These are some of the many questions you, as a parent of a rebellious Aspergers teen, might be asking yourself right now.
The teenage years can be a very rough time for both the teen and the parent – especially when you consider the challenges that are part of the Aspergers condition.
Peer pressure - Some forms of rebellion can begin with pressure from peers to join in various destructive behaviors.
Hormonal changes - As adolescents bodies are changing, hormone fluctuations can bring about all sorts of mood changes. How your Aspergers teen chooses to rebel, depends on their own individual feelings and problems. Preventing all forms of rebellion can be a difficult chore as some of this behavior is a normal process of growing up. Don't be too harsh with criticism - Adolescents like to experiment with their individuality to discover who they are.
Keep an open relationship with your teen - Let them know that they can always come to you with their problems, under any circumstances.
Punishments should be fair - Set reasonable consequences for broken rules as unfair punishments can create further rebellion. Set up some reasonable house rules - If your rules are to strict, your rebellious adolescent might feel the need to break them. Try not to argue with your rebellious adolescent - Yelling and arguing with your rebellious adolescent about your differences only sets a bad example of how to deal with problems. Although Aspergers is at the milder end of the autism spectrum, the challenges parents face when disciplining a teenager with Aspergers are more difficult than they would be with an average teen. If you’re the parent of a child with Aspergers or High-Functioning Autism, you know it can be a struggle from time to time. Getting Your Asperger Child to Try New Food: As if coping with Aspergers wasn't difficult enough, meal times can become the battle of the century trying to get your Aspergers child to eat something, anything. Though coping with Aspergers and picky eating can be a somewhat daunting task, it is essential to keep trying and doing your best as a parent to provide your child with what they need. What about an Asperger's teenager who has no problem eating junk or trying junk (pizza,macaroni,ice cream) but when it comes to fruits and vegetables would rather spend 5 hours at the table refusing even a bite rather than try it??? To James,My son was going through an oral phase recently, during which he was chewing on everything in sight. My son does not like for foods to touch and he hates casseroles where everything is jimbled together. A youngster with Aspergers or High-Functioning Autism can learn to cope with the trials and tribulations of puberty and the teenage years.
Many changes happen around puberty, and these changes can certainly affect behavior, including in areas where your Aspie has already made so many strides. Don't wait for your youngster to come to you with questions about his or her changing body — that day may never arrive, especially if your youngster doesn't know it is acceptable to talk to you about this sensitive topic. It's important to answer questions about puberty honestly and openly — but don't always wait for your youngster to initiate a discussion. With females, it's vital that moms and dads talk about menstruation before they actually get their periods.
On average, males begin going through puberty a little later than females, usually around age 11 or 12. Just as it helps adults to know what to expect with changes such as moving to a new home or working for a new company, children should know about puberty beforehand. When talking to children about puberty, it's important to offer reassurance that these changes are normal. Many times, adolescents will express insecurity about their appearance as they go through puberty, but it can help them to know that everyone goes through the same things and that there's a huge amount of normal variation in their timing.
Females may begin puberty as early as second or third grade, and it can be upsetting if your daughter is the first one to get a training bra, for example. With males, observable changes include the cracking and then deepening of the voice, and the growth of facial hair. Let your youngster know that you're available any time to talk, but it's also important that you make time to talk. If there are questions or concerns about pubertal development that you can't answer, a visit to your youngster's doctor may help provide reassurance. The training typically involves the youngster attending two 30-minute sessions per day, separated by a minimum of three hours, for ten consecutive working days. Although no AUDITORY INTEGRATION TRAINING device has been approved for marketing as a medical device by the FDA, devices used only to aid education are not subject to FDA regulation. Most AUDITORY INTEGRATION TRAINING practitioners are speech-language pathologists or audiologists and occupational therapist. Parents who are seeking interventions for their Aspergers youngster should explore the many options currently available and evaluate each one. AIT stimulates the auditory system with unique sounds that stimulate the auditory system to reduce or eliminate the problems within this system. When the auditory system is retrained, the benefits may extend well beyond just the ability to listen better. An online school (also called virtual school or cyberschool) describes an institution that teaches courses entirely or primarily through online methods.
