The Secret VideosHow Can Autism Epicenter Help?Our website is dedicated to and written by parents of children with autism. I have wanted a tattoo for each of the boys since they were born, but I haven't decided what yet.
Though I'm not really sure that I think the puzzle piece is the best representation of ASDs. For husband it was about spreading awareness (He has other tattoos not dealing with autism).
This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. As parents with children with autism, we understand the challenges that you and your child need to overcome, we understand the joys of raising a child with autism, and we understand the hardships that home life and public life can impose.For families whose child has recently been diagnosed with autism, Autism Epicenter is available as a guide and a support system.
I have 4 already but have recently been thinking about getting a new one and thisis more then likely what I will be getting just wondered if anyone here also decided to have one? His is on his arm where everyone can see and he has gotten stopped countless times by people asking "Thats for Autism right?" and then its a chance for him to share our story and bring light to a topic people hear about, but dont really understand. Every child diagnosed with autism will experience challenges that are unique to them and their development, with a broad scale of severity from  mild to profoundly disabling. Plus her middle name is Hope.Yeah our daughter is so much more then her autism, but I cant deny that its a major part of our life. While some children may be able to develop, grow, and experience life with minimal challenges, other children may require extended specialized support their entire life.

We are here to offer you and your family advice, stories, and information to help you through this journey. Mine is more simple and personal (on my back, cant see it unless im in a tube top), a song lyric, a pic of her letter link and a small puzzle piece.
You can read more about the History of Autism.Autism will manifest in your child by the time they are age three, with signs of the development showing as early as six months. Initially, there will be an adjustment period for you and your family as you learn your child’s different behaviors, how to efficiently communicate with your child, and how to teach your child various social skills. Then I will have a blue one for my 16 month old and my 3 yr old with asd will have one that has puzzle pieces in the wings of it. She is Madilyn Moon and I know she can fly whether the world or society choses to believe in her or not.  They just mean something to us.
How independent your child will be able to live out their life will depend on how developed their autism becomes and how well your child adapts to certain therapies. The earlier that autism is detected in your child, the the earlier parents can help their child by setting up appointments with specialists, enrolling their child in proper education programs, and getting connected with other families with children with autism.When raising young children, you want to know that your child is growing and developing as healthy as possible. If you begin to notice that your child may have a disability or a learning disorder, it can be difficult to determine where to go and what to do, especially if you don’t know or understand the diagnosis of your child yet.
If your child has not yet been diagnosed with autism and you are unsure if you should consider talking with a professional about a professional diagnosis, Autism Epicenter can provide you and your family with valuable information about What Autism Is to use as a guide.The Red Flags of Autism?Many times, parents are unaware that their child has autism because the child has not developed enough to consider that there may be an issue to address.
Luckily, specialists have been able to determine the warning signs to watch out for from a young age, as young as six months old, so that you and your family can consider a professional diagnosis and begin to make necessary adjustments.

The only way to know for sure is to talk with your child’s doctor or a specialist for a professional diagnosis.
The initial adjustments can be challenging, especially when you just begin to make the changes. How will raising a child with autism change the way you and your family raise your children? As a parent to a child with autism, the absolute best thing you can do for your child is to properly educate yourself about autism, recognize all the signs, and understand the developmental milestones your child should be achieving.Not every child diagnosed with autism will be the same. Some children will be mildly affected be their autism while other children may have greater affects. As a parent, the best thing you can do is get to learn you child’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can determine what therapies and education would help your child develop and grow most efficiently. Talk with specialists, teachers, and other parents to children with autism to learn how you can best raise your child.
Not every child will adapt to every method, so learn as much as you can and grow with your child.

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