I was sitting in my room reading a book that I saw in the library "The Vampire Diaries" normally I would have no intention to read these kind of books, since I have a boyfriend that is a vampire I figured it would be intrusting. He is first introduced into the story when Yoo da-in comes by his school to meet her friend, Sun-Woo. He is seen as a cool and collect student that is able to think rationally in difficult situations.
To those at the school and among the vampire community, he is frequently viewed as cold and unfriendly despite his popularity.

But upon seeing Seo Kang-hoo attack a female student, she strikes him in the back and then in the face with a roundhouse kick. He later reappears when he attempts to stop his brother, Seo Ji-hoo, from killing humans in a secluded barn. But as the story progresses, his strong feelings for Yoo Da leads him to make impulsive decisions and even throw away his pride if it was for her sake. They've been made in Italy and are finished with distressed and frayed trims to create an effortlessly cool, vintage feel.

A layered shirtdress with great movement and an angular collar, the DVF Nieves can be worn alone, or paired with the brown leather belt for the full runway look.

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