Since the introduction of web fonts, the undivided variety of typography is available to web designers and their projects. Everyone that wants to first read the basics will find a lot of general information on font and typography in the first chapter of “Combining Typefaces.” The chapter gives the reader an overview of the anatomy of letters, meaning that, among other things, it explains ascenders, descenders, and serifs. Whenever it gets very specific, the book refers to websites and books that allow you to deepen your knowledge. The book’s primary emphasis, the combination of fonts, is explained in a very detailed way.
The ebook also gives a lot of useful advice on how to find fonts that suit each other outside of one font family. You should choose a suitable font for the anchor font, which is used for headers, for example. In the final chapter, a couple of well-done examples of good font combination are presented.
Overall, “Combining Typefaces” is an extensive book that is interesting and helpful for both typography beginners, and advanced users. If you use any kind of social media like Facebook or Twitter, you won’t have been able to avoid the merciless onslaught of ads promoting WYSIWYG website development.
You could easily think that this is a great idea because on the face of it these kinds of systems are supposed to save you time and effort, but the reality is a little different. If you build websites for other people, the last thing you should be doing is promoting websites that encourage them to use a DIY approach.
Most clients can’t make websites, but they can be given the impression that they can do it. When you use code from third parties, you have to spend a lot of time working out how to integrate it and then finessing it to do what you want. The other obvious issue is that if there is a flaw or bug in the third party code, you have to spend much more time diagnosing and fixing the bug than you would have to do if it was your own code.
All the challenges that you’ll face and overcome in creating a website that is based mostly on your own efforts will help you become better at coding. There are plenty of form building services, plugins, and frameworks in the wild that make the tedious task of form design and development much easier. Building a form is one of those tasks in front-end development that I forget how hard it is until I’m asked to do it. We use Wufoo to power the contact form here on CSS-Tricks and have for many years without a need to change it out for anything else. It’s a pretty nice form builder, and compelling because of the no cost, but also quite limited. Typeform builds forms with a unique interface: each question is asked one at at time, more like a real life conversation. Formstack is a totally hosted form service as well, with some pretty unique features that may be of particular interest to heavy business and marketing needs. Formspree is sort of a happy-medium between the other two online form builders we’ve looked at. My favorite thing about Formspree is that it provides a slew of advanced options to customize a form’s behavior using name values in the markup. Running a WordPress site means you have access to many, many plugins that make forms a lot more manageable than starting from scratch.
At the moment, I think Ninja Forms is a solid comparison to Gravity Forms from the interface to the features that are offered. I often turn to Contact Form 7 on smaller WordPress projects with baseline-level form input needs. For many designers, developers and agencies, customer service can be a burden, slowing down the day, stifling the creative process.
Like your sales funnel, channelling customers to a make a purchase, support needs to be thought of as a funnel, directing customers to the right place to find relevant answers to their queries. Sketch out your support process flow, identify key pinch points – where customers are getting lost. Make support flow – capture queries, direct to a support center, then to a contact form connected to email or support ticketing software. Email is great for one-to-one communication, but how good is at tracking persistent queries, analyzing time spent on support and delegating issues to the appropriate personnel?
Tools such as HelpScout offer the best of both worlds – support tickets can be created from emails or a web form. To minimize support queries hitting your ticketing system in the first place try using a dedicated support center such as our WordPress Knowledge Base products, which centralises documentation and support topics, acting as a gatekeeper to your support request form or email.
Slack for the day-to-day discussions, replace instant messenger apps, incredibly useful integrations for keeping the finger on the pulse of support and sales. Documentation feedback is great for gauging how well a guide or walkthrough is hitting the mark. Write down your top ten comments from customer support and devise an action plan for each, the plan could be to do nothing, but by being aware of issues and tracking them effectively can help you better manage support in the long run.
Great support is what we offer at HeroThemes, both by selling the products which help our customers deliver it and leading by example.
