From a New York Times bestselling author comes a journey of loss and rebirth with a startling premise inspired by historical fact.
Estrella is a Marrano: one of the Spanish Jews living double lives when those who refused conversion risked everything. Blasphemy songs Some people love it, while others flat-out detest it -- and quite often, those who love it are glad that others don't share their enthusiasm because they like being a part of something that is underground and far removed from the mainstream.

Estrella's discovery that her family secretly practices the ancient way of wisdom known as kabbalah leads her to her true self and true love-but also to a devastating confrontation with unimaginable evil, unleashed by the betrayal of a friend. Critics of extreme metal will argue that much of it is one-dimensional, and in some cases, they're right -- bands who favor an ultra-fast tempo 100 percent of the time can be exhilarating, but they're also limited.
With themes of faith, friendship, and persecution, Alice Hoffman's tragic and beautiful novel resonates profoundly in our times.

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