I know that generally we want what we can’t have, but in the case of the Vampire Diaries, I actually find the available Salvatore brother the most attractive. Links in email sent before the 27th (through our old email service) will no longer function. Nobody ever did this for me before it makes me wet to think about being so uncovered and hot wives I would like a guy who will be gentle and careful. We worked on that for some months so I hope it's okay And go follow Silver, he's great! Secrets are secrets and nopony like to mess up with surprises, but sometimes keep it to yourself is hard.

Diamond Tiara is oficially Pacifica and her mom, Spoiled Rich, is just like Pacifica's mom.
You know I have a thing for King Sombra since the first time he was in the show (I have tons of headcanons for him, I have a plush of him, I have lots of fan arts of him, even my Tumblr has a Sombra joke with a SU one too), BUT my love for Discord never gone away and he's 2nd best (Chysalis being after him). And Fluttershy was pretty much confirmed a otaku with those cut-outs anime characters (I laughed way too hard at it. Once I saw it was a Discord episode weeks ago I got really hyped and it was worth the wait. I think that she was too much of a asshole in it, I mean she was just mocking in Flutters face!

This was like 1 or 2 season and let out all the evolution she had between these five seasons.

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