This approach justifies the time and cost spent on support – no longer a time sink, support can be a marketing tool and a customer acquisition strategy in itself. Each aspect of the support process can be tailored to match your branding, the right balance of friendly and professional is key. Create a support branding document for your business that outlines standard responses and policies, try to avoid canned responses, instead use it as a framework for providing consistently great support. You need to remember that customers are reaching out for support from a position of confusion or frustration, something has gone wrong- see the opportunity to turn that customer into an advocate. Focus on building support that flows, with the right tools to match your customer base and service expectations. What started just as a blogging platform is now globally reckoned as a full-fledged web design and development platform. The extensive plugin support of this platform is highly appreciated for building seamless websites and applications. Undoubtedly, Photoshop is one such powerful tool that has made photo editing more interesting and simple.
Evidently the files saved using this software are called PhotoShop Documents or simply PSD files. Here is a list of top 7 PSD to WordPress conversion service providers that have proven their metal in this realm. CSSChopper promotes dexterity and innovation which is why it is one of the majorly sought-after PSD to WordPress conversion service providers in India. Pillared with an objective of proffering matchless web design and development industry, the company Sparx IT Solutions is well-known for delivering reliable, futuristic and inexpensive PSD to WordPress conversion services.
PHPDevelopmentServices is a leading mainstay delivering quintessential PSD to WordPress conversion services.
The perfect place for those seeking to find that exquisite, impeccable, and multi-purpose WordPress themes and templates. Zurb, makers of Foundation, have a reputation for building robust tools that web developers love. Back in 2014 Zurb began merging several of their design apps into a single new platform called Notable. Tribute.js is a native JavaScript solution, meaning that it avoids relying on 3rd party plugins or scripts. You can download Tribute for free from Github, or install via npm, and you’ll find a full list of options in the documentation. Because view controllers in iOS carry many responsibilities and are closely related to the app screens, a lot of code ends up being written in them because it’s just easier and faster that way.
The post A Better Architecture For iOS Apps: A Deep Look At The Model-View-Controller Pattern appeared first on Smashing Magazine. With this Quick Tip, we want to leave behind current trends and indulge in the aesthetic of past times. The post Delightful Bits Of Vintage Graphic Design Inspiration appeared first on Smashing Magazine.
In the early days of the internet, search engine optimization meant understanding Google’s latest features and adjusting a page accordingly (think of keyword stuffing).
Thus, the mission of searchmetrics is not to support website owners to manipulate the SERPs, but helping them by showing tangible facts that help with the work that is necessary to improve their ranking.
To gain specific recommendations on the optimization of your own page via searchmetrics, the first step should be to set up the domain as a new project in the searchmetrics suite (image 1). For the analysis, searchmetrics uses its own research cloud, a pool of 250 billion recent files. The section SEO Research offers a lot of detailed information that help you gain an overview.

The list of errors, warnings, and information that contains suggestions for improvement from searchmetrics, can be rather frustrating: It looks like a whole lot of work (image 3)!
It is not advisable to blindly trust the displayed data, as, for example, the information “many external links” (view image 3), can be misleading as those links are necessary and rarely ever pose a problem. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. The classification of fonts – meaning the stylistic and historical placement of fonts – is only mentioned briefly.
For example, it is helpful first to decide on one “anchor font,” the font that you will use for text blocks and is thus used for the majority of your texts. There are explanations as to why the fonts fit together and what makes the combination excellent and unique, according to specific scenarios. This way, you can possibly find one or two new fonts for inspiration, or maybe even a font provider that you didn’t know before.
If you’re looking for a profound entrance into the topic of typography and the combination of fonts, this book certainly is a good choice for you. I’m not talking about those fancy software applications like DreamWeaver, but actually hosted site building applications that offer drag-n-drop website building systems complete with predefined templates.
