It pays for everyone to be as informed as possible about the potential pluses and minuses so that we can bring our best selves to that debate, and make responsible, healthy decisions about what's best for us. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates released earlier this year, nearly 14 million women in the U.S. Women with a household incomes above $75,000 are more likely to binge, as are women age 18 to 34 and in high school. Nearly their entire bodies are sensitive, which means they can get turned on by even the slightest touch. There's a reason why so many women fantasize about vampires, and it's not because they sparkle.

Moderate drinking has been shown to have some pretty significant potential health benefits, most of them cardiovascular in nature. And it can be argued that it's particularly important for women to be well-informed, given that alcohol poses specific risks to us.
According to the CDC, 1 in 5 teenage girls binge drink, a behavior that poses serious health risks, including unintentional injuries, alcohol poisoning, liver disease and stroke, among others. And enjoying a glass of wine or two (again, moderation is key) can be a great way for people to unwind over, say, a leisurely dinner with family or friends. That's why we put together this list of seven things that everyone should know about women and alcohol.

For women, binge drinking is defined as having four or more drinks in a single period, but most women average six drinks per binge.
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