Hi :) I'm Marie, and I hate it when I really want to let out how I feel without having anyone judge me. Well its be almost five months and i'm still dwelling on it Ive tried everything to move on.
Okay so here's the thing, I went to a quince on Saturday this guy asked me to dance and I really liked him.
I say, you wait a couple more days and you casually add him, add a little note on the friend request kinda like “ohh look who facebook suggested as a friend! My boyfriend has really screwed me over doing really stupid things that have hurt me terribly.
Ive had two boyfriends and they only lasted about a week each because my ex was still on my mind.. We were so happy and then he got drunk (which is really unlike him) and he did something he regrets.

I had an ex-best friend who decided to go for the guy I was madly in love with after we had gone through a horrible break up.. My ex-boyfriend is now dating the girl who used to be my best friend, and the other one I found out he cheated on me for the longest time with his ex-girlfriend, he was two-timing us. BUT If what he did, you KNOW he regrets, and you still miss him and stuff, and you think you’d be able to put whatever he did behind you, I suggest you talk to him and try to work things out. If you are never happy around them, you are going to make them feel like THEY aren’t making you happy.
But I still love him and think about him everyday, and we talk a little every now and then. We all go through problems, but we must never make our loved ones feel like they are ONE MORE problem in our lives.
If a couple of weeks pass and he hasn’t said anything, maybe you could catch him online and say hey :) start a convo and see where it goes!

I suggest to try to talk to him, apologize for making him feel like that and make an effort to be happy around him! I also have a best friend who her boyfriend cheated on as well and they’re working through it. If you ex-boyfriend is willing to try to fix things and you find it in your heart to forgive him, try it.

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