There is no easy way to transfer them out because the source code of your page is translated into metadata. In some cases, you may not understand everything that third party software does and it may do some completely undesirable things. The same holds true if you want to add extra functionality or you want to change the way it works. But you have to accept that by incorporating those items into your design, you are also accepting the risks and complications that come with them.
Look at the source code of any site builder template, and you’ll see a lot of weird metadata that contains hundreds of URL instructions. And then, every once in a while, you’ll come across two or more sites that have way too much in common? The result of that lack of effort is going to be less customers for you (or your client) because they don’t see your site as offering anything unique. It all adds up to more experience, and that means you become more efficient as a coder over time. Doing so can minimize the cost and time for a client and lead to a better end-user experience. This way, you’re offloading most of the form-related work your team would otherwise be in for. Because Wufoo offers easy payment integration, we’ve also used it for selling products a number of times.
There are several ways to embed a form on a website and options to customize the appearance using their themes, or custom CSS.
It’s part of the Google Docs world along with Slides and Sheets (you can export form data to Sheets).
No payments, no logic, very limited design control, the iframe embeds can be a little weird (require scrolling), etc.
Where a SaaS provides everything you could possibly need and hosts it for you, a form builder provides the actions you need to receive data and notifications. The primary difference here is that a sign in is required to get started and, once you do, you have the option to upgrade your your forms to collect more data.
No signup or account is needed to get form actions, but there is a limit of 1,000 submissions per form before an account and upgrade would be needed.
It’s completely free in the sense that the basic (but also awesome) form functions are included, then a whole bunch of add-ons available for a cost. I do know, however, that the team is working on a hefty revamp in version 3 that will shake things up quite a bit in a very awesome way and further distinguish it from Gravity Forms. It might take a little more instruction when handing a project back to the client, but is more than ample for many use cases. You can still benefit from the work of others who have poured effort into making frameworks for forms that are not only attractive, but handle often troublesome aspects of forms like accessibility and browser compatibility. In most cases, I use some kind of form solution, because building forms is so dang tough given all the permutations or what can be required. It doesn’t have to be – here are five things to try today to turn support from your enemy to an ally.
For example, if you’re fielding support queries from email, Twitter, Facebook, contact forms… STOP. Place as much documentation online as you can, ideally before any email or ticketing systems, and help customers to help themselves.
Ticketing systems tackle these points, but introduce their own nuances – who wants to log into a separate ticketing system just to see the status of their support request or post a reply? While it can be great for a community project, for a paid-for product, customers will have little tolerance for the digressions and thread hijacks that appear to be par-for-the-course with forums. We use it ourselves and it has helped customers resolve issues themselves without needing to wait for a response from our support team.
When tickets are closed, a follow up is great way to find out what went well and what could have gone better. At the end of the articles in our knowledge base we have voting buttons for visitors to rate article usefulness. Review feedback on an aggregate basis, one irate customer may be an exception, but persistent similar comments are a sign that further action should be taken and regular review of customer feedback is a good starting point for refining the overall support process.
It’s an ongoing process, but support can become the cornerstone of your brand by inspiring confidence and allowing potential customers to discover your products and services with SEO rich, accessible documentation, testimonials from well serviced customers and clear guides explaining your products. Good and bad, people will talk about the experiences they have with your support team, so a proactive attitude is more crucial than ever. Set expectations in the documentation to help reduce over-demanding requests, demonstrating any limitations of your products and pre-empting questions that could arise. The key is not to take it personally and understand that support is a process that is there to be crafted, worked on, improved, and with the right tools and people, should become an asset.
For whatever reason, this may not always go right, but the learning potential from each interaction is there to build better support processes and flows. But it need not be, try the suggestions from each of these five tips to see how they can improve your business today.
