I had a pretty normal relationship with my body, though the self-hating due to my deformities, never left. My turning point came when I weighed my daughter one day and she, at six, weighed more than I did.
I wish when people were advocating thinness, that they would include the pit-falls, as there are many and tell people that most people are NOT a size zero.
I still continue to struggle with my body image, but I look at this as the first step into my journey of self acceptance. Bio: Annie created SHYB in October 2010, as a platform for awareness and knowledge in the world of body image. Bio: Amber joined the SHYB team in 2011, helping to queue submissions and answer some questions. Bio: Katie joined the SHYB team in 2011 to help with queueing of submissions and answering questions. Today’s episode is unique in the fact that while it does cover how to figure out if an ex boyfriend is stringing you along with false hope it is so much more than that.
Depressed in Atlanta doesn’t seem to have even entertained the idea of doing a no contact rule.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes? Now, for those of you who are familiar with Ex Boyfriend Recovery you will know that the no contact rule is kind of a big deal for me. I’ve also been talking with my wife and it looks like we’re going to be doing this coaching idea.
This isn’t going to be a tiny, little response that you would get if you commented in the comments section of the website. Anytime you have questions along the way or something changes with your ex, let’s say the no contact rule isn’t working out for you or you have questions about certain things, just email us.
We’ll be creating files for the people who sign up for this coaching so that we have a chart of information that we can refer to in order to really help people. He even kissed me goodbye and called me “babe” when I left, which had me feeling very confused. He says he is confused and feels that it is bittersweet that I seem to have changed and become the person he wanted me to be when we were together, now that we have broken up. You say that you are always the first one to contact him, and you can’t get him to contact you first.
When I listened to your situation and thought about it, I think he’s just a mess himself and doesn’t know what he wants. For those of you who are doubting the health, wealth and relationship portions of my philosophy of becoming more attractive to a man, it’s right here from the beast’s mouth.
During the winter, I couldn’t go out and play tennis so I completely pushed health out of the way and focused on wealth. Then set aside a certain amount of time for your relationships with your loved ones, friends and family.
Depressed in Atlanta, the best piece of advice that I can give you today is to find a way to balance these three aspects.
When I look at your situation, Depressed in Atlanta, I think you have a pretty decent shot at getting your ex back.
For example, someone who cheated on her ex-boyfriend six times with six different guys and was caught every single time is not going to have a high percentage shot of winning her ex-boyfriend back, as compared to someone in your position.
You are probably in one of the better situations compared to a lot of the women on my site. When I look at your situation, I notice three big mistakes that you are making in your campaign to win your ex-boyfriend back. When it comes to exes, being too invested in your situation leads to things like neediness and not ending conversations soon enough. You can go to my sales page for Ex-Boyfriend Recovery Pro to get an idea of the process of ending the conversation first, and the process of the Ziegarnik Effect. I would say, Depressed in Atlanta, the biggest pieces of advice that I can give you are the holy trinity, getting the health, wealth and relationships perfectly melded together in your life, doing no contact, not being too available and ending the conversations at the high point, and ending it first.
Obviously, if we were doing more of a coaching type thing, I could give you much more in depth analysis, more strategies that you can implement and a super game plan if you were trying to get him back.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of. I’ve read the moving on article multiple times, and i find it hard because you want to implement a year long nc rule, is there anyway to move on, but still build rapport with an ex? Since the breakup there has been fighting, crying, spending time together like we did in the past, and talk of working things out. Recently we have been seeing each other and I felt like he was really making an effort with me by calling me when he’s sober, making plans with me ahead of time, and not binge drinking.
I feel like I should do the NC thing again but this time for a month or longer to get my feelings in check and really work on myself.
I gave so many times ultimatums and then undoing them two-three days later, that at my last time which was yesterday he didn’t reply to the text at all.
Here is the back story … we have been dating for 2 years we moved in together in January of this year.
My Ex boyfriend and I dated all throughout high school and a year in college, total of four and half years. LATE NIGHT ROUNDUP: Eddie Murphy Welcomes 9th Child, Miles Teller Boxing Film Out In November, & More! It’s been 11 years since director Nick Cassavetes bestowed the masterpiece of all iconic romantic movies upon this planet.
The movie changed thousands of lives the second it was released on June 25th, 2004, when every woman in America fell for Ryan Gosling as they watched Noah and Allie fall desperately in love. Every single girl who kinda sorta still loves her ex wishes he would show up at her doorstep reciting this line, followed by the passionate embrace that accompanies this scene. My heart physically hurts in the best of ways every time I hear Ryan Gosling utter these seven words. I’m pretty sure it was this line that made the first of many substantial and heavy tears fall from the inner corner of my eyes. The day I find out that my boyfriend wrote me 365 letters everyday for a year with a pen and paper will likely be the same day my heart stops entirely. Word of advice to any of the men reading this, putting things simply can, every so often and when appropriate, be a real game changer.
