If you roll your cursor across the black bar underneath the side profile of me, you can see a 360 degree view of my final hair. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, and for those of you who are sticking with it through the holiday, good luck with your families! A TEENAGER allegedly begged his ex-girlfriend to take him back minutes before he was hit by a car and killed in Crayford early yesterday morning.
Eighteen-year-old Kyle Rich was walking back from a night out at Air and Breathe nightclub in Dartford with his best friend Jake Walker when he was hit by a red Land Rover estate. Police and paramedics were called at 5am to Thames Road, near to the junction with Iron Mill Lane on the opposite side, but the teenager reportedly died in his friend’s arms. At 4.20am Stephanie Rose, 19, claims he pleaded with her to give their relationship another go after they recently split up having dated for a couple of months. She showed News Shopper texts in which the former Erith School pupil wrote: “I love you so much Steph, I’ll never give up on you. Miss Rose says she did not see the texts and some missed calls left by Kyle until midday yesterday (June 21) when she rang his phone – seven hours after he died.
Amidst more than 100 bouquets and written tributes to Kyle taped to the railings by the busy road where the accident happened, Miss Rose told News Shopper she would have given the relationship another try. The Shepherds Lane, Dartford, resident, who says she first met Kyle at Air and Breathe, said: “I only saw the texts at about midday.
The nursery nurse at Brinds Well Day Nursery in Orpington added: “He was lovely to be honest. Friend Sam Mitchell, 20, was with around 40 people for a vigil at the scene last night and joined a small group of others spending time there this afternoon. He said he might well have been with Kyle on the fatal early morning walk had he decided to join him clubbing on Thursday night. Mr Mitchell, who was a couple of years above Kyle at Erith School, said he used to go out clubbing with the fun-loving teenager “every weekend”.
The driver of the red Land Rover estate, a 56-year-old man, has been released on bail after being arrested at the scene on suspicion of causing death while driving under the influence of alcohol. Take this down, steph rose was in no way kyle rich's ex girlfriend and this article is total and utter bull! Marty1979, I appreciate your comment but please do not input on something you know nothing about, miss rose the 'ex' has never been in a relationship with mr rich..

I have to say I think it's a disgrace that the newshopper should publish an "alleged" story from a silly 18 year old girl. But has anyone contacted News Shopper (simply posting on here is not actually notifying them!) and asking them to remove the article? You are saying that Stephanie Rose has "invented" the story - but how do readers know if in fact she is the one telling the truth?
This website and associated newspapers adhere to the Independent Press Standards Organisation's Editors' Code of Practice. OK…can we get a really good pic of Mekhi Phifer and Omar Epps (before he went bald and group a pointy beard)…those are my chocolate fantasies!!!!!!!!! I met him a few months ago having a family outing in Midtown ATL…he was with his daughter and what I am assuming was his girlfriend…from what I gathered, he likes his life kept private and doesnt like all the hoopla when he is out and about, especially when he is with his daughter!! OK…can we get a really good pic of Mekhi Phifer and Omar Epps (before he went bald and group a pointy beard)…those are my chocolate fantasies!!!!!!!!!
It’s just the way it sounded like, “I knew that dark ass n!gga was African!” For real though, outside of his name, how could you conceive that he was African? AWW…(*WIPING CYBER TEARS OF JOY*)8703 CORD WAY THAT WAS MY OLD HOUSE RIGHT OFF ELK GROVE FLORIN!! There has got to be a reason he doesnt take undies pics …every actor has at least one somewhere…. I'm at home and enjoying the wonders of freshly cooked meals, frustratingly slow internet, my warm furry dogs, and actually needing to drive places.
If you remember, I did start a little bit early, so the fact that I shaved on Friday means that I did have a full month's worth of hair. I thought that they didn't do too much, and that it looked better this way (not great, just better). A young man has had his life taken and this article is making a point about a so called "ex girlfriend". This boy was loved by a huge group of loyal friends that know this story to be rubbish - they all know the truth. Does it really matter whether he was asking this girl to go back with him, does it really matter when she saw his texts or realised he had called. If you have a complaint about the editorial content which relates to inaccuracy or intrusion, then please contact the editor here.

I’m from the south and that southern drawl(if that’s what you can call it) in men around here just does not cut it with me. I can see us now, out to dinner, laughing, watching movies, playing naked twister…….oops I’m dreamin out loud. My girlfriend absolutely hated this look, and begged me to take it off even before she snapped the picture. By printing this it has caused unnecessary upset to his real friends and I have no doubt caused lots of upset for the silly girl that spouted the trash.
Yall know I was no good, anyway I told him I was a big fan of his and he was thrilled and we started talking about who we were looking forward to see performing that night.
OMG, I am having dreams, but thats all they could be because I could never leave my boo, but damn, he could get it all day. I have in the past and I notice some diferences between them and my fellow latinos or islanders…I am SOOOOO attracted to men my color (caramel), but Idris can f*ckin get it. But the 28-year-old actress says that she is deeply fond of Seyfried, 23, and still speaks to her ex. I love my family, but every time I have a hint of facial hair they make a huge fuss about it. This story should be taken off at once as I personally think it is inappropriate at this sad time. AFRAID OTHER MEN WILL NOT VIEW HIM AS SUCCESS IF HE HAS A AVERAGE EVERYDAY CHICK ON HIS ARM. So, to save my tolerance for my wonderful relatives, I have dropped out of No Shave November. I don’t have anything personal with Africans I just would never ever ever EVER date them (besides Boris Kodjoe).

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