Last month I described Kix band, today I prepared an article about another veteran of glam metal with flamboyant style and music.
It can be a long history, but surprisingly Ratt was founded in San Diego, 35 years ago (1976) by current vocalist Stephen Pearcy.
In fact Ratt popularity started along with self-titled EP released in 1983 which featured their first top-songs. Second album was released in the next year, like the first one, this also was a big commercial success (double Platinum). In fact Ratt with fifth studio album returned to their roots, songs are kept in strict hard-rock movement, maybe due to decrease of glam metal scene.

After hiatus, Ratt reunited in 1996 and 3 years later band released next, sixth self-titled album which was blues-rock oriented and didn’t gain so much attention in mainstream media. Lee, Chris Hager, Matt Thorr, and Dave Alford all left Mickey Ratt to form another band called Rough Cutt. In 2002 Robbin Crosby died from cockain overdose and in 2008 Carlos Cavazo replaced John Corab on guitar. But in this time, to Ratt joined Robbin Crosby, Warren De Martini and Juan Croucier, along with founder – Stephen Pearcy they all was tied up with Ratt for long (Robbin Crosby died in 2002). At the time he was attending college in San Diego and reluctant to drop out to join a band that had, so far, had only limited success.

Marq Torien briefly replaced DeMartini, though Warren returned in time for the recording of their EP, later in 1982.

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