We can only hope that the men of the world will swallow their pride, watch the movie, and take thorough notes. Sign up for our newsletter and never miss the hot stories Thank you for subscribing to Global Grind! I realised that I was sick and at that point promised my body, I’d never do that to it again.
You are not your dress size and size zero won’t make you feel any better, if you have problems. She dealt with abuse and bullying that led her to an extreme self-perception and self-esteem issue, as well as depression.
Elle has dealt with diagnosed Body Dismorphic Disorder for years and it is a fight that she is winning, but a current battle none-the-less. My boyfriend broke up with me two weeks ago because he thought I was unhappy all the time and I didn’t know what I was doing with my life. Even though I know this episode is entitled “Is he stringing you along?” I’m not as interested in that. I always feel like I have this constant battle of trying to merge the three, the health, wealth and relationship aspects together. If you can merge these three together seamlessly and find a perfect balance between the three, good things are going to happen to you. Just because you don’t get your ex back right now doesn’t mean there’s not a chance in the future.
When we were in the courting phase of our relationship and I was trying to get her to be my girlfriend, every time she would text me, I would immediately fumble for my phone and check.
It’s an effect that states that people remember uncompleted tasks better than completed ones. He can lose interest in you very easily, especially when you’re trying to reignite this passionate relationship with him again.
Too many women out there have this mentality that, if they don’t get their ex back, the world is going to end. That’s probably the best thing I can recommend to you right now, other than completely cutting him out.

I’m a single mother living with my family and he wants me to be financially independent.
I, on the hand, have been very sensitive to everything he says and does, jealous of the other people in his life, angry and weepy. My ex and I broke up almost 4 months ago, due to lots of fighting (over nothing), and him saying he was depressed (us, work, family life). I think he’s distracted enough currently that I will not feel anxious or smothered and it will give us both time to reflect. I just know i am so fed up with him not doing even the slightest but confessing so much love and sadness without me on the other hand.
We loved hard but we fought harder, there were a lot of good times but the bad times just kept outweighing the good based on the foot we started the relationship on (I wasn’t over my ex before him, and he continued to keep in contact with his ex behind my back as well) We started our relationship 4 weeks into knowing each other despite having no closure in our previous relationships.
I am an avid follower who has read almost all of your posts and found your support and help very beneficial. We haven’t spoken since May, I ran into him back home and I had texted him for the loss of his grandpa. It can be difficult when he’s dating because if the girl finds out your trying to get back with him she will hold on to him for dear life. I just thought he was stringing me along because he only comes and talks to me when he does not have a girlfriend. We haven’t spoken since May, I ran into him back home and I had texted him for the loss of his grandpa.
I vividly remember feeling out of breath after watching it for the first time – like it had stolen a piece of my soul (or at least a few beats of my heart) from my very body.
Ryan Gosling got all these out in just over two hours, which makes me believe there is hope for us all.
This is assuming, of course, that your ex doesn’t completely suck, which is highly unlikely. Thanks to Nicholas Sparks, every woman who’s fallen victim to The Notebook has an (unfortunately) fictional expectation of what constitutes romance, which most of them very much carry into reality. To be body positive is a journey of self acceptance while advocating for and accepting our differences with others. My mom has always thought of me as a beautiful person i always believe her because i knew i was a beautiful person. I have managed to keep my promise, but have long term health issues now, due to my eating disorder. She found the SHYB project incredibly inspirational towards finding body peace and was thrilled at the invitation to be a part of it.
As many of you know, I use this podcast as a way of reaching out to you on a weekly basis and updating you on the way things are going.
You’re going to get my entire Ex-Boyfriend Recovery Pro system, the ebook and the audio book. If you find yourself in a situation where your ex is being negative in his responses, there will be text messages to get him to go from negative to positive. You’ll get another product that I’m working on that will be live very soon about the un-gettable girl. He said the reason was that you seemed depressed and you didn’t know what to do with your life. He said it’s bittersweet and it’s almost like you are the person he wanted while you were in the relationship together. He mentioned that you were depressed and that you didn’t know what you wanted to do with your life. You look depressed and it’s unattractive to me.” That falls under the wealth and health categories. Even if you don’t trust what I’m saying about health, wealth and relationships and how you need to merge them together to create this holy trinity of attractiveness and the un-gettable girl, other men are saying this. Every time I’ve ever found a balance between the three, good things have always happened to me. I don’t think you necessarily have this problem, but a huge problem I see from everyone on the website is that a lot of women are way too attached to their situation. You mentioned that you talked to your ex-boyfriend for over two hours and it was a constructive conversation.
