushing forward their political plans. Which reminds me of the Bible parable about those who were supposed to keep vigil with their lamps but were caught sleeping when the bridegroom came, except that in our case, there was no bridegroom to be expected but a bunch of despoilers to be prevented from regaining foothold. It is to be commended for belatedly showing to the public the enormity of what had been recovered (Imelda Marcos’ jewelry collection, among them). The quiet but ready-to-erupt temper among the put-upon passengers was broken by a heated word war between a woman and a middle-aged man.
We have lost sight of its operative discrimination because even women have been socialized to perceive social relations through the eyes of men. Patriarchal culture encourages sexist, homophobic slurs to hurt someone you believe to have elbowed you. It’s a choice between our grandmothers, mothers, daughters and other women we love, and the use of femininity as a weapon of insult. It’s practically gospel truth largely taken for granted as the discourse has moved on, especially in the more dynamic countries, to the pursuit of knowledge capital for still higher levels of development that’s inclusive and sustainable.
While the Philippines has made strides in this direction, much more needs to be done to be at par with our more progressive Asean neighbors. For instance, of education’s increased budget of P365 billion for 2015, P43.3 billion was given to state universities and colleges (SUCs)—an increase of nearly 14 percent over that for 2014. This readily explains why even our best universities lag behind their global and regional counterparts. This calls for massive government investment in high-level knowledge capital—the so-called “suprastructure” of long-term economic growth. The object of our educational system shouldn’t just be producing hordes of college graduates who can’t find good jobs, but also graduates in fields and with skills that the economy actually needs.
Let’s hope that that doesn’t reflect any or all of the candidates’ lack of interest in this all-important subject for self-sustaining, inclusive development. Instead, Filipino workers are pushed deeper into the pit of misery—unemployment, slave labor, unjust wage, insecurity of jobs, unsafe working conditions, exploitation, harassment and commoditization. Let us strengthen our voice and stand up to the abuses and exploitation of workers, and put our trust in our collective power as a people to defend the rights gained by the struggles of the Filipino workers. Note how these economic activities, especially banking and real estate, are primary sources of wealth for the country’s top billionaires.
Fifteen years ago, this share was smaller (although unduly dominant even then) at 55 percent. It is not clear if such affirmative action for our southern regions has been sustained since then.
Agriculture, while a traditional mainstay in that region, grew by a relatively sluggish 2.4 percent.
In other words, much more is happening in our economy than what we can see in Metro Manila.
We could all do much more to strengthen our local economies and raise their contribution to overall growth. This way I am helping strengthen the local economy, and avoid further concentrating income and wealth in the capital.
Pulse Asia’s last survey also points to Duterte as the winner (33 percent), followed by Roxas (22 percent), Poe (21 percent) and Binay (17 percent). But from what I gathered in conversations with him and from his public statements, honest business need not worry; he isn’t going to interfere. The Aquino administration was consumed by its fascination with cash; longer term, wider benefit wasn’t in its equation. Finally, the sector on which the poorest depend will get some attention after languishing in the doldrums for so long. He wants to restrict smoking as he did in Davao, but smoking (through sin taxes) provided close to P40 billion of the 2015 health budget. For Manila, principally, it should be trains, but putting such project in place will entail time beyond his term. Certain characters were introduced to me: allies of the Marcos regime such as Prime Minister Cesar Virata and Armed Forces chief Fabian Ver, and those who broke their allegiance to the Marcoses, such as Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos. I admired these qualities so much, and I was struck and deeply moved why such a great man was killed. He was treated inhumanely: During visits his family members weren’t even able to touch him because there was a screen between them.
I read about the opulent lifestyle that the Marcoses had back then, and it filled me with so much rage.
As I was browsing Facebook one day, I found one post saying that the Philippines was at its “golden age” during the Marcos regime.
This is a huge cause for concern because the youth spend so much time in social media sites where wrong information can easily be ingrained in them. We are glad that they allowed us to engage them in this friendly tournament as we strive to foster an overall sense of community and teamwork between our organizations. The hotel business, by contrast, was down due to the closure of the InterContinental Manila late last year.
Due to the lower extraordinary trading gain, net income in the first quarter this year went down to P3 billion from P3.36 billion in the same quarter last year. Lucy looked down at the tear, which had screamed as it was being ripped, now frayed, open, and destroyed. Her brand-new thirty-six-inch television sitting in her front yard like a postmodern flamingo; her laptop bag, with the corner of her computer peeking out of it, flung onto the ground like a stepping stone. She reached into the backseat, grabbed her purse, and then yanked her suitcase from the trunk. While that sort of fur growth is great on a kitten, Lucy thought, it just didn't reap the same snuggle rewards on a woman who often had Cheetos dust clinging to hers.
She had had her fair share of slushy umbrella drinks and wanted nothing more than to go to bed like Jilly had hours earlier, but she also knew she couldn't let Marianne go alone.
She looked at him, picked up her purse that was sitting at the foot of the bed, and then opened the door to find Marianne coming down the hallway with her key card in her hand. If the two of you lived together how about taking on more responsibilities around the house. Take yourself away from how to get your girlfriend back after a fight the situation how to win back your girlfriend after you cheated for a while.
During this uncomfortable time your head will be filled with many thoughts that could really mess things up if you act on them without first investigating what the outcome may be. 21, 1983, led to anti-Marcos protests that ultimately toppled  the dictatorship that was marred by massive human rights violations and corruption in the country. Her move also underscores the importance of not passively accepting victimhood, nor surrendering to mob rule. This kind of behavior is unacceptable, and is a threat to our democracy and violates our basic rights,” she added. Just consider how an entire nation could be judged solely by the lack of civility of its leader. Loss of loved ones, properties, livelihood and the personal trauma of those who survived have not been erased by the decades that have passed.
