We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post to another people via your facebook, pinterest, google plus or twitter account. Right Click to save picture or tap and hold for seven second if you are using iphone or ipad. The Sun and Moon meet at 21 degrees Capricorn, joining Venus, Mercury and Pluto in the sign.
This stellium will peak January 10-11, with the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Pluto clustered in Capricorn. If you’re willing to take responsibility and do the right thing and such, you’ll probably find yourself fairly well supported. With all the focus on Saturn, an intention to “sleep more” or “deny more” is not at all appropriate.
New Moon in the 1st house pressures you to lead, or perhaps grow up your physical appearance.
New Moon in the 2nd house asks that you be responsible with money, or earn your self-esteem.

New Moon in the 3rd house asks that you take responsibility for what you say, making sure your ideas have substance. New Moon in the 6th house indicates this is a good time to start a health regimen, or a commitment to working harder or helping more. New Moon in the 8th house is about taking responsibility for your pathology, and perhaps facing your fear of dying.
New Moon in the 11th has you take responsibility for manifesting your wishes, hopes and dreams, in reality.
A Celebration of Women™ Foundation Inc., was born to shape a better world through building residential homes that are mandated to enable the education of young women, support self sustainable programs, graduating future women leaders. If you want to use Capricorn covers you are at right place, we update our Capricorn Facebook Covers on daily basis. Get more photo about Quotes related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page. Mars is in Aquarius, the other Saturn-ruled sign, so the emphasis on Saturn here is off the charts.

Mercury and Mars will be hard aspect to Saturn, but we’ll also have a large stellium in Capricorn for roughly 10 days between the 9th and the 19th.
If you happen to be having your birthday at this time, most definitely check your solar return. If you’ve resisted pressure to mature in these ways, you may feel crushed, thwarted and frightened. Go visit your Grandpa, bring more discipline into the home, even if this means keeping your home in good working order. The rest of us can expect tremulous focus on the affairs rules by the house or houses where the stellium falls in our chart.

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