A report in the Hindustan Times (1 April 2013) pegs the size of the wedding industry at Rs 1.5 lakh crore. He elaborated, "A significant part of our sales comes from weddings, not just for the bridegroom, but we have also seen at least another ten men get new suits made for each wedding. More and more people are willing to experiment and in turn spend money on getting the perfect hairstyle. I wonder why it is taking so long.It is possible that affluent Indians have figured out an elegant way of handling unwanted gifts, by insisting on 'no gifts'. The Chennai jeweller GRT Thanga Maligai distributes calendars earmarking good wedding dates.According to the calendar, there are only ninety-one auspicious wedding dates in 2013. More salons are setting up shop all over the country including international brands like L'Oreal, Frank Provost and Schwarzkopf.

As more salons open, there is a greater demand for trained professionals and many young people are seriously considering hairstyling as a profession. Do you have the aptitude?A Here are some prerequisites for any good hairstylist:~ You must be creative and willing to experiment. He married his Kiwi sweetheart at a theme wedding in Rajasthan, under the most auspicious circumstances. You must have the determination to keep learning and give it your best shot every single time. Many a time, a wrong judgment can not only damage you professionally but also break one's spirit. Self-employment is an attractive option but should only be considered after some years of experience.

Take a good look at theA location of the parlour, existing competition and the ability to raise start-up capital for the venture before you take the plunge.A  Remember, this is a word-of-mouth business.
If you are good at your job, the word will easily spread around making it a lucrative career for you.A trained fresher can get a monthly salary of Rs 5,000 to 7,000 at a hairstyling salon. Some beauty salons pay a fixed salary while others have a lower slab for the fixed component and give a percentage of every cut or hair styling or colour job.Where you can studyA hairstylist's job requires skill training rather than high academic inputs. Of course, you must be able to read and write and it is advisable to at least have completed your Class XII.

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