Again, I’ll put a link in the show notes to my SpeakPipe and contact page where you can leave me a voicemail for this podcast. Also, last year he changed jobs and moved 3 times and started binge drinking on the weekends. He says that we both have things that we need to work on and that we’re trying to figure things out. I saw him about 5 days later to exchange our stuff and he cried and asked if we could go on a break instead because he still loved me. We talked about marriage and kids for our future as we got into this deeper, but throughout our relationship he was very sketchy about his phone and didn’t like having an open relationship when it came to phones, computers etc.
We go to the same college because I transferred for him last year so I see him all the time.
I don’t think he was trying to string you along, it sounds like he was talking to you to see how you were feeling about him. Body positivity is for everyone; fighting self-hate and working towards self-love and acceptance of ourselves and others through resources, visibility, and discussion!
Throughout high school, my curves began to even out, but it still took me a while to get those negative thoughts of my body out of my head. I am very fortunate to have a mother who has always reinforced the idea of positive body image and self confidence.
I have had to have my gallbladder removed, I have high blood pressure, am infertile and have pre-diabetes. Upon finding this happiness with herself, she wanted to share body peace with the world and hopes to inspire people to make the effort to change the way they think about their bodies, to learn to love the bodies they are in! Her self-perception has improved greatly and she hopes to inspire people with BDD to take the steps necessary to see themselves clearly again, to see themselves as beautiful. She hopes to inspire people with size insecurities of any kind, all bodies are good bodies, healthy or not, no one has the right to judge you or make you feel as though you are less. We will basically hold your hand along the way, which is probably what a lot of you expect out of a “get your ex back” expert. I’m having trouble motivating myself to move on and not be depressed all the time or contact him. But he’s just not ready and willing to take that next step to getting back into a relationship with you. Taking your ex-boyfriend out of the equation, merging health, wealth and relationships together is going to create happiness in your life. Constructive conversations are good but I cannot overstate the importance of ending the conversation first, and ending it at the high point.
I got 100s of emails, texts, calls, to the point he was messaging me on playstation network, fb, kik, letters, through friends, work…everywhere I went there was a message from him. We stayed apart for a month and then again we started talking but he kept being uncertain and saying that he isnt sure if we can make it but he is sure he doesnt want the same fights again. I would constantly keep finding inappropriate text messages with other girls that were way more friendly then just texting a friend that is a girl.
But last year we started to fight a lot mainly because at that point we were in a long distance relationship and things were starting to change some.
I am not entering my senior year of high school…and for the first time in my life, I can wholeheartedly say I love my body. You’re wondering, “What should I send to him in this particular situation?” I’m creating a huge glossary of texts that explains, in depth, every single text.
Set aside a certain amount of time for wealth every day, that’s going to work and doing a phenomenal job at work. They have this mentality that it’s the absolute end of the world if they don’t get their ex back. He finally replied that he wanted me in his life but not romantically and that he would never have sex with me again.
Anyway, 2 weeks later he said he still needed more time and couldn’t do it with me around. I kept threatening the relationship (mistake on my part) and told him I was done if he didn’t make an effort to be more open with his phone to gain my trust back. I did one month of no-contact (31 days to be exact because I really wanted to give it my best shot!) I used your text messaging techniques to get him to talk to me.

We come up with a very in depth, complicated, sophisticated, complex game plan to help you get your ex back. Two is recovering from your ex-boyfriend in the event that you don’t recover your ex-boyfriend. I asked if he was just fed up or if that was how he really felt and he said he would tell me later.
We broke up 10 months ago because he believes I slept with another guy, even though I came clean that I was talking to another guy but I never physically cheated he and his fraternity friends still do not believe me and after 7 months he popped back up in the picture and we started secretly talking and hanging out because his fraternity friends to not like me since there all convinced I cheated. He then got a Job offer to go to another Country and as a good girlfriend I didn’t want to stress him with questions about that.
But finally he broke it off with me last summer (as I was going to attend his college in the fall) he said he needed a break, which I agreed with because I thought we did as well. I have never found myself to be beautiful or even remotely pretty until very recently, and it feels good. From there on i knew i should change myself i should show them the accomplishment i can do for myself nobody else. My goal was to have perfect flat abs because that’s what the media told me was beautiful. I’m constantly talking about the holy trinity, this idea of health, wealth and relationships merging together. You press that reset button and, while things may not be as good as they were when you were in the courting phase of your relationship, you will be in a better spot, most likely. The next few days were a blur of him contacting me to see how I was, and me snapping at him. Over the last 10 months we began talking daily, seeing each other more, he calls everyday to say he loves me and though we haven’t talked about being together things were good. Trying to get close,then feeling stressed confused and rejected with his apathy and then getting furious and angry and asking for explanations for his love and trying to cut it once and for all. He would tell me things like obviously were not going to get back together right away but it takes time and he wants to talk to me all summer and ease people into us getting back together.