Online schools may be free if the state pays for the courses, otherwise, there will be a course fee to be paid for by the student or parent(s).
Online schools may also provide children with a wide variety of materials that include, but are not limited to just a laptop computer. Adults with Aspergers often face challenges with social interaction, impaired motor skills, sensory processing issues, repetitive patterns of behavior, and intensely focused interests – all of which might interfere with their ability to complete activities of daily living in a manner similar to their peers. Increased awareness and knowledge about Aspergers has opened many avenues to help adults with Aspergers adjust to life’s demands.
At times, situations or impairments interfere with an Aspergers person’s ability to independently complete or participate in daily functioning skills.
The goal of treatment may be to increase performance levels, to restore functioning to a prior level (or close to it), or to maintain current skills – or prevent regression. The Occupational Therapist must (a) evaluate which components - physical, cognitive, or emotional - are impairing the individual’s functioning, (b) begin appropriate remediation, and (c) initiate compensation. The ultimate goal of OT is to help clients have independent, productive, and satisfying lives. If you are having difficulty with social skills among friends or within the community, an Occupational Therapist can help identify the underlying reason of the difficulty. If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, OT might help you become more independent - or regain your independence.
The ideal treatment for ASPERGERS coordinates therapies that address core symptoms of the disorder, including poor communication skills and obsessive or repetitive routines. ASPERGERS treatment resembles that of other high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders except that it takes into account the linguistic capabilities, verbal strengths, and nonverbal vulnerabilities of children with ASPERGERS.
Of the many studies on behavior-based early intervention programs, most are case studies of up to five participants, and typically examine a few problem behaviors such as self-injury, aggression, noncompliance, stereotypies, or spontaneous language; unintended side effects are largely ignored.
Despite the popularity of social skills training, its effectiveness is not firmly established. Vocational training is important to teach job interview etiquette and workplace behavior to older kids and adults with ASPERGERS, and organization software and personal data assistants can improve the work and life management of people with ASPERGERS. However, teenage rebellion that is constant, interferes with normal daily functioning, and is destructive calls for much more attention.

Rebellious adolescents want to have total independence and prove to you that they can do things themselves. They use this time to test and try out many identities until they find one they are most comfortable with. Keeping the dangerous forms under control is necessary though in order to avoid further problems from developing. If your rebellious teenager feels the need to be alone, give them some space to work out their problems by themselves first. Give your adolescents some say in home of these rules and curfews so that they feel some ownership over them.
I have a almost 12 year old that I love dearly but he also is soooo hard to get along with!!! Because the Aspergers child tends to internalize how others treat him, rejection damages self-esteem and often causes anxiety and depression. They are somewhat like overblown temper tantrums, but unlike tantrums, meltdowns can last anywhere from ten minutes to over an hour.
In layman’s terms, Aspergers is a developmental disability that affects the way children develop and understand the world around them, and is directly linked to their senses and sensory processing. Sometimes, due to their sensory issues, getting a child with Aspergers to eat can make you want to pull your hair out.
Outside of meals, try talking to him about new things in general, and how trying new things is sometimes scary – but also lots of fun. If you notice a complete lack of certain nutrients or foods in their diet, your best approach may be supplements.
We found him chewy necklaces on amazon, and he wears that around his neck and chews on that if he feels the need to.
My solution was to seperatethe ingredients and then make him take 2 bites of the mixed food before he can eat the seperated food. Your Aspie may have many questions, and it is important for parents to be tuned-in to what the teenager might be asking for. As with all teens, your adolescent may regress in some areas even while he continues to move forward in others.
Your child needs to learn about puberty and the physical and emotional changes he may go through so that he can take some responsibility to piece together what will be happening to him. Ideally, as a mother or father, you've already started talking to your youngster about the changes our bodies go through as we grow. By the time children are 8 years old, they should know what physical and emotional changes are associated with puberty. If they are unaware of what's happening, females can be frightened by the sight and location of blood.
But they may begin to develop sexually or have their first ejaculation without looking older or developing facial hair first.
Often, though, the lessons are segregated, and the females hear primarily about menstruation and training bras while the males hear about erections and changing voices.