Listen to feedback from your customers and leverage support contact points to enhance your brand. If you’re looking for an all-in-one knowledge base solution, consider the HeroThemes KnowAll theme, quickly create a brand-able and customizable support site that works with a range of ticketing and email systems. However, it is not that easy to build a demand-specific website that is high on visibility factor. This is why it is mostly utilized by global artists and web designers to create impressive designs and templates. The proficiency of 228 professionals happily working in this company has pillared its strong foothold in the industry. The company has successfully serviced more than 1085 clients across the world by delivering pixel-perfect PSD designs for their WordPress files. Serving across 90+ countries globally, the company has proven its metal in delivering matchless and demand specific services to its clients. This renowned web development company offers a wide range of WordPress web development services to its clients. Holding a commendable experience in working with WordPress, this client-oriented company builds qualitative PSD to WordPress conversion services. WordPress has largely benefited small and large scale businesses by giving them options to leverage the functionality of their running online system. They craft effective solutions because they start out to solve problems they encounter themselves. Seeing how fellow designers tackled their job decades ago, with a limited set of tools, and how timeless, even classic, some of the pieces are still today, is fascinating. The fact that the removal of weaknesses comes with an according increase in the Google rank is not really the purpose, but the logical consequence of the done work.
The basis for this are the ranking factors, updated yearly by searchmetrics, and calculated from the first three search results of the 300.000 most popular search keywords. Optionally, external data sources like Google Analytics or the Google Webmaster Tools can be connected to your searchmetrics account. Especially interesting: searchmetrics also enables you to directly compare your site to those of relevant competitors, and this way, it shows the remaining potential of your domain.
However, working down the list over time is worth it to achieve a long-term increase in your ranking. 3 – Project Start: the First searchmetrics Error List Could Turn Out to be Rather Extensive.

Those that would rather stay on the safe side stay within one font family and, for instance, combine a font without serifs with a serif font of the same family. One of the most interesting observations is that clients always notice every flaw (real or imagined) in anything you create and will use that to make your life hell, but they never notice the massive and very real flaws in whatever they create. Less is more, and you need to keep things as local as you can if you want to avoid worrying about dependency problems. Want to do some kind of fancy database stuff that doesn’t fit into a cookie-cutter design model? Eventually you can face any challenge with confidence, as you’ll develop coding fluency. I tend to use hosted form services when there are many complex considerations to a form, such as conditional logic, pagination and reporting. One thing I personally like about (aside from it’s clean interface) is that is offers a nice iOS app for collecting form data in other places than a website. You host the form on your site and the form builder’s server will process the submissions for you.
Gravity Forms allows you to create an unlimited number of forms directly from the WordPress dashboard, includes a slick drag-and-drop interface, and offers all the advanced options you might expect to see in something like Wufoo, such as conditional logic, style customizations and integrations with popular services.
For example, every input has a set of advanced settings that can be used to customize everything from the appearance and behavior of the input to its accessibility and ability to pull data from other fields in the same form. It’s far from the advanced features of Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms, but is completely free and still does some pretty slick things, from notification settings to Ajax loads on the front end. Direct all queries to a central support location, a single contact point that customers can find answers or reach out directly if needed. Crucially however, it’s all transparent to the customer, the response is sent directly to their inbox and they can just hit reply to follow up on a query. Once they’ve voted they can submit comments which are reviewed by the support team to help refine the article and improve the helpfulness metric. Invest in the right tools and people for the job, good documentation can not only reduce repetitive support emails but lead to increased sales.
Link to relevant third party documentation or further reading material to create jump off points if visitors get stuck. Don’t take issues to heart, but do take the time to understand what went wrong and where things can be improved. Finally, don’t take it personally, treat it as any other process in your business, to be nurtured over time. We are referring to WordPress- the ultimate blogging platform cum CMS that initiated the idea of developing futuristic web solutions. You need exquisite designs to make your site look appealing and approachable and to materialize this, there are hundreds of themes & templates available.
Since Photoshop is easy and multi-purpose, it is therefore introduced in web design and development industry to build creative WordPress blog or website.
With over 7 years of experience, CSSChopper is getting synonymous to reliability and affordability globally.
