I started on PeoplePerHour 18 months ago now and have since gained over 150 clients, done 312 Jobs and am currently the copywriter for our very own PPH. I don’t believe I have any special talents or anything better than any other freelancers out there, I simply think it was a mixture of detail, consistency, a little luck and perseverance and I strongly believe everyone on PPH, feedback or not, can experience the same. When you put in your Proposal resist the urge to ignore the fact that you have no feedback. Instead start your proposal with something like, “You may notice I have no feedback on PPH, that’s because I am new to this site, however if you give me a chance to explain my experience you’ll see I have the skills you need for your job.” Then go on to wow them with your expertise. This will not only prompt them to think about the information you have provided but may also prompt a response where you can communicate further, hopefully winning that first job! This is a guest post by Martina Mercer, a freelance copywriter, journalist and blogger on PeoplePerHour.
I am in South Africa, and I notice that a lot of jobs on offer are in the UK, but I shall persevere, and get there in due course. Great post, Martina, I’ve taken quite a few pointers, and I’m now off to get hired! If you done28099t think you can upload your work, why not inludce a video or document that further sells your services? But failure is a lovely thing, because it eyeballs you grimly at 3am and snarls: a€?You just made a complete arse of yourself. When we meet new clients, wea€™re in the room to talk about how we can help them make their marketing better.
This document could be a detailed proposal, a white paper, educational exercises, or research. If youa€™re packing this level of detail into your presentation your audience will be overwhelmed, and not with delight either. There are few things more dispiriting than showing up at a presentation, picking up the print out of the PowerPoint slides on your chair and realising, with an awful sinking feeling, that youa€™re going to spend the next hour being droned at by someone reading through every single bullet point on sixty slides. Your leave behind document carries on selling and educating for you, long after you have left the room. And dona€™t give the leave behind document to your audience until after you have done speaking, because if you do, they will spend their time flipping through the pages, and they will not listen to what you have to say.
One way to build your presentation is to strip your leave behind document back to the essential points you want to convey. Pictures that evoke the senses of touch, sound, taste, and smell work, because people experience the imagery on different levels.
Images that evoke universal human emotions and rites of passage intrigue us, because we identify with them.
Authenticity is key; brands that trialled stock imagery versus Instagram style real imagery found that the real imagery had 25% higher conversion rates3.
The presentations we do are team efforts, where we pass the topic back and forth, and each of us talks about our area of expertise.

If you have a chance to set the scene for your presentation then spend some time thinking about the ambience you want to create. We also like to offer our guests food and drink and create an atmosphere of conviviality and plenty.A  I dona€™t know about you, but I get grumpy when I arrive at a meeting and Ia€™m not even offered a glass of water. As a team, wea€™ve found that the rehearsal time is where we build that positive energy that creates a great vibe.
2 Marketer Jeff Bullas collates data showing that articles with images get 94% more total views. Bli forst att betygsatta och recensera boken How to Win Your First Great Job: A 30-Minute Non-Nonsense Guide to Jump-Starting Your Professional Career After College. It does seem like a double edged sword as Buyers can be reluctant to take on freelancers with little or zero feedback yet Sellers can’t build their feedback until they win their first Job. It seemed to take only weeks until I was awarded my first project and from there work has snowballed to the point where I’m wishing for a clone for Christmas.
It can be tempting to hope that they’ll be so bowled over by your bid that they won’t notice but they always do.
Your profile is your perfect marketing platform and filling it full of your professional achievements, your portfolio and your work history will wow any Buyer. It ensured they had access to my degree details, my work history and my previous employers.
For example: If you’re a copywriter, read their job description thoroughly and if they require articles on a specific subject send just 100 words. It will show the buyer exactly what you can do and will convince them that you’re worth taking a chance on.
How about because your T&C steal unlimited rights to reproduce, use, sell, distribute etc anything that we upload, and also gives every other user the same rights?
In fact, and Ia€™m probably being far too frank with you here, there are times in the not too distant past, when wea€™ve done a terrible job presenting to potential clients. They want to know why they should work with us, and not with the other agency who pitched to them that morning.
Whatever format it takes, it supports your presentation and demonstrates the level of thought and research that has gone into what you have to say. And we also respond powerfully to images that capture moments of intense and authentic human emotion. Well if, and only if, it adds to the experience for your audience, you may add some text to your visuals.
But remember, if your presentation deviates from the real reason youa€™re in that room, you risk losing your audience. Before we started rehearsing, we were going into presentations underprepared, so we lacked crucial confidence. Ita€™s a lot easier to throw a lack lustre PowerPoint together with a bunch of bullet points.

Utilise the features on offer, let them know what you can do, see it as an extension of your Proposal where you seal the deal. For other freelancers you can offer some free advice or a small service and let them know you’ll only invoice if they like it and use it.
Presenting is even starting to become fun.A  Best of all, wea€™ve started winning more work. However once you have written this, it becomes the keystone on which your presentation rests. Ideally you want to learn your talk by heart, so that you can dispense with your notes and concentrate on connecting with your audience.
Wea€™ve only just started doing this, and of all the changes we have made to how we present, this is the evolution that has borne the sweetest fruit. Wea€™re a creative agency and we like to bring a bit of creative mojo with us to our presentations. We were also going in as nervous individuals, rather than as an excited team.A  Getting together and talking about the energy we want to create together has been a bit of a game changer for us. But time spent becoming a better presenter really pays off, boosting both your power to influence, and your self-esteem. And while youa€™re relearning the art of the presentation, experiment with removing words altogether from your visuals. Some of my colleagues prefer bare bones bullets and fly by the seat of their well-cut pants. As a bonus, focusing on making your guests comfortable takes your mind of any nerves you may have about the presentation. If you create a sense of excitement and anticipation, greet people warmly, and show them that youa€™re genuinely enthused about being with them, then youa€™ll make a good first impression.
Research around decision making indicates that the parts of our brain that make decisions respond more strongly to images than to words1.
We bring in large scale graphics and branding, set the table with flowers and branded mugs, and create a sense of vibrancy and excitement.
And wea€™ve all experienced the joy of a truly exceptional presentation, one that left us fizzing with excitement and new possibility. The data was drawn from over 100 million impressions, spanning campaigns from more than 15 advertisers.
You only have to look at content marketing stats to see that images get more interaction, more views, more likes, and more shares2.
Just Google a€?creating a good first impression,a€? then settle in comfortably to read the 39,500,000 results.

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