We’ve had a bumpy ride in our relationship lately… so should I accept his proposal?
Ndlela says those who fear commitment are not likely to hold down a job for many years, will avoid getting married and basically do not follow through with plans.
She says commitment phobic people's backgrounds usually include coming from a dysfunctional family or childhood trauma from either the death of a parent in their early formative childhood years, abuse or parents who had drug and or alcohol problems.
She says they start each new relationship with high, and usually unrealistic, expectations. But it doesn't take long for them to feel suffocated and trapped by the thought of a long-term commitment. Real players never gets busted, and every man has a cheating tact in him and will always seek for thrill.
Gape baiki e masepa, there is an old man who found out after 25 years of marriage gore bana ase ba gage!

I will always attempt to find fault with Cameron Diaz because she dates my first no-chance-in-hell-he-will-date-me boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. You are dating a commitment phobic serial dater according to Asiphe Ndlela, a psychologist based in Illovo. If together for a long time, he or she will avoid and put off marriage for as long as possible or even leave the relationship to avoid any further commitment. But you should be careful before accusing your partner, or yourself, of being 'afraid' to commit. Since then, I have seriously wondered why I even found him so sexy (ok so he dances from his baby toe to his left ear perfectly) and ever thought I could just maybe meet him someday. You can only find out what exactly they are afraid of and prove to them, if possible that whatever they are afraid of will not happen.
Cam does not want kids until she gets enough sleep and Justin does not want to settle down.

The problem is that he says he has a commitment phobia and will never marry me.I am okay with not ever having children, but I do want to be married. Lately Cameron has been seen with her dark tresses, a seriously sexy pair of heels, skinny jeans, and a hot handbag.
My next reunion is coming up and I don't want to deal with all the questions from my friends of why aren't we married yet? The giant hardware is a hit or miss for many BBag lovers, but there is no doubt this outfit is gorgeous on Cam.
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