Dedicated developers of this company strive hard to deliver W3C compliant, table-less, and pixel-perfect PSD to WordPress conversion services. The company employs a team of professional WordPress developers who ardently strive to deliver inexpensive, futuristic, and reliable PSD to WordPress conversion services. The team of dedicated developers of this company dedicatedly strives to deliver standardized and dynamic WordPress development services.
Browse through the different categories of WordPress themes and templates offered by theem’on. The glory of this amazing web design and development platform is irreplaceable; hence, the early you realize its potential and make use of it, the better will be the prospects for future development of your business. Some talented designers put their special touch on these iconic logos redesigned and mastered. Buckle up… and off we are to a journey through pre-Photoshop, pre-Sketch and -Illustrator times!
In the course of technological evolution, Google’s goal started leaning towards user friendliness more and more. This established database allows you to understand the way Google works, to learn about some of the Google algorithm’s secrets, and to directly apply the new knowledge to your website using the searchmetrics suite. It is recommended to make use of this option to provide the widest possible range of information for searchmetrics to use.
Currently, the strengths definitely are the ranking and development information from the SEO area. To soon achieve the first successes, it makes sense to observe the index of the respective potential for improvement, which searchmetrics displays in the right column.
However, this is a worthwhile investment, as a page owner can save many frustrating detours this way. Compare the relation of the upper case letters to the lower case letters, as well as the letter width. This means if you decide you want to change to a different hosting platform, you will have to reconstruct the pages and whatever functionality they contain. Economics of scale mean that hacking every template site churned out by a site builder may be worth it, hacking your code probably isn’t. You also keep control over your website hosting, your domain name, and who benefits from your work. That’s before we even start discussing browser inconsistencies, input states, payment integration, and accessibility.
These companies have figured all that out for us and, considering time, for a lower price than developing it ourselves. I wrote a post way back when on how I used Wufoo as a tool for getting customer service feedback.
That’s perfect something like a conference, book signing or some other live event where collecting information in person would be a benefit. Plus, there’s a community behind it that has contributed extensions and add-ons to tailor the experience even further. WordPress has always been known for its simplicity and versatility which is why it is highly used and recommended by the global developers. But sometime all this is not enough, you still need an expert assistance of some professional PSD to WordPress service providers. From creating WordPress themes from scratch to customizing templates and designing modules, this company is capable of doing them all effectively and efficiently. The shortened turnaround time and quality services make it a perfect choice among newbie as well as established clients. Get benefited with the offers available on themeforest on timely basis to have at par excellence services at minimum prices. For an added support, there are hundreds of WordPress plugins available that can be used to enhance the functionality of your WordPress site. This causes a painful breakdown in visitor count that, in the case of commercial websites, comes alongside heavy sales losses.
The core of the business model always was leading the user to the website that actually suits his desires, not just the letters he typed. Those that want to go deeper into optimization, starting with the list, should also go in-depth on the areas “Keyword Optimization” and “Content Optimization” (the latter is only available via paid license). The frequent updates of the information make first successes visible very fast, assuring that no motivation is lost. This way, you’ll find fonts with similar proportions, which thus harmonize well with your anchor font.
Wufoo is for any type of web form while SurveyMonkey is likely a better tool specifically for web form surveys. Delivering projects on time has always been their forte whilst all these projects are hand-coded, W3C Validated and 100% unique. In some cases, the necessity of constantly keeping an eye on Google development, and permanently optimizing your own page has the potential to take up so much time, that running the website can come close to unprofitable. How much sense does the internal and external link structure make, and how popular is the page on social networks?
New forms and changes to existing forms can be a difficult-to-coordinate cross-disciplinary effort. The company keeps coming up with new and exciting offers that are highly awaited by the clients globally. Here, amongst other things, Google updates and their effects are displayed in a graphic, and details on recent algorithm changes are available in the searchmetrics blog.

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