I stumbled on this method while trying to help my children express their love for my grandparents who spend so much time with my children and who do so much for my whole family.
Sometimes thinking about all the things you love about a person can be overwhelming, and it’s hard to focus or whittle it all down to a discrete list. It could even be an account of a holiday and the traditions you share together and how much the person contributes to that tradition and how much you appreciate the person’s presence there and his or her role in making it so special. When my husband and I were in college, we were eight hours apart and he was at a military school. You can make a really hot love letter by using the same methods above in a slightly different context.
The task might seem overwhelming, but you'll never regret the time spent writing a love letter to your child. If you are wondering about buying the absolute most perfect gifts for your girlfriend or wife on Valentinea€™s Day, instead of buying something, why not try your hand at writing a love letter or love poem? Writing love letters or love poems can be the most romantic thing to do for her, she will treasure it forever. All you have to do is search your heart and soul and let your feelings for her flow through your fingertips onto the page. Depending on what you come up with to say to her, based on how you feel at the moment, your letter can be filled with romantic sentiments or it can be homage to who she is personally.
Another idea is to treat your love letters like you would if you were writing in your nightly journal. Just write down some things about how special she makes you feel and how happy you are to be with her.
If you want to make your gifts for girlfriend or wife on Valentinea€™s Day really special, go to the local stationary store and buy some nice stationary and envelopes to go with it. Be careful, though, if the relationship is relatively new you do not want to sound like a stalker and scare her off. By entering your email address you are also requesting and agreeing to subscribe to our email newsletter.
You will want to be sure you are being completely honest when you are writing a love letter. The lovely and fabulous Courtney, designer of Bright & Beautiful, created this amazing kit. Stationery and Envelopes – Twelve months of adorable paper and matching envelopes; the best medium for expressing your love! Now you know WHAT to write – next you need something adorable to write ON! This kit has a whole year of beautiful, brightly colored papers, (lined and blank). This set of printable Love Letters is a fabulous addition to the Love Letter of the Month Club, OR it stands on it’s own as great gift as a fun way to add romance to your marriage. If you enjoyed our Love Letter Kits, we have another cute, unique pack of printable love notes for you!
I'm a happy gal who's lucky enough to have the most handsome, sweetest, goofiest husband, and a darling baby girl!

In fact, during one especially lean year, my husband and I decided to exchange letters rather than presents. One way to corral your feelings for a person is to write about one event that in particular in your mind illustrates the wonderful qualities of the person.
Maybe it was a wonderful event you shared together or maybe it was a horrible event you shared together. In our youthful anxious state of love, we felt as if we were separated by oceans and mountains and valleys, and I reveled in my despair over our geographic separation. Cement your aspirations and emotions into a tangible message that your child will cherish always. Take notes like this until you can make some sense out of them and then form the entire letter or poem.
Instead of making it an entry in your journal, just write it on a separate sheet of paper or two. If you don’t have nice handwriting then it is acceptable to compose your letter on the computer and then print it out.
If you are inspired to write a letter to a brand new girlfriend keep it light and just say that you like what you see so far and are looking forward to getting to know her better. However, it is important for you to  keep in mind that honesty is the best policy and that if you have feelings for someone they may secretly have feelings for you as well. Don’t worry, we thought of that! Just personalize each of these done-for-you scripts with your own details and writing a love letter is suddenly easy! The Open When Letters pack is a set of meaningful notes to give your sweetheart, to be opened at different times. Not only were the letters gifts we treasure, the process of taking a few moments really thinking about the other person was an exercise in reawakening appreciation itself.
And handwriting anything more than his name sends his whole body into paroxysms of grief and delirium. You may feel like what you say will be too sappy, it is supposed to be that way, it’s a love letter. If you want something unique and different, surprise your honey with a quick love note on a postcard! It makes my day, and my heart bursts with love as I read those sweetly written words of devotion. Whether they need a laugh, a pep talk, or to know they are loved, the Open When Letters has you covered.
Some of my favorite things include cuddling (I wish it was my full-time job!), yoga, throwing parties, bike rides, crafting, picnics and trying new recipes.
Over the years, I’ve figured out a few methods that can help a self-professed unromantic or even an un-writer craft a powerful love letter. Your recipient will love looking at that list when she or he needs to remember what is special about her or him.
On my birthday you always let me sleep in and make sure the boys are quiet, and then you make my favorite blueberry and banana pancakes.

Does she always make a special coffee cake for Christmas morning?  Did he stay up all night putting together a bike? He on the other hand, well, let’s just say he found a way to communicate beyond words—that sounds like I mean something more titillating than writing a letter. God love the always-confident among us, but I think down deep inside, all of us want to feel special and loved. The best way to let feelings be known if telling the person is not an option is to write a letter. We’ve created MORE adorable stationery, envelopes, & love notes, and even included your own guide on how to write a love letter!
Give that amazing feeling to your spouse today with the sweet, meaningful, printable Love Letters in this pack. And then go on to tell what was so special about that time and what the person did to make it so special. If it’s cold you build a fire and bring me coffee while I read the paper in front of the fire.
What if you could give someone written proof that he or she could glance at on those less-than-confident days that—at least to you—he or she is special and is loved? Talk about some dreams you have for the both of you and perhaps mention some of your fantasies.
Now that you know how to get started and have some ideas about what you could write, you can get started writing your love letter today.
Use as many details as you can about the event and the person will be able to relive the good parts about that time over and over every time he or she reads your letter. Writing love letters is not hard and there is no right or wrong way to do it, but here are some tips to make it easier. You could even write about a typical day with this person and all of the specific little things he or she does every single day that you appreciate. Go forth and be specific with lots of details and tell that person what you love about about him or her and what makes him or her special to you. The memory of that care package has stuck with me for fifteen years, and not once do I ever smell Coppertone without thinking of him and the way he feels about me. Most people will start out by expressing the feelings they got the first time they ever laid eyes on the recipient.
You should always tell the person what you appreciate the most about them and mention how much the time you spend together means to you.

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