That, indeed, there exists the Marcoses’ ill-gotten wealth.  The compensation (P10 billion) comes mainly from a Marcos stash in Swiss banks that the Swiss government returned.
But there is so much more out there, among them, the hundreds of artworks that are in the millions of dollars each. Think of the early women’s rights activists in America, those female Quakers who organized the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention in a chapel. Presidentiables and their supporters milked the issue until another Duterte mishap comes along. Upward of P3 billion was made available for scholarships under SUCs and more than P2 billion for scholarships administered by the Commission on Higher Education. This human capital will create a knowledge-based economy driven not just by brawn but [also] brains, tapping into one of our richest but least developed resources.
The best of them should be sent abroad for advanced degrees, and then brought home with sufficient incentives and an environment conducive to research. Hardly anyone in the Top 15 Forbes list has substantial involvement in manufacturing, much less agriculture or agribusiness. Central Luzon was a close second with 9-percent growth, propelled by manufacturing growth of 19.1 percent, along with construction, banking and agriculture. Government agencies, for one, can consciously raise the share of the regions in their public investment budgets. If all of us who had the choice between shopping in local neighborhood stores and in urban centers consciously chose the former, we would help spread the economy’s growth more evenly across the Philippine countryside. Others played vital roles in the success of the revolution, like Jaime Cardinal Sin and June Keithley. I couldn’t bear that someone had to undergo something as harsh as that, especially if they didn’t do anything wrong. How can you book expensive trips to various places, buy extravagant jewels and lots of pricey shoes, while the rest of the country went hungry? From then on, I didn’t exactly turn into an Aquino loyalist, but I did become opposed to the Marcoses. And if the youth are to be the hope of this country, they need to be properly informed on the issues that the nation faced in the past and the lessons that it should have learned.
And while his family reigned supreme in our land for decades, did he even care a little bit about the welfare of his countrymen who were being deprived of their rights due to his family’s wrongdoing? Never again will the people be deprived of their freedom to voice out their thoughts and opinions.
Key consumer loan portfolios composed of home and auto loans and credit card receivables rose by 62 percent. Her grandmother's antique rocking chair tipped up against the mailbox as if someone had recently been dumped out of it. Lucy never had too many problems attracting men; she only had trouble attracting men who weren't already married, weren't unemployed at the moment, or weren't just going into or just coming out of rehab. The moment they stepped foot into his room, it was Marianne who shot back down the hall toward the elevator without any warning, shrieking that she'd left her key card at the bar and that she'd be right back. She sat in a side chair, waiting for Marianne's return, and when the guy leaned back on the bed and smiled at her, Lucy's stomach flipped.
Your ex girlfriend may not act the same way towards your sweet and how to get your girlfriend back after lying warm gestures.
Help with housework and chores more than you may have and show that you can take charge of these responsibilities so she does not have to worry about them. In order to figure out how to get back with your ex girlfriend there are a few things we need to consider.
Patriarchal women have internalized the social programming to think like men and to practice a value hierarchy where feminine traits play second fiddle to and women are judged through a man’s norm. In 2010, the Philippines ranked 89th in the global Knowledge Economy Index, way behind Singapore, which placed 19th. Further, it recommends that in areas where we lack expertise, world-class professors and researchers should be enticed to teach here and work with their local counterparts, in a similar manner that Singapore was able to considerably shorten its learning curve. Little wonder that the tag “Imperial Manila” continues to resonate and raise emotions among our compatriots in the south.
Banks can make a conscious push for more loans in the countryside rather than allow rural savings to be siphoned off to Manila-based enterprises. I’ve always believed that people should always be able to do whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t negatively impact on society or on others. 25, during the commemoration of Edsa I, I made it a point to watch documentaries about those trying years.
Then the fateful day came that he was assassinated at the airport, and the documentary was concluded.
I was shocked that some people could still live normally even with tons of skeletons in their closets. Consumer loans as a percentage of total loans moved up to 11 percent in the first quarter from 7 percent a year ago.
Her clothes, her photo albums, her everything, was spread out over the front lawn, on exhibition, for anyone to come and poke at, pick through, gawk at. Her warm, strong eyes were clearly her best feature and made her look openly approachable, followed by a definitive straight nose and genetically predisposed perfectly aligned teeth.
She stood up to say she was going to wait for her friend in the hall, and the nausea of the undercooked shellfish hit her again.
These people questioned dominant culture, a world view prevalent in one’s society and unconsciously expressed through ways of thinking and doing things. Other businesses can explore branching out into the provinces more actively (there are vast untapped opportunities out there!). Inside your bedroom, for example, smoke as much as you want to; or you can indulge yourself with too much sugar (or, in my case, wine). They lack the interest to read and to fully understand the information being given to them.
She looked friendly and fun, and was just unpolished enough to look like she knew how to relax and have a good time. Luckily she was able to make it several steps and shut the bathroom door behind her before getting sick. If you feel that the demise of your relationship is your ex’s fault stop yourself from putting the blame on them.
She remarked that he seemed to have grown old mindlessly, that he was probably gay: “Parang wala kang pinagkatandaan. And moneyed provincial residents can consciously invest in countryside-based enterprises rather than whisk off their capital to Metro Manila or, worse, overseas. I even find some who are vocal of their support for Bongbong Marcos in his run for the vice presidency, and who testify that the Aquino administration did nothing to improve the country. After splashing cold water on her face, Lucy finally stumbled out of the bathroom ten minutes later to find that Marianne had still not returned, the television was off, and the guy was smiling at her. Government’s only role should be to inform you of the consequences of your health-consuming habits.

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