I thought maybe he would come up to me and tell me, how Thing s will workout for us in the future.
I now have the confidence it takes to get the body modifications that make me feel even better about my self.
I’m not just going to stop at answering your simple question of, “Is he stringing me along?” I’m going to go above and beyond. That’s really what makes a person attractive, not only to him or herself, but to others as well.
I look at that as a win because you have such a high percentage shot of succeeding in winning him back if you do a certain amount of things correctly. He mentioned that he’s confused, he doesn’t know what to do and it’s bittersweet how you seem more positive now.
I finally ended the relationship because I was done with the hiding of phones and him being shady.
Anyways a month into it his friends found out and gave him a hard time which caused him to start acting weird and distancing himself until he said it was never going to work and then just started ignoring me and disappeared immediately as school ended and he left for europe and I never heard from him again because he stopped answering my calls and texts. When I found out I did do something I was not suppose to do I said some mean words to him and then a couple days later he did block me on Facebook. I’m going to tell you the two options that you have at this point and come up with a small, strategic game plan for you. I supposed he can be upset about a breakup, but if he’s citing these depressed reasons, or whatever BS he’s pulling out here, his words don’t make the most sense to me.
I was lucky enough to make it work but I know more about relationships than the average person. If you would have ended the conversations first, it wouldn’t always be you texting him first.
He tried salvaging it but I had to finally do something drastic to show him i would not tolerate the behavior and I moved out within a week. I was so upset I took him off all social media and didn’t contact him for 2 months and then just 2 weeks ago right when he got back from europe he added me back on Facebook which I’m not really sure why because he made it clear he didn’t want me but also he has enough friends and doesn’t need me as a friend.
Fast forward to last night when we had plans to hangout-we have only hungout 2 times prior to this and have done nothing physical-and last minute he bailed on me. But a couple months before they broke up he accidentally liked one of my photos on Facebook (I have it so the settings are set to public).
Hes cancelled on me several times but when I see him he acts like everything is great and is very loving and affectionate.
With me always doing the first contact the first move ,the proposes to sleep together,to see each other,everything. I waited about a week then decided I would add him to see if he would reach out but he never did and then I texted him saying hi and how was he and I didn’t hear anything from him either. When i got home her goal was to make me eat she did anything finally she started cooking me food i would eat. I have to see him in a month because of school and he still has some of my things that he never gave back when he disappeared for the summer. And then he was single again for another two months, but within that two months he would start waving to me and saying Hi to me he texted me a few times about assignments in classes (we go to a small college I end up having one or more classes with him). Ever since that day i have gotten better i still dont eat anything unhealthy and sadly probably only eat 1,000 calories or less a day. Im confused what his agenda is or what he is thinking and if I made a mistake by accepting him on social media since I figured if I accepted him then maybe he could see me moving on and be jealous or reconsider. I mean at the time as well he was also talking to another new girl, while asking me questions.
I just found your wonderful site a few days ago and want to start the NC rule, but I’m afraid me stepping away will just allow his new rebound girl to blossom into something more.
I still have people wondering how i lost weight i honestly don’t know how to tell them. Even when i was cursing on him or the times i was full with anger and disbelief for his love, he kept repeating he loves me and cares. He tells me she means nothing to him and that he just wants to figure out what he wants in life and if this is something worth revisiting in the future. He messaged me and sent me a picture by letting me know how thankful he is, that I helped him accomplish his Bachelor degree. Should I just stop answering his text messages cold turkey and start NC without saying anything first or tell him I can’t sit here on the sidelines and be friends with him while he tries to pursue this rebound and then start NC? So what I want to know, was that him reaching out to me and I missed my chance to get him back?
He even came to my Graduation (something happened and my family couldn’t come anymore), gave me a present for my birthday, has told me he still loves me, and that he wants to hang out post Xmas to give me an Xmas present.
I know his mom is very controlling and she did not like me and I believe there is an influence on him that she has.
He gives little hints that he regrets what’s happened, but when it comes to talking, he stirs in another direction, cracks a joke and leaves it laying in the air. He just cant pit us through the same events again he cant stand that,he thought we might make it happen if we d go slow but he is too afraid. I tried too many times to fix everything, to take it slower and slower each time so that he wont feel pressure but i have feelings too.
I feel so bad and insecure because of a rejection or with a cold reaction which gets me to react in an angry way and demanding explanations. I feel that he likes me, he also wants sex and is attracted to me but he won’t commit. I’m worried he’s just using me to get over the hurt of the break up, and let me go slowly as opposed to cold turkey! I made the mistake to ask him, if we both may have still Feelings for ech other, his Response was: I dont know. He promised so pure love to me throughout the whole relationship and i received it thats why i keep fighting.
Please any piece of advise because im coming to a conclusion he just don’t want me anymore.

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