Acne, mood changes, growth spurts, and hormonal changes — it's all part of growing up and everyone goes through it, but not always at the same pace.
And just as with females, if your son is an early bloomer, he may feel awkward or like he's the subject of stares from his classmates. For you, it's important to make sure you give your youngster the time and opportunity to ask questions — and answer them as honestly and thoroughly as possible.
As embarrassing or difficult it may be for you to talk about these sensitive topics, your youngster will likely feel even more uncomfortable. First, before you answer your youngster's questions, make sure your own questions have been answered.
It has also been promoted as a treatment for ADHD, depression, and a wide variety of other disorders.
These hypersensitivities are believed to interfere with a youngster’s attention, comprehension, and ability to learn. The youngster listens via headphones to a program of specially filtered and modulated music with wide frequency range. Moms and dads often report improvement in their Aspergers youngster’s ability to ride a bike, catch a ball, pronounce words, and modulate speech volume. Though there are thousands of commercial and non-accredited courses available online, the term "online school" is generally reserved for accredited schools that teach a full-time (or nearly full-time) course of instruction designed to lead to a degree. The online school differs from the traditional school through the physical media that links administrators, educators, and children.
Instructional models range from (a) fully independent self-paced courses to (b) semester-based, virtual-teacher facilitated courses.
Most courses will provide electronic materials free of cost, but others require some shopping on the children part. Despite federal and state laws that traditional schools are supposed to abide by, many school districts fail to perform timely IEPs.
Online schools give a student the opportunity to stay in school when traditional brick and mortar schools will no longer accept them.
Many online schools include online study groups in which children interact with each other online. Traditional (offline) schools have difficulty keeping pace with the student’s education needs due to financial strain.
Unlike traditional education delivery methods, children at online schools do not directly interact with teachers. Another perceived disadvantage to distance learning is the added challenge of staying focused while in the home environment – and many children report that staying on task is the most difficult aspect of learning online. Critics argue that for online education to be taken seriously, online programs must adhere to generally accepted educational standards. These impairments may consist of physical, cognitive and emotional components, or a combination of all three.
Furthermore, Occupational Therapists are becoming increasingly involved in addressing the impact of social, political and environmental factors that contribute to exclusion and occupational deprivation.
While most therapists agree that the earlier the intervention, the better, there is no single best treatment package. If your Aspergers teen is showing harmful rebellious behavior, further treatment with a mental health professional should be sought. If that cannot be done, give yourselves some space for a while and talk about it at a later time once tempers diminish.
As the child feels worse about himself and becomes more anxious and depressed – he performs worse, socially and intellectually.
One day they will eat something, and the next day they scream when it comes near their mouth … not to mention your fears as a mother or father that your child is not getting adequate nutrition. This can be easily remedied by using divided plates that do not allow contact between areas and therefore, the food remains separated.
You could remind him of things he was scared of initially but now enjoys, and then point out that trying new foods is similar. This way, we provided what he needs for sensory stimulation, and avoided the socially inappropriate behavior of chewing on clothing, toys etc. Our family has always eaten a traditional western diet, loaded with processed, packaged, fast foods, high in sugar, salt, fat and meats. And when we visit a friend or relative, I always have to advise: The best bet is to keep it plain and simple.

That may seem young, but consider this: some females are wearing training bras by then and some males' voices begin to change just a few years later. Most females get their first period when they're 12 or 13 years old, which is about two or two and a half years after they begin puberty.
It's important that females learn about the changes males go through and males learn about those affecting females, so check with teachers about their lesson plans so you know what gaps need to be filled. It's easy for a youngster to feel insecure, and as if he or she is the only one experiencing these changes.
If you're not entirely comfortable having a conversation about puberty, practice what you want to say first or ask your youngster's doctor for advice. It typically involves 20 half-hour sessions over 10 days listening to specially filtered and modulated music. Virtual public and private schools serving every grade level including graduate programs may elect to pursue accreditation through various regional and national organizations.
Class sizes range widely with anywhere from 25 children to as many as 200 children in each class section. Some popular materials include Adobe Systems products, Jasc products, and products from Macromedia.
