GO SMiLE has introduced  their “next generation” of their patented Ampoule Technology™ delivery system with the new Double Action 6 Day Whitening System. I was struggling to hold back the tears now … so I pulled him in tight as he cried and his little body shook. I’ve had the opportunity to help feed a lot of kids who were suffering physically from hunger. I am a Christian husband and father, who moonlights as the minister for the church of Christ in Childress, Texas. We deal with this everyday, and with our children’s home having only girls, dads are having a huge impact whether good or bad. Here are my thoughts about marriage, family, raising children, humor, faith and the life God intended for us all. One can’t help but notice the pearly white smiles in Hollywood from celebs like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and well, just about everyone.

This fast, easy, safe and effective treatment delivers superior whitening with virtually no sensitivity. Yesterday I was reminded there that are a lot of kids in our world that are suffering emotionally.
The new Double Action 6 Day Whitening System is suitable for those with long-term staining habits such as smoking or drinking coffee.
As a retired school teacher, over the years of my career, I saw many broken, hurting children.
It is also an excellent alternative for those whose teeth have not responded to other whitening products. My kids have grown up seeing how much STUFF those kids are afforded, how many trips and clothes — and that it never fills the void left by absent parents. To most people, he looks like a normal teen, but on the inside, in his heart and in his thoughts, he’s hurting.

But I’ll always treasure those moments when I got to share Jesus with them, not just in Bible knowledge, but through love in action.
Everyday I would pray for my students, especially the prickly, unloveable ones who needed my love, kindness and compassion most of all.
Next, apply the mixture to your teeth with the built-in applicator and avoid eating and drinking for at least 20 minutes. Maile has worked with numerous celebrities and co-founded CABRAL EDWARDS MANAGEMENT, a Boutique PR & Event Planning Company catering to businesses in the Pacific Northwest. I hope he continues to come to your church so he can learn about the love of the Father that transcends everything else.

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