Her windows are all decked out in beautiful yet simple, tied back linen curtains, layered over simple white sheers.
A popular yoga guru delighted her Instagram followers recently with a video of a morning vinyasa session featuring a baby goat balancing calmly on her back as she got herself up into crow pose. But the 27-year-old earned additional applause from her fans after introducing the adorable Penny Lane, a baby goat she and her husband welcomed into their home over the holidays, into her posts.
In one video, which has received 70,000 likes, Penny jumps onto Rachel’s back and excitedly paces around the area as the yogi impressively lifts her legs into crow pose. And in a similar clip posted last week, Penny takes a ride on her owner’s back as she flows from a downward dog to an upper push-up plank.
The curious goat is often documented on Instagram lurking around Rachel’s yoga mat, trying to get in on the workout. In addition to working with the animals, leading yoga retreats around the world and teaching paddle board yoga classes in Aruba, Rachel also found time to launch the Kickstarter-funded virtual yoga studio oneOeight.tv last year. She’s also currently working on a follow-up to her New York Times best-selling book, Yoga Girl, which one can hope will include cameos from Penny Lane.
Guy Ritchie received one of the largest payouts ever when Madonna settled her divorce for up to $92 million.
Lucky place to live: It was revealed yesterday that a neighbour on the couple's Hawick street had also won the lottery in the past. The family have not been together for more than a year but the couple have offered to pay the plane fare home as soon as Miss Martin can arrange it.The couple said they hoped to be reunited at the weekend so that they can begin planning their futures at their 'ordinary' home, where Mr Martin's Ford Fiesta is parked outside.
Fun facts: Mr Cornwell put the Martins' win into context by comparing it with the town's population and average wage. Five-year-old chimpanzee Anfisa used to enjoy watching staff clean her enclosure before having a go herselfStaff are no doubt happy to hand the chimpanzee the reins and take a back seat while the animal wipes the glass of her enclosure with a wet cloth.Footage of the chimpanzee in action shows her mimicking the way in which the cleaner would attend to the window. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. And while we've enjoyed the sunlight during the day, there's something we haven't enjoyed: feeling on display at night!

In the past 10 years she's called home: a van, a former downtown store in small town Texas and a studio apartment rumored to have once been owned by Willie Nelson.
While the songstress bashed her ex-husband throughout her 2008 tour, their biggest battle started when their son Rocco, 15, cut off communication with his mother and refused to return to New York from London to live with her. Made by his shoemaker John Lobb, they cost A?3,570 a pair.If Mr Martin stuck to A?200 brogues, he has enough for more than 165,000 pairs. So, when we telephoned she was really worried.'Then we told her wea€™ve just won 68 million in Australian dollars.
He also brought up the budget for the flood defence scheme in Hawick, hit badly by the recent weather'I liked how they corrected the folk on TV when they mispronounced Hawick. Her house borders a busy street with cars and people walking by often; you can't see them but you can hear them pass. But the reality star had a recent win when a judge ruled in March that she no longer has to pay $12,000 a month in spousal support. After a series of court dates, Madonna and Ritchie were advised by a judge to come up with an agreement for their son. And if he wanted to get wife Carol some eye-catching shoes, A?2million could buy the unique a€?Dorothya€™ slippers covered with thousands of rubies and diamonds made as a tribute to The Wizard of Oz.As for his wifea€™s aspiration to buy a 4x4, Mr Martin could do worse than live life in the fast lane by ordering one of Bentleya€™s Bentayga SUVs. Bentley describes its A?160,200 model, with a top speed of 187mph, as a€?the fastest, most powerful, most luxurious and most exclusive SUV in the worlda€™. They're pretty quiet people and don't go out too much, but David is a keen golfer down at the course.'He'll be able to buy the Roxburghe Golf Club now. While our friend seems completely at ease, we can't help but wonder who's out there watching us!
The proceedings took a nasty turn when she accused Sheen in court of threatening to kill her. Abby wrote about the idea of feeling like no one can see you when you're in your home earlier this month. The question is, if you know they are looking in, do you do something about it or not care?

But the fighting wasn't over for the ex-couple, as they returned to court with Boella accusing the wrestler of abuse.The hits kept on coming for Paul McCartney and Heather Mills throughout their divorce battle. From Mills accusing the Beatles singer of physical abuse to McCartney claiming she used to be a call girl, the divorce was one of the nastiest in Hollywood! Only a month after they filed for divorce, it was revealed Kelsey was dating current wife Kayte Walsh.
According to reports, the reality star received $30 million in the settlement since the couple had no prenup.Kelsey and Camille Grammer's 2010 split played out on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. According to reports, the reality star received $30 million in the settlement since the couple had no prenup.Everyone, especially Nicole Kidman, was shocked when Tom Cruise filed for divorce right before their wedding anniversary. Nicole is in a state of shock." The actor was awarded custody of their two adopted children. Kate Gosselin accused her ex-husband Jon of stealing "$230,000 of the $231,000 we had" during their divorce battle.
The last thing I wanted was to do this show and end up not being able to pay our bills," she told Today.
Jon fired back by saying that he only took $22,000 and that it shouldn't have mattered because she's "hiding money." Kate received primary custody of the couple's eight children and the family home, while Gosselin was forced to pay $21,000 a month in child support. Jon recently revealed how he doesn't know what his children look like because they refuse to visit him.
When the then 11-year-old didn't pick up a court-approved phone call, he left a message on her voicemail calling her a "rude, thoughtless little pig." Although he blamed his ex-wife for leaking the voicemail, he faced the consequences when he lost temporary visitation rights.

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