Anecdotal evidence suggests that school districts and teachers are not well-equipped or trained to deal with Aspergers students or other special needs students.
The costs to conduct an online school is substantially less because there is no need for school buildings, full time staff, etc. No matter what their social, economic, religious, ethnic or physical or mental differences, virtual education gives all children the same opportunity to reach their full potential. Some reasons for this could be extensive absences due to medical reasons, teen pregnancy, or for other reasons that the school system may deem distracting to the school body. Hence, virtual education is considered by many to be equivalent to a directed-learning program. One way that online schools are proving their effectiveness is the implementation of the same standardized testing that brick and mortar schools require of their children. Once the components have been identified, the type of treatment approach can be determined. An evaluation (which included an assessment of abilities, strengths and weaknesses in daily functioning, work, leisure and play) determined that he had decreased hand strength and impaired fine motor control (physical components). Of course, this can become difficult and you can feel like you are running a restaurant if you have other children you are preparing meals for, but like all aspects of the Aspergers world, it takes adjustments.
He is 14 years old and when I eventually coerce him into trying something, he has his mind already made up not to like it and just gags or spits it out no matter what it is. We, as parents, feel a part of ourselves back in that intense and sometimes scary world of our own adolescence.
For the conscious and aware mother or father, more often than not, kids teach us as much or more than we teach them.
It's a good idea to review the lessons with your youngster, because children often still have questions about certain topics.
Let your youngster know that it may be a little uncomfortable to discuss, but it's an important talk to have. The American Academy of Pediatrics and three other professional organizations consider AIT to be an experimental procedure.
Accredited schools must meet rigorous standards as defined by the issuing organization and are designed to insure that children are receiving the highest quality instruction and education.
Many states in the United States have their own online school often with a student population numbering in the thousands. Children keep in contact with educators and collaborate with other children through web communication tools provided in the course delivery platforms like Blackboard or Desire2Learn or Moodle. Because children do not interact with their teachers or peers face-to-face, "lack of socialization" is often quoted as a disadvantage by detractors. To reduce this criticism, The International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) has developed a set of standards. The treatment plan was to strengthen his hands, to improve coordination (restore function) and to adapt the pen grip (compensation). My blessings with your family as I understand the work that goes into becoming the person you need to be for your asperger child.
Try not to let your own fears about your youngster’s changing hormones scare him or make him feel that the change he is going through is scary or bad.
Recent anecdotal evidence indicates that, while socialization may be different, it is not necessarily lacking. Some believe that this is an important first step in monitoring online programs, but while every provider of education must be accredited, the quality of accreditation varies significantly.
The Occupational Therapist designed a sensory program and compensation techniques that would allow her to successfully complete her shopping trip. If the listener has shown unusual sensitivities to certain frequencies, these may be filtered out additionally. To help with communication many online schools have implemented their own system programs to help build courses and maintain student profiles. Student usually receives the full version of the selected program, with a limited license, usually 1 year or so. It is also recommended that children enrolled in online schools be involved in social activities outside school, much like homeschooled children. The program consisted of exercises that helped her improve her ability to process sensory input from the environment. Provide a choice of at least one main course food that he prefers, but tell him appetizer comes before the main course and he needs to choose and eat the appetizer before he will be given the main course. There are also many books and training manuals to aid in the development of such schools and courses.
These programs are important to the success of online schools, and help them to improve each year. Stress to him that as soon as he tastes the appetizer it will be time for the main dish, and provide a lot of positive reinforcement for eating the appetizer. Try to stick with the same appetizer choices for about a week to allow him to get used to them. Generally, these computers run using the Microsoft operating system, Windows XP, but depending on lesson needs and coursework the school may also use Linux based computers or Apple Macintoshes.
If he starts picking the same appetizer on consecutive days, begin increasing the serving size until he is eating a typical amount.
I'm okay with that but some family members would rather give in and buy him a milkshake which is SO irritating. I can't wait to ask him if that is what it is like for him, we are very sucessful at comimg up with plans once we know what his brain is saying and what his desires are saying. I am so thankful that everyone shares their experiences, so that other families can benefit.

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