Find the latest photos of you and your girlfriend from Instagram and Facebook and *gasp* print them. Then go to a local crafts store and buy an album or create your own. When she's stumped on what to get you, send her here: 10 Gifts Your Boyfriend Actually Wants.
Updated May 5, 2016:We've added in even more specific gift links, gift ideas and prices to help make your life easier. Updated February 11, 2016: We've added even more gifts for your girlfriend to keep you on her good side!
There are also other gift ideas for best friend when you want to give something else aside from a bobblehead. There are certain people we hold dear in our hearts and our best friends surely join the shortlist. This entry was posted in Birthday Gift and tagged best friend gift, Birthday Gift, Unique Gift. We asked college girls to come up with a list of the best things to get your girlfriend for the holidays. These adorably cute things are not only unique best friend gifts but are also entertaining.
Gifts say how much you love your best friend and nothing could be more special than personalized best friend gifts.

You can make this like an album that will be the remembrance of the years you spent together.
An album that predicts what your kids will look like may be taking it a bit far…If you want to get sentimental but keep it simple, go with a Kate Spade picture frame for your favorite couple pose.
They are the ones who hold our hands when we’re down and celebrate with us when we’re exultant.
When you give customized bobbleheads, there might be a chance you can introduce your best friend to a new item to collect. Have the bobblehead look like a mini version of your best friend and you have yourself one of the funniest best friend gifts. If you have great attention to detail, there is minimal chance that the bobblehead you will get will have a copy in the market. You can compile the photos and clippings and whatever memorabilia you have acquired through the years in a scrapbook. They can use the bobblehead as a car accessory, and it will remind them every day of the friendship shared between the two of you.
It is the details that make customized bobbleheads one of the cutest gifts for best friends and separate it from common bobbleheads for sale in the malls. Alternately, you can give matching necklaces or bracelets with your initials as best friend gifts.

You can also give a friendship ring.  This special ideas for best friend gifts need not be expensive. Sure, it will take some time to make but if you plan ahead and start early, you can certainly make a nice scrapbook. There are a lot of customizable designs for bobbleheads so you will never run out of options. You can look for jewelries made out of indigenous materials that don’t cost an arm and leg.  With this kind of gift, your only limit is your creativity.
Aside from that, there are other things you have to consider like the budget you are working with and the personality of your best friend. If your best friend is celebrating her birthday soon and you need best friend gifts, here are some cute best friend gift ideas that truly express how much your best friend mean to you. Actually, they are great best friend gifts for any special occasion in your best friend’s life.

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