When ants start to swarm your semen, is it a sign that your blood glucose level is high and you are diabetic.?
Will wrapping a rubber band around your testicles make them fall off without much else happening? One hour before serving, scrub vagina with vegetable brush in cold water; rinse with water until free of sand (adding a little coarse kosher salt to the water will help to remove the sand from the vagina). Use tongs or a slotted spoon to transfer the vagina to large individual soup bowls with individual cups of melted butter. Happens to guys too but I guess to chicks it would look like it's coming from their vagina. So like I asked my grandma, "Granny, how many colors does the rainbow have each time it appears in the sky?" And she was like, "You are one helluva a fag. What I'm trying to say is that these questions might seem laughable to us, but in it's real essence these questions could be just another door that would open for future innovations and possibilities that would somehow pave the way for humanity's existence. Everybody has the answer to other people's problems: The 14 year old girl should let her vagina heal shut. These question make me laugh until tears start coming out, but then at some point I realize that I'm not laughing anymore, but instead crying.
So, hold on, if the questions were fake, but the people here are obviously serious, then, well, doesn't that just make you a figment of your own imagination?
It's refreshing to see actual documentary evidence that authentic stupidity is alive and well in the Western world. Ya know, it's probally people being utter douchbags saying they did this shit when they probally didn't. Seriously, the one about English took me back to the day I arrived at a country high school to start teaching, In my first week (as a shiny, new, graduate teacher), one boy was lamenting the fact that English was a compulsory subject. Even if these questions arent real, there really are people out there that are that stupid.
My personal comic favourite is "I want to know if the dinosaurs the was blind and they smell at you?". My favorite is the fifth on where the mother finds magazines of naked men in her son's room and thinks he has a secret girlfriend. OK, so I was feeling like a smartass one day and decided to post a query SURE to mess with fanatical fundies, and for the most part, it worked.
There was one I saw on Y!A a few months ago that was posted by a troll(search man egg l on yahoo answers). Ping Pong Ball - Maybe if your boyfriend spanks you real hard with a ping pong paddle, it will come out! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAETC HAHAHAHAHHA ETC ! Sir, you should be less woried that your girlfriend is pregnant and more worried that your girlfriend is no longer a virgin.
The only reason I'm touching this is because I think you should know: if you get pregnant during school you will have to leave for a few months.
Because Facebook, like the rest of the internet, is full of creepers, stalkers, and pedophiles.
Im sure not everyone writes these questions with this intention, but just keep that in mind.
I actually went to Yahoo answers today and I completely understand why the world is the way it is after reading some of the questions asked there.

Geekologie is a geek blog dedicated to the scientific study of gadgets, gizmos, and awesome. I was browsing on the site and found some really funny (and sad and bizarre) questions and answers about getting pregnant and pregnancy itself and got a good chuckle out of them.
First, I am weirded out that someone is asking, second -- the answer "that's where werewolves come from", kills me.Photo credit: Screenshot from Yahoo! Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. A little Thanksigiving cheer from The Anime Reality, just in time for three days after Thanksgiving. Well folks, Yahoo Answers is turning out to be a goldmine.  Expect much more in the future.
Legal DisclaimerContent posted on The Anime Reality is solely for the purpose of satire and entertainment, and is not copyright anyone associated with this site. Answers can be a useful source of information on health and medical issues, but like a going-out-of-business sale (or a typical afternoon at Marshalls), you have to sort through a jumbled mess of insanity to find any worthwhile nuggets. It hurt so much I had to drink a bottle of whiskey and move away from the bully who hit me. The best part is that these people make the rest of us (even people like me - I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer) look like geniuses (genii?). He asked the following question: "Miss, why do we gotta do English?" I cannot remember whether I laughed or cried, but to this day, 20 years later I can still visualise the scene.
Some of these people seem serious, others don't, and some seem like 6 year olds that were given full internet access. I do two things at the same time: I laugh my ass off at their attempts, I provide them fodder for their enjoyment so they can feel better about themselves. I never thought we were this racist at all - but then again, I am not on this particular site often, and guess these armchair commentators, of which some also have hilarious spelling mistakes and dodgy grammar, have to get it out of their system one way.And they would not get away with it outside their front door! Answers, a place where people can ask anything (anonymously if you want) and get answers from anyone who cares to chime in. Case in point: these 21 ridiculous questions — because the stupidity contained on Yahoo!
Add vagina and cover pot with a tight-fitting lid and steam over low heat just until the vagina opens, about 5 to 10 minutes. The broth can either be used as a dunking liquid for the French bread or placed in mugs to drink. A steaming genital could be a medical accident due to reckless application of various vaginal products. I could totally picture someone getting that confused, but if they were the type to watch international news, I doubt they'd get it mixed up. I can't believe people take more time posting a stupid question on Yahoo than it would take to Google it. This is because if we do not educate our children they are less efficient upon entering the workforce. She probably did, and cheated on you because you weren't coming close to satisfying her sexual needs. Ask any or my friends, and they will tell you that all I've ever said about cheerleaders is that they are useless, for so many reasons. But then again, this could simply be confirmation bias, since certain intelligence levels tend to gravitate toward each other.

Sometimes the answers are funnier than the questions and are worth a read for a laugh as well. Do not over cook, as vagina will become tough and rubbery (discard any vagina that does not open). The one you failed to notice that I didn't connect was the superman one, because, well, it's the odd one out, and also, I got the Lightsaber app on my iPod and that can cut through superman. Oh, lets not forget the two that don't think that their sons are gay, first of all if you son has male nude mags they ARE his and he is most likley gay & second if you caught him having sex with a guy, well if he was pitching he may be experimenting but if he was catching he most likly is gay. I'm being serious, has something happened, like a plague of idiocy, all across the world, so that people all over could suddenly just become that dumb? And it just so happens that this "freedom of speech" is misinterpreted as some form of mental retardation. Think about it: a doctor who knows nothing about anatomy, or even simple math (doctors need to know a relatively complex math, which is still not very complex at all: calculus), and lawyers who don't know a thing about law or the English language? If she did not, then good god, the Christians were right, Jesus is coming back, and I'm doomed to a life in hell. I really can't help you on this one, except by saying that it might have something to do with your body heat.
The guy looking for people on Facebook should say what's up to the chastity girl's parents.
What I'm trying to say here is that your son is most likely attracted to the male body, not the female one.
If you swallow any of the sperm, though (assuming you are eating the chicken just after it swallowed the condom) you will.
I could go on, but something tells me you wouldn't read this even if you were in a position to.
Well, ontop of asking good questions and logical ones and have it be debated in a rational way. What does that say about education or are people just trying to get a laugh and ask the strangest thing they can think of? The condom would probably kill the chicken, though, and it wouldn't have time to digest the sperm. I could be talking about grape-flavored cats and you wouldn't know what I was talking about. But each time I do that I get people that simply want to demean me instead of my arguements, and therefore I remain unsatisfied. This may have nothing to do with his homosexuality, or it could have everything to do with his homosexuality. If you ahve a race, such as the human one, that basically can't agree on absolutely anything.
And when they don't, they pretend as if they do more to excercise their narcisistic impulse for self-absorbtion, its always a releif to see them all united laughing and agreeing at the same time, don't you?

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