Made on 24 acres, the place will offer to the visitors shopping, dining and entertainment in the form of bowling alleys, multiplex, clubs, pubs, health club, multiplex, etc. The Family Entertainment Centre will cater to the demand of teens and young adults, children and families. Built on 95 acres, the place will provide a relaxing recreational activity to the visitors. Residential luxury villas with personal swimming pools, plush gardens, man made waterfalls to truly relax the mind, body and soul.
There will be a huge parking area made on 15 acres, the place will provide surface parking to over 2000 cars. With over three decades of experience in building entertainment destinations of international standard , Appu Ghar has established itself as not only the industry pioneer but also the clear leader. It is with great pride that we announce the launch of our new destination sprawling across three hundred acres - Appu Ghar Jaipur. IAL has conceptualized India's first 3-day weekend getaway in the state of Rajasthan with a 300 acre parcel of land adjacent to the serene Aravalli range.

Surrounded by an environmentally protected forest area, Hill View Villas offer owners breathtaking views of natural beauty which has not only been preserved but also enhanced with careful landscaping.
Located only metres from the gorgeous nine hole golf course, these villas are a perfect accommodation for fitness enthusiasts.
A 24-lane bowling area shall be developed as a recreational sport activity, in addition to a variety of video games for children. We have a strong history of offering innovative products to meet not only the everyday needs of our patrons but also the inner most desires that each of us only dreams of. Situated amidst the Aravalli hills, the location offers a stunning backdrop of natural scenic beauty coupled with the royal heritage of Rajasthan. Making the most of its tranquil location, the design intent behind this project is to nurture all the scenic beauty Jaipur has to offer.
These regal yet stylish accommodations will redefine lifestyles by offering a serene getaway to completely unwind both mind and body. They evoke vibrancy and vitality, inspiring residents to embrace a healthy yet indulgent lifestyle.

From luxurious accommodations for much needed tranquillity to recreational facilities that provide various forms of entertainment, there is something for everyone. The professionally managed 24 hour emergency support provided here and in other villas offers owners a true peace of mind and a carefree sanctuary. All our villas provide guests with an unbeatable combination of relaxed vacation living with all the comforts associated with modern cosmopolitan living. These accommodations provide the perfect luxuries and extravagances of an era that luckily, has not entirely disappeared. Therefore you will find all our villas have easy access to various luxury amenities including shopping, dining, and several forms of entertainment.

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