So whether you dona€™t have cancer and want to prevent it from happening in the future or even if you have it already and want to get rid of it, the answer is the samea€¦ DIET!
This has been proven in clinical studies on a number of advanced cancer cases to be highly effective and non-toxic relative to chemotherapy. Question: Why would the FDA pursue someone who claims to cure cancer through the courts for 30 years on numerous different occasions? 11 Responses to 6 (SIX) Cancer CURES Your Doctor, Oncologist or Health Trust don’t want you to know!
Thanks Busta, Dr Coldwell is yet another source for very good info which I had forgotten, the list is by no means exhaustive as well.
I am not affiliated with either of the resources mentioned above, I just think everyone should know them. Good info, I knew about the film, check out my other blog posts, it’s listed in one of them, but the other info about the book I have never heard of so thanks for sharing.

I live in Jamaica and a vein in my left leg seem to be blocked so most of the time it is swollen. I sincerely hope I am not to late to catch you on this site and that contact you is still a possibility! Dona€™t get confused now, Ia€™m not talking about eating less food and losing weighta€¦ all Ia€™m talking about is carefully choosing which foods you choose to eat. The more you do your own research and learn about this, the better off you will be than if you were to continue entrusting your life in the hands of drug manufactures. Doctors when asked “would you give your family chemo and radiation” responded NO! In it he outlines the reason and methods of the medical mafia and at least 20 protocols that work, including the ones mentioned above.
I have a family member, very sick and riddled with cancer who is currently receiving palliative care.

Burzyinski led research in 1967 that proved this to be truea€¦ but of course you probably never heard of this before either.
Any information or help in getting the pure hemp oil down here would be highly appreciated. Acidic bodies breed diseases and cancer, whereas a diet rich in alkaline foods reduces and destroys disease and cancer.

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